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  • Hmong god Is The Same Ancestral Spirits Of The Dead Were Communicating With The Shaman As His Trance Continued On his Spirit Horse.  MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.


    CONTACT:  October 2009


 A Hmong Mong Shaman in a trance communicating with the spirit world. The bench he’s sitting on is his Spirit Horse to ride into the spirit world.

 Himalayas, The Burma Hump, All Forgotten Through History, nevertheless, long before the written history began, these demonic consultations have been.

  • Adam and Eve, the first people of the earth were beguile.

  • Thus "Sin" entered and passed to all mankind, for all are born in "Sin."

  • Satan is Sin.


  • On a missions return to St. Charles Missouri from the mountains of Northwest Thailand.


  • Little Hills Mo., People    Festival of the Little Hills

  •    Saint Charles Missouri






  • Karen Refugee


  •    Himalayan Mountain Village

  •    Borders of Thailand and  Myanmar-Burma

  •    2008


  • The Festival of the Little Hills was celebrated at that time. St.Charles is my hometown, the festival was something that has been added, it runs along historic main street, where Lewis and Clark began their westward journey, the Missouri River gently rolls by the river park where part of the festival is held and then, up one block from the river on main street, is where all of the historic shops are.

  • As I was walking along the cobblestone street with the other thousand people glancing and occasionally inspecting the wide variety of goods for sale from the different craftsmen and vendors, who come from all over the states.


  • I recognized a very familiar piece of applique.


  • Hmong-aplique


  •     Refugee’s From Laos

  • In Laos The Majority Are Named The "White Mong (Hmong)," with the the remaining majority of the Mong are the Mong Njua (Green)




  •     The intricately stitched creations of pa ndau are made with loving hands and utilize a number of techniques including cross stitch embroidery, surface embroidery, reverse appliqué, and appliqué.


  • As I got closer to the vendors booth, it was in fact, a Hmong man selling the goods, as he sat there in the afternoon sun he was reading his bible.


  • As a missionary the biggest disappointment I have had to face in sharing the gospel story is when others say, that they, have had an experience with the God of the Christian Bible. When, in fact, it’s so obvious that they have not, and yet these assumptions are allowed to continue within their churches.

  • Thus, the continual destruction of the Bible as being authentic, when someone can simply retell an ancient folklore and then say that they had for the most part a relationship with the God Of the Christian Bible, when in fact, they have been deceived.


  • As I have in the past the conversation with this Mong vendor at the Little Hills Festival in Saint Charles Missouri went like this. I asked about his Christian experience, which he shares and that he has also completed a couple Bible Study  Courses, it then that the subject of the Mong Shaman is brought up.


  • I asked this question the same way to Mong Pastors who have been trained in Bible colleges here in the US. and are current pastors from the Carolina’s to California.

  • The question is when the Mong Shaman kills the pig, chicken, dog or other animals, and then applies the blood to one, and then to the altar, and other places held to be where a malevolent spirit resides.

  • This application of the blood, as an offering to the Mong demon god, is that god, the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

  • This Hmong Mong Christian man said "YES."

  • This same scenario has played out with Mong pastors here in the states as well as in Thailand.


         hmong shaman



A Mong Shaman in a blindfolded trance communicating with the spirit world, the bench he’s sitting on is his Spirit Horse which he rides into the spirit world.






Those Mong who continually hold to that belief are in fact not Christian, their’s is a wilful rejection of the Simplest of Biblical Truth’s, with that being, of who God is, and His History, that the Full Christian Bible Of The New And Old Testament reveals.

I have had to deal with this continual basic flaw within the Christian Lao predominately White Mong community, you can see that this problem is of monumental concern.

To all Christian Believers the continual challenge is to bring forth the truth of the Inspiration of the Full Christian Bible Of The Old And New Testaments to the Mong Hmong Of Laos and to all men everywhere.


  • Blood Dripping Hmong god Is Same Demon From Altar Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mae Hong Son Thailand Mexico St. Charles Missouri Hmong Missionary

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