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Missionary Njua

2005 Missouri

The Missouri doctors admitted me to the hospital.  I was weak and sick, they were not shy in presenting their findings to me;  as you may know they call Missouri the “Show me State.”

To the doctor it was a matter of fact, as he spoke in rapid statements;  yet,  it was as though I was in a dream.

Several different doctors who were called in to consult with my attending physician, also visited and told me during my four-day hospitalized stay, that after extensive blood work, and physical exams, that I needed to go across to the Oncology department at this hospital complex and make the chemotherapy appointments that I would need to begin. 

Not only were my tests giving them their statements, beginning with Prostate cancer, they then had sign of Leukemia also.

I was tired, thin and weak.

I left the hospital.

2005 Missouri

Well, all the doors were closing where I was at in Missouri ; the job I had for my support I couldn’t continue, I was too sick.

It was a dark time, then from the past suddenly!

Two old friends arrived.

I wish I could have been happier at their arrival; however,  reluctantly I welcomed them at that time; they gave what I desired, these two comforted me in my ever waking moments.

I could even see them in my dreams.

The first to arrive, and the last to leave was Mr. Self Pity.

His entrance was the grandest of all for you could hear his woes so plainly as they came from my lips.

Consequently for months he was my constant and closest acquaintance.

 Eventually, Mr. Self Pity tired and allowed his companion to help with my crisis. Mr. Depression’s approach was a relief.

For a time he said nothing, for hours and hours nothing, nothing would be said, the vacant staring, the hopelessness, was in a strange way comforting, his elaborate plans for my end played out over and over.

Then quite unexpectedly…

A quietness came, Pity and Depression with their lies, deceptions, and cunning delusions left.

Another came with honesty, frankness, and sincerity.

His name is ‘The Comforter.’ The Holy Spirit of God.

I’m not sure how or when he arrived but ‘His Presence’ was as though all that was on my mind now forgotten.

The Comforter’s message flooded my mind; it washed my earlier visitors thoughts from me.

The Comforters message was one to continue. His message, to my mind and heart resonated with in me.

The Comforter’s drum beat was one I knew well for in my thirty-three years with the Lord I have heard it often.

An acquaintance at church made me aware of a missionary need in Reynosa Mexico.

A door of opportunity opened to go to Reynosa Mexico.

The Lord’s directions became clearer in prayer, for my mind and heart’s peace.

Reynosa  Mexico.

 2008 Reynosa Mexico

Three years now in Reynosa… 

I have been under doctors care here Veteran Clinic in McAllen Texas.  As a  disabled veteran I had no charges. For over a year, I have been given a clean bill of health, from all that I was diagnosed with before from the Missouri doctors.

Upon multiple visits with the doctors in McAllen, then the regional specialist at San Antonio Texas US.

I have had no treatments, no medicines,  all the blood work and exams for over a year done here have come back all within a normal range.

The thing that I do deal with now and it is a comfort, compared to the recent past, and that is getting  “OLD.”   “Praise the Lord!   Praise the Lord!

2010 Reynosa Mexico.


This is me in 2010 in Reynosa Mexico    “God is Faithful”

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