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Teaching and Sharing Jesus in Burmese Refugee Camps



  • 09-08  Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mexico Missionary Mae Hong Son Thailand Hmong Myanmar Burma. 


  • Hey There, Would You Like To Hear a Mission Field Story? Mae Hong Son is in North West Thailand, while living there, there were actually very few other missionaries in this Northern Thai region.  As was my practice,the Mong Hmong village where I was working was up in the mountains.  However, in this  border region, they have many types of hill tribes people, with each group, having their own dress, and spoken dialects. 

In Addition A Good Part lived in the Himalayan mountainous areas, within each differing hill tribe, they  lived at certain elevations.  And being close to the lowlanders, their interaction with the local flat landers or the Thai people, who are of Thailand nationality. Many of the hill tribe peoples are not registered Thai, and they are restricted to the province area of registration.

In My Journeys it never failed, that the people all wanted to have their own missionary to live and work within their people group, it was just about impossible for one to do. The missionary needs are in such demand. Finally, I had gathered many types of differing Bible Tracts, then made multiple copies, and when I traveled  through the different villages I was able to give them these salvation tracts in their dialect.

For me, my purpose remains the same to this day, it is for people to hear the plan of Salvation, then it is up to them to accept or reject the message. 

Yet, their was one particular people group that I was press in my heart to help, more so than the others, and this group was the Karen Tribe, from Burma, which lived in the refugee camps   to be cont….


 Myanmar (Burma) 

  • Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Missionary Border Burmese Refuge Camp located in Northwest Thailand Mae Hong Son on the border between Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand.


In Thailand Mae Hong Son as a missionary, there was this Burmese Christian man that I was talking with, the subject of which caused him to bowed his head, for he knew that he along with thousands of others, were in Thailand Illegally.

  • The Legal Way into Thailand is Most Difficult, and very few obtain it, compared to the countless thousands and millions who continually try. Thailand, is a free country in a sense, compared to all it’s neighbor. An endless stream of people enter on all of Thailand’s borders and it’s extended borders: Burma, China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, India.


  • I Knew the Man I Was Talking With Wanted Me to Sanction His Illegal Stay.

He was at the Christian Church keeping a very low profile. He, along with the other Christian illegal’s have a painful lesson to learn, for the legal process there into Thailand, is a long and hard road, so, so very difficult, for the illegal person.  They cannot gain full citizenship, a most perplexing problem.


Burma Shan State 

  • Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mexico Similar Class in Mae Hong Son Thailand



  • Refugee Camps are Simply Carved Out and into the Himalayan foothill mountain jungle’s.

When I was going from Mae Hong Son Thailand to the camps, it was a five to six hour motorbike to the beginning of the walk which was another three to four hours, I would have to wade through a winding valley river, eight or nine times chest deep in parts.


Karen Refugee


  •    I Was Asked To Come Into the Karen Refugee Camp on the Thailand border with Myanmar,  and instruct in their Christian Minister’s School, it was so refreshing to hear these men and women state their  goals, and that was to finish the class, and return to Burma and share Christ.

As one can imagine, their is always the on going problem of what is known in missionary circles as the "Rice Christians." They are those "bless their hearts" that are only there for what they can receive.

  • I Have Personally Witness Untold Numbers of Missionaries, that are involved in works program, that generally are very helpful to the peoples involved.


The Boldness, The Singular Duty, of the Christian Missionary, is Not, In Innovated Public Works Programs Distributing to the Needed of the World. Exception is to the Orphan and Widow. 




They All Knew the Risk and Dangers Involved, yet their trust was in the Lord. 

I was so proud to be with these Christian Myanmar (Burmese) Karen Patriots.


  • Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mexico Missionary Mae Hong Son Thailand Hmong Myanmar Burma Volunteer in Refugee Border Camp.

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