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Question and Answer. January 2009


I have thought about your previous post, with your scriptural errors, and wrong assumptions, about becoming a Christian.

As I read your second post, to the current topic, I decided to address your errors of the first off topic statement, of your first post.

Consequently, this reply, to your first post will only be between you and I. Others may comment about it, still, this will be between you and I.

I can only speak for myself, what you decide of course, is up to you.


You state- Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life no one can come to the father but by me.

Norman states- true


You state- What I believe about the Christian faith is the Bible is not enough to build your Christian faith and walk,

1. Your statement that the Bible is not enough.

You clearly reject the Inspiration of the Bible, as being Inspired from God, and His Plan For Man.

Thus, you are a "False Teacher," since you have decided, to go public with you OWN stated error ridden views.

2.Norman states- you are either incredibly miss-informed about Basic Bible Doctrine..Are, as I have had to instruct others, who similarly, had unscriptural ideals, about a host of issues, that were in line with your stated doctrinal writings, which are in Error, and subsequently, as with theirs, also with yours, a False Teaching.

You claim to have a separate "Revelation from God," about how that "Your Opinion," that the Bible is not enough…

3. or,

As I suspect, you, along with countless others, who hold to these similar belief’s, have been brainwashed, I know that, that, is a harsh word to use.

Nevertheless, if you would look closely at your written statement, you will see exactly, what "OTHER’S" have said, what "THEY" believe, about the Bible, and some of "THEIR" explanations of key doctrines.

One can obviously see all of the store bought books, that have helped, in your twisted understanding, as you try now to explain your error ridden doctrine.

As a Christian Missionary, I have had to deal with those who have wonder innocently at first, into cultic practices, who then begin to say, exactly, what this or that person, or that group is saying.

Eventually, the way in which one is set free, is by asking, continually, questions to that person. And by asking these continual questions, on a whole host of issues, as to why someone believes, this or that, it in fact, forces one to "THINK ON THEIR OWN AGAIN."

Their thinking then begins the process of seeing their error, however, it takes time, and sad to say, some would rather continue with their friends, or relatives, within these group situations.


You state- "also church is not enough to do it,"


Norman states- Obviously, you lack the basic "Faith In God, to Believe in the Inspiration of the Bible, where in, "The God Of The Full Christian Bible Of Both, The Old And New Testament Commands all Christians," "To Not Forsake The Gathering Together."  (Going to church.)

This does not include "You, or Your Group," that hold your own "Unscriptural Views ‘That The Bible,’ Is Not Enough."

This "Command is from God, to the Believer in Christ, and the Bible."

"Which You Have Rejected, As Not Being Enough In Your View."

Furthermore, "Your Rejection Of the Inspiration Of the Bible," You Have Categorically Deny "Christ," Who Is the "Center Piece," Of Both The Old And New Testament.

You state- knowing all the histories of the world is not going to do it.

Norman states- Thus far, you are telling the world, that the " The God Of The Bible Is Not Enough. Likewise, you are saying to The Believers In Christ, And The Christian Bible, The Church is Not Enough!  Now You Equate Your Ideal That The Unsaved, The Unbelievers, As A Source, That, In Fact They Are Not Enough.

Your Own Words Or Unscriptural, On All Counts. Cultic Statements.

You state-What I’ve learned is that its not really what us Christians share or know about history in the churches that’s important,

Norman states- In Fact We Are "Commanded By God," "To Go Forth And Teach And Make Disciples." The "One" And "Only Book," That Is Used, Is The One You Have Rejected, As To Not Having Enough, In Your Opinion For The Christian Faith.

You Are Not A Follower Of "Christ And the Bible," Though, Evidently, You Are Of A Humble-Jumble, Miss-Mash, Of So Called Christian Rhetoric.

You State- But the most important thing is to have a "personal" relationship with Jesus Christ.

Norman states- You have stated at the beginning,

"What I believe about the Christian faith is the Bible is not enough to build your Christian faith and walk,"

"One," Cannot Be a Christian Without Faith In God, And Believing, In The Bible, And The Church. One,That Believes In the Bible, Believes In The Inspiration Of It, And Adheres To It’s Truths, As The Only Inspired Guide, For The Christian To Follow.


You state- The bible teaches us , but even the Bible clearly states that it is not enough,

Norman states- This is untrue.


You state- the Bible even says this ,

Norman States- This is untrue.


You state- what we need is "the spirit" in our hearts.The Holy Ghost.


Norman states- Now this is where your most egregious error begins.

What you are leading the Unsaved, the Sinner, the Unbeliever, and Other Christians is to believe that:

God, "The 1st Person Of The Trinity," is Not Enough,


That Jesus, "The Second Person of The Trinity,"  "The Way To Salvation" is Not Enough,


That The, "Bible,"  is Not Enough,


That "The Church," Is Not Enough To Build Your Christian Faith.


You state- You, "The Christian And Unsaved" must receive the holy Ghost in your heart…


Norman states- The Bible Does Not Teach, That To be A Christian, That One needs To Do Something Else, Besides, the Accepting of Christ, "Jesus," "The Second Person Of The Trinity." And "Jesus’s," Atonement to God, The Father..


You state- thru prayer and maybe fasting,


Norman states- This is untrue


You state- but mostly prayer and getting to know who Jesus is.


Norman states- This is Not Bible doctrine.      


You State- Once you receive the Holy Ghost,Jesus spirit comes into your heart and from then on, he never leaves you, he’s your best friend and he’s your teacher.


Norman states- Your statement that a "Christian," are the "Unsaved." must received the Holy Spirit into their heart first, is unscriptural.


The Holy Spirit has many actions, however, your unfounded claims that the "Third Person Of The Trinity, ‘The Holy Spirit’ Must Be Pray For With Fasting," Is Totally without Any Scriptural Footing, to say the least. A complete fabrication, by one claiming their own views, to be basic Bible Instruction.

Totally, Incorrect and False.

Evidently, there is a small fringe group who adhere to an unscriptural dogma that one has "TO SPEAK IN TONGUES TO BE A CHRISTIAN."


You state- Its one thing to know the laws, you can know in your mind and follow religions, but if you have the Holy Ghost you can "feel" the law speaking to you and your emotions that cause you to act, which is very important.


Norman states-Today Christian are in a time of "Grace," not "LAW."









NORMAN STATES- YOU ARE UN INFORMED ABOUT BASIC CHRISTIANITY.You state-I don’t know it all, I’m studying too, but basically so far I believe that as a sinner we go to Jesus and he washes us clean,


Norman states- You go to Jesus and Jesus gives us a bath? No, we go to Jesus, where the "Atonement," and Jesus’s shed blood of the cross is applied, by faith, to our old sin nature, that we and all humans have inherited from Adam.

We are washed and cleansed of our sins. 


You state- we don’t go to church because we are perfect, we are not,

we don’t read the bible because we are perfect, we are not,

we don’t pray because we are perfect we are not,

we go because we are sinners who want to be washed and to learn.


Norman states- The Bible in no way speaks of a Christian becoming a sinner after accepting Christ. Nether, does the Bible teach, that one needs to be continually regenerated, born again, of having one’s sin’s washed away repeatedly, as when you first become a Christian.

A sinner who continues in Sin is in rebellion to God, he/she is not teachable, is unable to learn.

When a person is born again his/her sins are washed away, by Cavalries Cross.


You state-but it is good if we are learning and practicing to become perfect, we wont be completely perfect till we die, we are like his children who need to go to him to protect us and teach us rite from wrong.


Norman states- And Christian will only learn from God’s Inspired Bible and His Church. Not life’s, emotional roller coaster experience.


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