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hola…thanks for you question.

When I was 15 years old I ended up in State Reformatory for Boys.

During that year, the reform school was de-segregated, do to the fact, I was the tallest white kid, I was forced to fight the biggest black guy in the place, it was good  fight, until I went down.

Upon my release, I had a slight attitude problem, I completed schooling.

I Join the military Army, I had a problem, that is common in the Air Force, when pilots are released from their training program, it’s called "NO Apparent Fear Of Death."

I had volunteered twice in Nam, the second time, to get my younger brother out, he was in the Marines, however, before the paper work got through, he got hit and returned on a medical.

I joined an all volunteer, 5 man teams, that went on re con missions, it was a L.R.R.P. unit.

Upon my return to the states, I was headed to Special Forces.

Events happened, and I changed my mind, and I re-entered civilian life.

After, my entry into the civilian world, I went to further schooling in the medical field and received certification.

I then continued schooling and became a certified real estate appraiser. 

Thereafter, I became a Real Estate Appraiser for Tax purpose in St. Charles MO.

Upon leaving the military needless to say, I was not afraid of any man, neither of knifes, guns.

If I had to, I would use my hands, I would use my teeth. THE MILITARY PRIME RULE, NEVER SURRENDER.

I was my own man, I had "NO APPARENT FEAR OF DEATH."

I have said all of this, to give you an answer to your question..

"I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery; you shall have no other gods before me."

All of my young adult life, up until I became a Christian, at age 28, I was my own Man.

Upon the surrender of my will, the giving up of the right to myself, to the Lordship of "Jesus."

It became Crystal clear to me, that Evil forces, where pulling me along in my life, as though I had a ring in my nose, and he (evil) was pulling it.

My decisions, that I made by my own choice where being influence by evil.

The land of Egypt was a place of bondage, and slavery to it.

That was what my life was,  a bondage, yet, I thought I was quite normal.

I realized after my conversion to Christianity.

The god I had before Him, was the god of my own desires.

This same analogy applies to nurses, doctors, police, lawyers, teachers, engineers, accountants, programmers to all, on this planet.

The analogy is this, that all, aren’t really in control, of their own destiny, but, evil is guiding one down it’s own evil path, with the final destination being, for one to "REJECT JESUS THE ‘CHRIST’ AS LORD OF THEIR LIFE."

Now in my life, "I HAVE NO OTHER god, BEFORE HIM !

"The Prime Rule Now Surrender All To Jesus."

Norman 🙂

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