Born Free Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mexico Mae Hong Son Thailand St. Charles Missouri Hmong Missionary

   MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.


CONTACT:  October 2009




Hola, I’m burden in my response to you, and your thoughts, questions, and statements.

I cannot give the direct answer to you, you will need to capture it, within yourself.


I want to share another story. The players are the Mong/Hmong refugees, nevertheless, it is also representative of all Asian Refugees of the past, that came into the US.


As a Christian Missionary, returning to the US, I was able to talk with many refugees.

This first generation, that was now here, in the States, I asked about their thoughts on many subjects.

Across the board all where very spiritual, and praise and thank God, that they where here.

America for them was a sanctuary.


Evidently, they were to find out and realize, as you have demonstrated in your writing’s, that America isn’t so great.


The sanctuary, that the refugee’s talk of, became in a sense, "their prison."

I had  stated at that time, that it would take, three to four generation, for this assimilation into the American mainstream.

In working with the Mong from Laos, it became clear, that they where set on a course, for the pains of: discrimination, racism, and bigotry, in most of the communities that they where to  live.

Indeed, for the most part they were ill equipped to cope with the perplexities of living in a modern town, and never mind in trying to understand how things work in the American society  .

They withdrew an became an INTROVERTED society, as you probably know, each group established their mini country.

An in doing so were doomed to life out of the American mainstream.


Consequently, they were easy prey, for those who like to control and gain the power over others, in their own ideals and schemes, as they see them.

Born Free Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mexico Mae Hong Son Thailand St. Charles Missouri Hmong Missionary


This first generation were lost within America, the language and their custom remained, and it was their sense of wanting to belong, that they listened to those who had their own agenda, who were in fact, manipulating these people groups.


An example, I would like to give is one in Thailand, in the Bangkok area, the student uprisings against the government of the past, were sparked by official saying, that these groups of students where be infiltrated by Communist agitators.

Accordingly, in the oncoming demonstrations, the students were: beaten, clubbed, tear gassed, with some being shot and then jailed.

When the demonstrations where over, it was then that peace was restore.


What I have learned in regards to this situation, was that it wasn’t the students, who were at fault, in fact, it was the liberal university teachers.

Namely,these  liberal groups wanted equal distribution of wealth to all, and in was their in-flamed rhetoric over month’s and years, that in the end, convinces the students of their just right to oppose the government.


Furthermore, these liberal group’s, of like minded individuals, are in every society,world wide.


The Mong/Hmong of Laos, the leaders, made a critical mistake.


The mistake, was  that they were being manipulated by their own leaders, who in fact, wanted to continue their domination here in the US., as they had in Asia.

The second was this liberal bastion, within the Minnesota Education system.

The liberal education system, was transfixed in their twisted concepts of this society, the refugees were lead to believe that they were victims, of  not receiving equal rights, etc.

The bringing of this refugee group here, was to instill these concepts, that there only hope, their true hope was in a continual liberalized ideology, and that education was their only hope.


Eventually, this grand ideal of being an "educated professional," became their "god and religion.."


Furthermore, those in the leadership capacity, both directly and indirectly,had caused and are continuing to cause, much hopelessness and suffering, now in the third and forth generations adult refugees.


The refugee’s remained in large groups, living in thousands of numbers, and by doing so, have created a backward-miss understanding of those who where not of the same ethnicity.

Evidently this lead to racism, bigotry within their groups and soon this was a  norm.


Indeed, this is what has been past down to the refugee populations, to their children, and to their children, of these immigrants, that lived in a closed society, in fact, they are handicapped by this lack of intercourse with other ethnic groups.

As a result, this isolation, from the greater society from which they live, creates a lack of self esteem and worth, the American dream, is slanted to the other groups, and they think, it’s not to be attained by them.


The first dentist, the first teacher, etc are celebrated as the picture of an accomplished well rounded successful refugee.

Their  only hope was in the education liberal system.

What this liberal system thought, was relayed through class room teaching… and soon was actualized, in the street demonstration, equal rights, being and unjust victim of a terrible local or state government.


In addition, the Asian people groups are paternal clans, and remain as such thorough each generation.


Self realization happens when one is within a greater society in general. Reversing introversion.

The need to communicate, to have everyday chats, or establishing  light friendships, with a whole host of individuals with in  society ladder.


I have told the Mong and other refugees to move away from the group.

Move to other places and begin their own self realization.

In the past, the welfare program was the draw to CA. Minnesota’s Education  liberal machine was it’s drawing card.

Change is difficult, adjustment is painful, and then seeing the eyes of those, with their sneers, their harsh comments in a negative, racial way, is truly something no one wants to experience.


There were those who committed suicide.


Then, the greater part of the people, that claimed to be Christians, were not involve with the assimilation of the Asian refuges, then and for the most, aren’t currently involved, now with the third and fourth generations.


I’m and American, I was born "FREE."

Thus, as with most Americans,- as I tell my English students here, "Americans think that they know everything, and have a solution to all things." However, in truth, they don’t know much, this though, is a cultural norm for the American people.


To be free, is to go forth making new acquaintances, do new things , have  different ideals, cooking in another manner, breaking life’s enslaved habits, reaching out to new horizons.


Moreover, it takes a wilful effort, it takes practice, to be part of a society.


To Be Born In A Free Country Doesn’t Make One Free, Freedom Comes In The Journeying Of Life And All That It Holds.


Therefore,  "Go, To Meet Destiny’s Call ."  


Norman Christian Missionary Reynosa Mexico 2009 January

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