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Free Market Trade:  

Lower the price on all goods across the board, and keep them there, for a SET TIME.

All markets will adjust, and, all will begin as it was, only at a lower level, for all components of “Free Market Trade,” will once again flourish. 


…as I have shopped around, there are some good deals, but, for the most part, the products are yet price at a high range.

Still demanding one to pay more, there are incentives and rebates for you, but the basics appears to be the same "high prices."

I’m no expert by far, but, it seems to me that the banks have the money to loan, but they are afraid that the clients will not be able to pay it back over the long run…so they are just being conservative.

The banks have been given low interest availability loans, that they can receive from the Fed’s.  

The housing problem was simply caused by client corruption (lying on applications about income), and greed (to make a buck.).

Off course, the clients won’t accept responsibility, so they blame the banks…on and on (victim syndrome.)

The product (house) being overpriced, a similar problem with cars, and manufactured goods, there are incentives to buy, but the products are still priced high.

The basic free market supply and demand is out of balance.

As in other countries, the basic prices are at an agreed fixed price by the free trade of the common market of an area.

Then those who sell  luxury items, what ever one considers that to be, payments come into to play, through credit, plastic, personal notes, and or, monthly installments, whatever. 

As we know many of the products are manufactured outside of the US. and that cost is low to the manufacture.

The unionized assembly workers in US,( as well as other trades, union or non union) who assemble, some of those low manufactured parts, demand wages and benefits’.

Greed, on the individual level, in the US., from the common worker’s, to the higher ups, who and what ever they do, or what they run.


Greed, the desire for more and more above what one actually needs.

Greed, to obtain at any cost, at the expense of others, or, as in our case here in the US., greed is still very much in control, and it is our country that is at an economical peril.


The free market engine has been chugging along, and has, in the past been adjusting to the supply and demand situation.

It is out of balance now, there is an ample supply of goods, but a lesser demand or no demand for them.


In my opinion it is based on the "out of balance," being, the "Greed of the Multitudes within the US"

Greed will cause the system to collapsed, greed and greed alone.


The Presidents coming policies are anti free trade market principles, which has been the economic success in America.


Many, of the companies that have been laying off workers, and that have been generally down sizing, and along with moving basic individual corporations within their domain, in a shuffling of their operations, to outside countries.

You might want to asked why is all of this happening right now?

The answer lies in basic lawful business practices.

The company is formed to be profitable, and if one can buy parts from one country, at a good price, and other parts from another country, and then have yet, another country, that allows all of these imported goods to come into their country with no taxes applied, to these imported products.

This is what Mexico has done and is doing.

Mexico “EXPORTED, EXPORTED around 60 BILLION US. DOLLARS last year.

Mexico, has business’s from around the world, they assemble and there is some manufacturing in their country. 

These different International companies are then making money. All involved (workers) received economic benefit.


Now the President has a different view on things, and I want to share something that I have been personally involved with that does directly relate to the “President Of The United States.”

As a Christian Missionary, I served and worked in Fresno CA. US. for eight years, working and living within the South East Asian Refugee Community sharing "Jesus."

I have worked with the Mong/Hmong, Lao, Meew, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Blacks, And Whites.

The South East Asian Gangs where feared by all, one their rivals was the Blacks.


Attending various Christian churches within these groups, and, for about 2 years, I was directly involved with a Black Church.

I was directed to be part of this particular group, to better understand their plight in America.

It was a wonderful experience to see the "Love of Jesus," within it’s members. 

This particular denomination was the C.O.G.I.C., “The Church Of God In Christ.”


At, and around the ending of my time with them, I was “SHOCKED!” to read posters, and to see that a different local COGIC had invited a guest speaker, the


Black Muslims Leader Lewis Faragon.


Before attending the COGIC, I researched it’s history, doctrines, current belief’s, and practices.

And I can can assure you, that the COGIC founder’s would roll over in their graves, upon hearing, that this Black Muslim Leader Lewis Faragon , who is a stated racist, and has extremist racist, bigoted belief’s, was to be honor at the church.

Lewis Faragon Para- military style takeover in poor black areas, was accomplished through neighborhood watch programs which was active in recruitments to these far out racist groups,who have in the past, and by other names, one well known being, “The Black Panthers,” as well as others, have continually prey upon those, in their  low economical plight.

Much the same in Africa, Asia, South East Asia, the Middle East, Worldwide.


“The Lewis Faragon’s Muslim World Is Based On Race Based Hate. ”

The Rev.Wright’s race based hate message is similar to Lewis Faragon.



The Free Market Capitalist System, Commonly, But Mistakenly Assumed To Be, Control In Total By “Whites.”

(A Note For You Information, The World’s Economic Watchers Fear The Chinese! Why? The Chinese Are Probably The Best Business People Of The World. Wherever They Are “Business’s Blossom” And They Are Feared, And Envied, Not Because Of Gang Activities, But Because Of Their Strict Practical Business Policies, Over The Local Within Any Given Country, They Are Most Frugal , If One becomes A Friend, They Will Remain Loyal To That Friendship.”


This systems is the blame, especially this “white” controlled systems, is portrayed as the evil product, of the white man to destroy and keep the Black man down.

This is the foundation of this “race hate gospel,” that the President of the United States, was part of, before coming the President, Him and His wife willingly, participated, and financed, this radical racist agenda for twenty years.. 


The free marketers’ have been shifting many of their operations out of the US., simply, because they understand that this President is not favorable to “Business.”  To this “The Free Market Capitalist System, Commonly, But Mistakenly Assumed To Be, Control In Total By “Whites.”

The “TAXING POLICIES ARE GOING TO BE CHANGING,” and those business’s who are able, are positioning their business’s projects outside, of this soon, to be very invasive and anti free market policies of the current administration.

One needs to bare in mind, that the President of The United States for twenty years absorbed, listened, participated, and financed,  and furthermore wanted spiritual blessing, for himself, his wife, and children, from a racist bigoted individual, the Rev. Wright, who was the pastor of the C.O.G.I.C.

The President is “NOT” the voice of the people, but is a voice of what he is comfortable with, and it is “deception in order to gain control of a group and through that the masses.”


My opinion is the the President will eventually be stopped by the “Democratic Party.”

A good part of the US Citizenry  will embrace the policies because of “one reason,” “government money in their hands.”

I think, my hunch, that unbeknownst to the general public, and to the majority of both parties, that a power group within the Democratic party, will in fact, subvert the President lopsided agenda.

They will allowed the continual policies of blaming others when it suits their needs.

Their are now powers that be that want change, and change, through policy, that will dismantle parts of the free market trade polices. Which has been the backbone of the American Economic Engine.

However, those within the Democratic Party, are not going to Advance Race Based Policies, that will eventually loose them their seats of POWER.

Part of All Politics is PR And Deception.



There are those for example, from many countries Africa, Somalia, the Middle East and Others, who have a very demeaning attitude toward the US. and their Presidents  and yet, it has been the US. Presidencies,  and the Peoples Of The United States, that have worked under the supply and demand economics,  and the free market trade policies, that have funneled millions upon millions of US. dollars in AID into the continent of Africa, as well as others.


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