Job Loss Mexico Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mae Hong Son Thailand Mexico St. Charles Missouri Hmong Missionary Reynosa Mexico Solution for Job Loss

 09-08  Reynosa Mexico
I have been in the Reynosa Mexico area for the past three years, were American, and many other international jobs are going, largely in part to the lower manufacturing cost ratio.

I have ‘speaking English class’s’, for students here at my home, many of my students worked at Panasonic.  I’m a Christian Missionary. I have lived in Asia, and many places in the states.

I’m sad to see, and read about the lost American jobs.

I do believe they could be saved, but it will take some belt tightening and good negotiating.

I would propose a concept that is used in Asia. Many of the ethnic groups have a cultural practice that

would work in some of the situations that America faces in their lost job’s.

Within these ethnic groups, there is one person, for a region, that is appointed, and agree upon by all others.

His job, is to bring reconciliation into play, to all parties concern.

The job is to resolve, not to let it go undone, but to resolve, there is no ideal for lost.

This is the KEY.

This individual is well aware of the entire situation wherein he is asked to intervene.

He has total access to both parties involved, and in the end fully understands the financial, national, emotional, and family components parts.

Where as the unions only represent generally, one side, this is a handicap to those with whom they represent. I see this same thing played out, over and over, with a no budge, to the demanding, to eventually end in the loss of jobs..

Even though some concessions are made, this complex problem within industry, and the global workforce profitability problem- leads, sadly to say, to the companies relocating elsewhere.

This is a resolvable problem.

Complex, with many varied componments, however, it could be resolved with all parties concerned.

Parts of the model that I’m speaking of, are used within the states, in some of the large muti million dollar companies.

A new model needs to be adopted, for job security, for the future of progressive countries.
Having witness, that which I have spokeen about,  all that would, could, enjoy economic betterment of all concerned.
The New Model, simple ,complex, efficent, touching all parts of the industry.
"To resolve"
"The New Model"




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