Kuala Lumpur To Believe Norman Oetker .. English Class Reynosa Mae Hong Son Thailand Mexico Hmong Missionary St. Charles Missouri Malaysia Kuala Lumpur the Bible Verses Were so Clear Yet, I couldn’t believe.


Bible Verse Made Clear In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia



  • 09-08 Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa  Mexico Mae Hong Son Thailand Hmong Missionary.



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  • While In the Mission Field, once, there was an extended two month stop-over in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

This longer than expected lay-over, lead to an extended, earnest time of Bible study and prayer.

It was in this setting, that a Bible verse subject, became a very difficult passage for me, to want to accept, at it’s very face value. It was several days before I could realize this verse and it’s impact on me now, and for the future.  


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  • Norman Oetker in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Missionary to Thailand. Living in Mae Hong Son working with Mong Hmong and having Bible based English Class in home when not in Himalayan Mountains with the Mong Hmong.



Malasian food One of the Main Food’s of the Malayans is their "curry." A red curry is used in almost all of the dishes, at first it was great but…everyday well… it soon got old yet,it is one of my favorite dishes, along with the great "Fish Head Curry Soup."



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I Read And Re-Read The Bible Passage And Yet, could not or would not, accept it for what it was plainly saying.

Jesus’ Compassion and Love, how could someone turn and reject that.

Jesus’ love in one’s  life, so wonderful to behold, to relate with on a day to day basis in their life.

Turning from this Resurrection power, that forgives all, cleanses one’s soul, gives the new life, with it’s love, and kindness, to be had in God’s abundant mercy, and love to, and, for  all.

The guilt and life’s condemnation gone.

Someone to Turn From That, I could not understand, again and again, I searched the scriptures, prayed, thought, reasoned…yet could it be?

Lord! oh Lord! what is it? that I need to see, need to understand about this scripture?

It all hinges on our, "Free Will."

The Bible is Quite Clear, "Salvation was God’s Plan." Man cannot come to this knowledge until the Father first draws him.


This Grace Window of Opportunity, Is Only For A Time, this is the time, for one to experience this forgiveness, and new birth in Christ.


How Could One Turn From That? The love and kindness of the Lord?


At the end of that extended Kuala Lumpur stay over, I was deeply moved, and profoundly changed, by those Bible verses. And even now, years have passed yet, sadness and forlorn, fill’s my heart, for those, that have and will turn and no longer walk with the Lord.

Through the Years, I have heard and listened, I’ve read, and researched and in the end, it is sadness.

The One Line of Thought is that we aren’t to judge. Another line is, that, those who turned weren’t really saved anyway.

Those, Who Are Truly the Followers of Christ, will be deeply grief, and moreover, they’ll want to have "Christ," in the center of their lives. It is in Christ, in His Mercies, and Truths, that we will be used by the Holy Spirit, to reach out, and by Mercies strength’s, hold on to the one from those eternal flames of torment.

Most Sincerely 

God’s Eternal Mercy On Us All


  • Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mexico Mae Hong Son Thailand Hmong.  


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