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My Missionary Beginnings in St. Charles  Missouri.

St Charles Missouri US. is nestled on banks of the Missouri River, just before it joins with the Mississippi River, in the center of the United States.


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The First State Capital of Missouri, also the main street rive shops.

The main street area is a block from the Missouri river. In fact,this is my most favorite place in all the world, of all the scenic areas I’ve been to, from the grand majestic Himalayans, Singapore’s ancient harbor, Malaysia, Bangkok, Laos, Burma, the Grand Canyons, so many oceans, with their rhythmic wonders, the joys of there sandy beaches, they all pale in comparison, to my boyhood love, of this ever slow, winding, tranquillity, of the Missouri River in the US. at St. Charles Missouri. 



naglewinter01 The Cold Missouri quietness, accented the still small voice of the Lord, speaking to my mind, and heart in prayer, "to go forth as a missionary, for I’m with you."

Thirty plus years now, and the only true "Joy" is to "Serve the Lord."


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