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The article below is just one, that I have posted on a "International Asian Web-Site Religious Chat Room."


"Would you Like To Asked A Christian Missionary About Demon Possession?"

I would like to include in this thread, a copy of the introduction to

"Would You Like To Ask A Christian Missionary Questions In Regards To The Christian Faith?"

Below is the Introduction.


I would like to make a statement about "Bullies," in years past, their were school Bullies, then work place "Bullies," and General Society Bullies, and in this "Forum" there are "MUTANT-CYBER-BULLIES AND THEIR CLONES."

As always, these "Bullies, have their own little group that follows them, to further embarrassed, and attack through personal "Verbal Abuse," to anyone who doesn’t follow the same line of reasoning, as the "Bully."

You will see these- little-in-numbers- mutant-bullying-control-group follower’s with their "CLONES," following their "Bully" leader, from one forum to another.

STOP! Don’t let them "Stop!" you, from commenting on any "Topic Forum."

On this "Thread," I have received private messages, as well as comments from others, that, there are a certain few, for whatever reason, that try to dominate the forum’s board, along with their "Clones."


Their general method is to try and change the "Topics" intent, to what they want it to be.

Their method, is to intimidate, other potential forum commenter’s or writers, with their own self serving views, which have nothing to do with a topic, their "Bullying" method, is the "keyboard."

They, these "Mutant-Cyber-Bullies," have the impression that, because of their number of views, to their topics, or, their confused thought logic, that they, have a certain inherit right’s within the Board’s Forum.

In other words, they, these Female and Male Bullies, have set themselves up as the "final say," on any given subject topic.

Their "Bulling," tactics?

If one does not agree with them, then it is to "Intimidate them" with their mean-spirited Personal Attacks, On One’s Character.

Their logic, is, that if you cannot defend yourself, then leave the forum.

This Is the the age old tactic of a "BULLY", either in school, the workplace, or society, their attacks are the same.

Again, I want to encourage those, that want to comment on this topic or any other, to "come forth" don’t let these very few, "females and male ‘Mutant-Cyber-Bullies’ Intimidate You."

I have had thousands of "views," and yet percentage wise, very few comments.

I want to once again encourage those that view this thread, that I want you to ask questions on the topic at hand.

Don’t let the CYBER BULLIES, control you, these bullies are self serving "MUTANT’S,"

Who have left mainstream communication, to bring their own self serving, critical views in their daily attacks on



Furthermore, no matter what your English language skill’s are, or your English grammar knowledge,

I want to encourage you to ask your questions, stop these "Female and Male Cyber-Mutant-Bullies."


Introduction to:

"Would You Like To Ask A Christian Missionary Questions In Regards To The Christian Faith."


Hola, their seems to be a variety of questions, or assumptions, made by those who want to explain the basics of Christian thought.

I want to open this thread with inviting your questions and I will give you answers.

I realize that for the most part, the writers here, in this forum write in secrecy, of who they really are, with this insecure attitude, and lack of self confidence, it’s difficult for one, to truly express one’s personal thoughts.

Secrecy avails nothing.

Honest thought, along with honest expression, are a pre-requisite for the gaining of true knowledge.

For once, I would encourage all to try and express- in this very public forum- questions in regards to this topics of "Christian Thought," and "Demon Possession."

As all know, this site has some of the worst fowl, filthy, hateful, sexist, bigoted views expressed, by mean people who only want to hurt others with their weapons of words.

Let’s try and be honest about this forum, one of it’s stated purposes is about a discussions in regards to Religion.

I would liked to have religious discussion on:  "Christian Thought" and "Demon Possession."


Norman Oetker A Foreign Christian Missionary Serving in Reynosa Mexico,  since 2005, January 2009.


Early on in my ministry, I knew that the Lord was leading me into the "Deliverance Ministry," of persons, who had lost control, of certain areas within their personal  control.

The "Deliverance Ministry" is only a very small part, of the overall foreign Christian Missionary training experience.

The Ministry Focus, Is To Prepare One’s Self, For Doing Battle With Demons, Through Prayer And Fasting.

The "Casting Out Of Devils" Through The Name Of "Jesus."


Moreover, this is one of the many stories. 


"As The Lord Would Have It, It All Happened, As A Complete Surprise For Me."

At that time, in the past, there was a  local Interdenominational Church, And within it’s thousand’s of members, there was a very small group of ministry workers, who were  "called of God", to work in this "Deliverance Ministry."

The Deliverance Ministry, is a foul, filthy, nasty business, with the only thing being good about it, is to see an individual set free, in a certain area of their lives, "By The Power of The Holy Spirit," through the name of "Jesus."


This story started out with me being involved as the newest member, of this deliverance ministry team.

This was a church ministry group, working in the deliverance ministry, and it was not for those, that did not have the, "Call of God To Work Therein."

It all seemed, to just be a continual, ongoing part of my own ministry preparation within many different areas of ministerial work,  in being a  "Foreign Missionary."

I had read a couple deliverance ministry writings and I remembered, at the time, that they was nothing compared to God’s timing, for when you are going to be used of the Lord.

He is doing things on His timetable.


As a Missionary, I have always worked in secular work, in the support of the  ministry.

I did not go from Church to Church, in raising funds, neither had letters sent out, asking for money. "Nothing."


"If God has called some one to a particular ministry, God will supply.

Sometimes you might go hungry, or without,

quite possibly you will have to suffer,and or, be despised, and rejected,

those are the predictions, for "Christian Believers" by Christ.

In the state of Missouri US. I had a small craft shop.

There was one customer who brought in some small items, an had asked if they could be repaired?

A sort of loose friendship developed, and as always, I’m talking about "Jesus."

Well, this man is listening but, there really isn’t any difference in his attitude.


A little more information about this man, he was probably my age, or maybe a couple years older, he drove a local taxi.

He was morbidly obese with a weigh range of 350 to 400 pounds.

One day he was driving his cab in the neighborhood.

So, after several visits to my shop,  one day he dropped in to hang out.

He had with with him, a  picture painting of his dad, who was dead.

The size was roughly 16 by 24 inches, he asked about some repair questions, in regards to it.

Then, out of the blue he makes a statement about his dad’s painting, he said, that one night in his room- where the painting was hanging,- that his dad’s  painting began "floating across the room.’


Well readers of this topic, there is a saying in Missouri US. and that saying is "The Show Me State."

So needless to say, when he said that, I was most skeptical, he needed  to "show me," before I believed him.

Indeed, I just listened to his story and that was that.

After several more visits, from this man, he gradually came to share more things about his life.


An one of things he shared was quite revealing.

I don’t remember exactly how he brought up the subject, but, he asked me if I believed in "Curses.’

And unknown to him, I  had just finished a lengthy study of the Christian Bible’s Old Testament, about "curses."

His story began like this, he said, he had moved to this city about a year before, it is where his mom lived.

He formerly lived in New Orleans La. US, where he worked on Bourbon Street; furthermore, he stated, he belonged to a "Satanic Cult Group."

Within in this group, he was the "medium," so that when this Satanic Group Came together in Worshipping the Devil, "he," was the vessel, that a demon spirit spoke through, to the other’s within this Satanic Cult group.

Again, he asked if I believed in curses, and I said, I had just finished a study on that very subject.

In addition, he said that when he told this group, that he was going to move away and return to MO. that

they didn’t want him to leave.

Eventually, this group placed a cursed on him, when he finally did leave.

Then, this "morbidly  obese man," this taxi driver, bent over in his chair and pulled up his trousers pants leg, and reveled an open wound, on the side of his leg, it was about 6 to 8 inches in diameter.

The wound was open, and because I had some medical training, I  recognized it, as looking like a cancerous  infection.

It appeared to look the very same, as the cancer patients that I had to worked with in the past.

The man told me he had been to the doctors and they had taken a biopsy, and had run all sorts of test, and in the end the doctor and the  specialist where unable to say what this open wound was, on his leg.

At this time, the man became very emotional, as he told his story, and eventually  broke down and wept.

I was momentarily at a lost, as to what to to do, or say?

Then I remembered something I had read in a  deliverance book.

So I asked him if he knew anything about the "Deliverance Ministry?"  he said "no,"

So I proceeded to write on a  piece of paper the author’s name and book title.

I wanted him to read that, and see, if maybe that was his problem as to why he felt "Cursed."

It is a little difficult to explain in words, just exactly what happen next.

When you came into my shop, you could walk straight ahead to a small counter which was about 15 feet from the door.

The man was sitting on the stool at the counter.  Again, the stool was about 15 feet from the front door.


When I finished writing down the information.I placed it on the counter in front of him, he was pretty much shaken up by now, and still, you could hear the sobs, as the pain of not knowing what was wrong bewitched him.

So, I asked him if I could say a prayer with and for him?  he said sure, so I walked over to his right side, and I was going to place my hand on his shoulder, and say a short prayer, that the Lord would help him, and that he would have some peace.

Then as began to put my hand on him, his head roll straight back,

his eyes where open however, his eyes had rolled to the back, and all you could see was the white’s of his eyes,

his tongue came out and it curled upwards!

and then a blood curling scream, came out of this man,

"A force picked this morbidly obese man, who’s weight was between 350- 400 pounds,"  from the chair, and threw him backwards, where he landed at the front door.


The next thing I knew,I sensed the Holy Spirit within me, giving me the authority, and I found myself, when he hit the floor,that I was right  there  saying, "I command you in the name of ‘Jesus,’ to come out of him."


This man began to cough and gag as greenish bile, with it’s foul smell came out of his mouth.

In about five minute it was finished, and he got up, and  being much relieved. I gave him a Bible and share more of the power and authority, that is in the name of "Jesus."

This guy’s life changed and his leg began to heal.

An Important point of this story is that this man was set free.

And also that I, Norman, who had all theses plans, on how the "Deliverance Ministry" would and should work, which in fact availed nothing.

The "Lord Had His own Plans, About My Introduction Into The "Deliverer Ministry."  Norman 🙂


Demon Deliverance Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mexico Mae Hong Son Thailand St. Charles Missouri Hmong Missionary

Articles Demon Possessions Of Articles Demon Deliverance Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mexico Mae Hong Son Thailand St. Charles Missouri Hmong Missionary

Articles Demon Deliverance  MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.


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A General Note:

Indeed those, that say that they are Christian are, for the most part "Religionist.

An Example, for the most part, they are faithful to their denomination’s traditional groups, churches, mission outreach- if they have one,- schools, institutions, etc. 

Generally, for the most part few understand basic "Bible Doctrines."

On the other hand, they are most generally aware of their religious group’s traditional views, on different religious positions. 

In addition, and for this reason, the "Religious Christian," has no ideal that the "Bible," has a totally different stated view, for they, the "Religionist," follow in lock and step with the "Denominations Traditional Views."


In short, the purpose that I bring this up is, that they, these so-called Christians, who deny "Satanic Activity," would have and entirely different opinion.


Then, one needs to deal with the added perplexity of those, who are not believers in Christ.

Now, for an non-believer to say, he "doesn’t believe in Christ," what that means is, that He/She understands the "Great Commission Call," given by "Christ to All Believer’s" in explaining the plan of "Salvation."

Furthermore, it means that this person, has been drawn by the "Holy Spirit," to seek out more information about the Lord and the "Salvation Message."

This Non-Believer, for the most part who says they reject "Christ," have not been drawn first, by the Holy Spirit.

A person "CANNOT" come to God, at anytime He/She Chooses.

They are not a non-believer, they are the "Lost."

They then need to hear, the "Bible’s Plan of Salvation," when the Lord begins, to draw him or her, to Himself, through the Holy Spirit.


To your questions:

The danger of:

a. cross demonic possession from buying used stuff (from from The Salvation Army or Good Will or antique shops)?

In one of my journey’s within the Carolinas in the US., I had stopped, at an Antique barn. The Barn itself was an Antique, it was a "Tobacco Barn," maybe 30 feet wide and 300 feet long. It was full of all kinds of things for sale.

Under a pile of other things, a brownish, aged, cardboard box, with it’s dust covered books lay, normally, I would have passed over it, nevertheless, for some reason I began digging through it.

In it was an old black hardbound book, I began reading and I stayed there reading, and reading, I was amazed at what  this book was stating. All happened to an uneducated farmer, a life long member in a Christian Church, a Bible Sunday School teacher, who was giving medical descriptions, of what was wrong sick people.  I was fascinated until I came to the part where he said he was "The Apostle Peter Reincarnated."

This book in fact, was written by him, as this demonic spirit guided his thoughts, and as it turns out, he has lead many from the Christian Bible Truths.

This book was evil, I, being a Christian recognized that the Christian Bible does not teach "Reincarnation."


b.[What I mean by cross demonic possession is if that item is possessed could the demon also possessed anyone handling the item]

No… to your question, of handling something. used clothing

No.. same as above…but maybe, lice, fleas, or whatever? might be transferred. 🙂

d. used books, lamps, furniture

old used jewelry

No…as above


e. eating from reused eating utensils from public restaurants

No…but, again, the possibility of a viral, or bacteria transference. Norman 🙂


Demon Possessions Of Articles Demon Deliverance Norman Oetker English Class Reynosa Mexico Mae Hong Son Thailand St. Charles Missouri Hmong Missionary