Faith’s Journey Norman Oetker .. English Class Reynosa Mae Hong Son Thailand Mexico Mong Hmong Missionary St. Charles Missouri. The Journey of Faith, for the “Lord is Faithful,” for “He Will Never Leave, Nor Forsake You.”




Norman Oetker Webcam Traffic In and Out at US. Mexico Border.




  • Norman Oetker English Class in Reynosa the many places and events, that I will share in this blog, were written from my singular viewpoint. There were others involved at that time also. Nevertheless, I have decided to share, my singular thoughts, on God’s faithfulness in my life. Mae Hong Son Thailand Hmong.


  • Missionary Norman Oetker English Class in Reynosa Mexico .




  09-08  Reynosa Mexico where I have English Ingles Class in my home. 


  • The Prayer of "Dedication Unto the Lord," as a Missionary was made and then immediately, seconds afterwards. I  remembered thinking, "I’m not sure, but, I think the ‘Lord’ is giving me the impression of the Northern Hill-Country of Thailand." I had never been there.


  • Later, at a visit to the local library and researching this area, the tribal people of many, that stood out was  the Mong Hmong. Later in prayer, it was apparent to live and work with these people, the Mong Hmong.


  • Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mae Hong Son Thailand Mong Hmong, Mexico Missionary.



Map image


  •  The Red Pins are in St. Charles Missouri and Mae Hong Son Thailand and Reynosa Mexico where Missionary Norman Oetker is now serving having English Class. 


  • These Brief Excerpts of My Journey’s are just that "brief excerpts." There are many other great stories, of this miraculous journey by faith, that God would supply everything, to get to that place in the Himalayan foothills located in Mae Hong Son  Province in Thailand, to live and work with the Mong Hmong people.

Yes, I,  the newest Missionary, Norman Oetker from St. Charles Missouri, was going to see first hand how God was going to supply everything in total, to this place, lying half way on the other side of the world  from St. Charles Missouri.

  • Upon Leaving St. Charles Missouri, maybe, I had one hundred dollars in total, for I had given away the money I had in  the bank, the furniture I had, and the majority of cloths. I purchased and old 1960 model car, and upon leaving St. Charles Missouri, a friend of mine insisted on buying me a new tent however, that tent was to be my home for the next three months. I worked at different odd jobs in my travels to the west coast.


  • I had told him, I didn’t need it, for I was sure, that by some way God would perform a miracle, and I would be on the next plane to Bangkok Thailand, well on my way to Mae Hong Son  in Mae Hong Son Province in Thailand.


  • In My Surrender Prayer to the Lord, with me submitting my will, to His Lordship over my life. I had stated also in that prayer, that, as the early believers trusted in the Lord for everything, I too, wanted to trust Him for all of my needs also including this first journey of my life as: Missionary Norman Oetker called to the Mong Hmong people in Mae Hong Son Province in north west Thailand.


  • That Was the Desire, of My Mind, Heart, and Spirit and now, thirty two years later, I Missionary Norman Oetker, can state, to all, and to my present English students here, that that, was the one greatest single thing I did for my faith, in believing in the Living God  through me personal Savior "Christ,"of the Bible, for He, God, delivered me to the Himalayan mountains, located in Mae Hong Son Province in Thailand to a Mong Hmong village.


  • The First Missionary To This Remote Mountain Village.


Norman Oetker Missionary

  • If I Was Going To Tell People about the saving power of the Lord, through Christ, for their eternal lives, and then for their day to day lives, then surely, I could trust Him NOW in my life, for my everyday needs, as He so plainly states in His Word…seek Him and His Righteousness FIRST and all these things shall be added unto you…   


"The Lord’s Hand is Not Short in Anything."

Missionary Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mexico Mae Hong Son Thailand Hmong 


Again, from St. Charles Missouri, these travels where "faith travels." All that was mine at that time, I gave away, all, including furniture, a bank account, and a car.

This was the greatest, the most profound, live changing event. This singular act, this total belief, and acceptance of God’s Word, the Bible, that He will take care of everything. I can only say to all believers in Christ and His Bible, that the Lord will give unto you, as He did for me, an abundance of Grace, to stand on His Word.


God’s Grace and Man’s Willing Heart Nothing is Impossible.


Again, this was my beginning as a Missionary, this was the decision that I made at that time. That decision was based on this simple belief, which was, that if I, was going to share about "Jesus," and His, "Plan of Salvation." That I, this new Missionary Norman Oetker, needed to experience first hand, "God’s Miracle working power, in my own very personal life."

I asked no person or church for support. And it is so to this day. God will supply.


  • Missionary Norman Oetker 


  • Traveling from St. Charles Missouri  eventually, to end at the west coast, and then on to Mae Hong Son Thailand. One of the stops was in the Grand Canyon, in the US.
  • Staying At An overnight campground, and during this stay, I had talked with  a man in the next campsite he had said that He was a ‘Christian," and he felted, the Lord wanted him to stay there, at the campground, but he didn’t know why.
  • He Also Said, that he had wanted to leave, and had packed everything, and left the park area. Had driven a few miles, until he came to a T in the road, he was unsure, in which way to go?
  • Again, He Related, that after prayer and thought, he felted he should return to the campsite, which he did, it was the second week after that, that I arrived.


  • Later this same Christian man, who had been raised in a Methodist Church, but had drifted away. Upon finding out that I was a Missionary headed to Thailand, he donated the exact amount of money, for the plane ticket to Thailand. I did not tell him anything of my financial situation.


  • That Donation Enabled the Journey, to the northern hill country in Mae Hong Son Province in Thailand, to the Mong Hmong hill tribe people, to draw one step closer in my life.


Norman Oetker Mae Hong Son Thailand now serving in Reynosa Mexico English Class. 



  • Below Are the Foothills Slopes leading up into the Himalayan Mountains.
  • North West of Chiang Mai in Mae Hong Son Province Thailand.
  • Missionary Norman Oetker English Class now serving in Reynosa Mexico.  


Mountain Thailand          Mountain Mae Hongson    Elephant Mae Hongson




Arriving in Bangkok Thailand, it’s hot and humid at it’s sea level elevation.

For me, this was just another trek in my journey to a Mong Hmong village in Mae Hong Son.

In prayer in St. Charles Missouri, I was impressed where this village was located, it was north west of the city of Mae Hong Son which is located in Mae Hong Son Province, which is located in North West Thailand.


Map image


Bangkok’s Thailand and it’s floating market area.





North Thailand

Chiang Mai Thailand so very much different from the city of Bangkok in the South of Thailand.

Chiang Mai is quaint with such a rich history, however, it to, feels the squeeze of the worldwide tourist traffic clamoring to see all of the antiquities, that the north has hidden from the rest of the world.

  • Yet, The Mission Call, was to continue into the mountains to the northwest of Chiang Mai into Mae Hong Son Province, to the city of Mae Hong Son.

The 12 hour, state run bus, climbing ever higher, through it’s endless switchbacks, creeping upwards at a pace where one could literally walk faster.

Map image



  • The Switchback Road Winds above the white clouds of the picture below on to Mae Hon Son, Thailand.

Thailand Switchbacks DSCF8113


  • Mae Hong Son Province and to it’s major city named Mae Hong Son was the next stop.


  • The Journey Had Come to the last major city on the map, yet my journey was to continue into the mountains further yet to the northwest of this last city on the map, it was still to the northwest to the Mong Hmong people, for it was to them, that the destination was to end on this trip. Yet, it was unknown exactly where they where located at this time.
Map image


The Journey Continues

Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mae Hong Son Thailand Missionary Hmong

October 2008

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