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Chat Room Question  MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary “The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO” Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.


CONTACT:  October 2009



A Chat Room Writer Writes:

I am having problem understand what this thread is leading to. Norman kept talking about Christian Faith as found in the Bible. Yet, he talked mostly about himself and how he witnesses Christianity in his life and works and if “other men” are mention he quickly brushed them aside as “off topic”.


Hola… you have a good post…Your questions beginning with, where this thread is going?

“Would You like To Ask A Christian Missionary A Question About Christian Faith, To the Insecure and Timid Your Welcome.” 

The Thread is to ask a Christian Missionary named Norman Oetker, questions about the Christian Faith, especially questions from the insecure and timid, who in fact, are highly intelligent, but face severe critics, in this chat room, as well as others, if they really speak from the deeper questions of their heart. There are those, and will be those, who attack and “bully,” others in a chat room, so that all will agree with their take on things.

This question is for everyone including Norman.

This is an off topic question, again this topic is specific to “Would You like To Ask A Christian Missionary A Question About Christian Faith, To the Insecure and Timid Your Welcome.”


That is: Is it possible that Norman is seeing himself as part of the Bible?


However, as to answer your very dubious question, YES, I’m part of the “Bible.”

I’m in the ongoing book of “Acts.”

The Bible hasn’t stopped, it is still ongoing through the book of Acts, not only with me but to all others who are “Believers.”


What I am getting at is that despite Norman’s experience with Asian communities, he is having problem understanding the important of culture and the mindset of Asian people and also he is having problem understanding some of the questions many people are placing before him.



Again this is of off Topic, Would You like To Ask A Christian Missionary A Question About Christian Faith, To the Insecure and Timid Your Welcome. It’s not about other belief systems.

If a missionary went into a community and converted them into Christianity the way some Protestant missionaries are doing, that is, taking away the native culture, history and mythology and accept just the Bible and their individual life experience, these people will lose the advantage. By taking away their culture, history and mythology, they can lose their identities, their kinship to other communities around them; they can also lose the experience that were passing down to them from their ancestors. By losing their identity and kinship with others, they can become easy victims for exploitation from others, especially from the missionary themselves.



The question is who really is exploited who? There are choices to be made by individuals, not choices by a group, for one, as is the practice in many other countries and in parts of the states

Why is kinship so important? Just look at the Bible. Jesus didn’t came into the world as a mysterious person. He can trace his family back to even as far as King David and more. Jesus didn’t reject TRADITION. He done everything according to the Jew’s tradition. He rejected the priests and Pharisees, but not their tradition.


Jesus fulfilled, and accomplished all that Jewish tradition required, He, “Jesus,”was the fulfillment of all that Judaism was being prepared for the “Messiah.”

God’s, Word’s through Moses, and the Prophet’s, was what man was to obey, both the Jew, and the Gentile who converted. NOT WHAT MAN ADDED, AS FOR AS KNOWN TRADITIONS.





Remember. the Jews rejected “Jesus,” and all that he said, in fact these sinful Jews, make a  similar case, in the way you are here, about Jesus not following “THIER” man made “traditions.”





God choose this group of people to bring Christ into the world. This group was originally “Gentiles.”





Again, over and over Jesus rejected all of the Hypocrisy of the current traditional practices, that, the then, current leaders imposed on the people, known as their “traditions.”


What made you think God revealed the TRUTH to only the people in the Biblical period



The “Bible,” is on going, it hasn’t stopped, 2000 years in the past, I, along with millions of other “Christians,” are continuing in the book of “Acts,’ the message of Christ.


and went to sleep and wake up 2000 years later and chose to reveal himself to Norman



Norman, accepted the message of “Salvation” that was presented to him by others Christians.


and not to me or to the “other men”,



You have a choice. After you understand the plan of “Salvation,” You will either, “Accept or Reject.”


people like Augustine of Hippo and many other Christians.

How about Buddhists and Hindu? Is it possible God could had work similarly with them with the natural grace they were born with?



God is quite clear the only way of Salvation is through “Christ,” no other.

All Other, Again, All Other Religions, No Matter How Old, Are A Splintered Off Of The Original  Teachings Of Noah. Noah, only repeated what God told Adam, that He, God, would send the “Savior” into the world, to “Crush the Power of the Evil.” and this information was carry forth, it is the reason, that the generational tree is given about “Christ,” who has crushed the power of “Evil.”

You are “BORN FREE”; free from what?



Free to understand God’s love and forgiveness in my Life, and that I’m now His “son,” as well as millions of other Christians world wide.


The fact that you are a Christian born into a Western tradition, you are a part of a tradition that went back to 2000 years and it is not just Christianity, you are also a pagan and a humanist all mixed into a one big mess just like everyone else.



Your statement is quite truth! I would add to that “”I ‘WAS’ All Of That,Was!””


With all these mess that is within each of us as well as in all the whole world, how can we learn the truth?



Yes, you cannot learn the truth, only until God begins to draw you unto Himself, will the curtain of darkness- that you speak of- be slowly lifted.


And you can’t just closed your eyes and hold the Bible in your hands and say, “I believe. I believe. I believe….”



This statement above is incorrect, simply stating you “believe,” is not the Gospel message. The devils believe in Christ.


You have to put other people’s experiences into the equation.



This statement is incorrect, when you understand the Gospel message, it will only be between you, and God, and Christ, no other.


“Other men” are just as important as you.



Yes, Christ died for all men, so that all will have the opportunity to come to terms with the “Gospel Message Of Salvation.”


The truth is not just God and myself, it is about God, myself and “other men”.



Sorry, your incorrect, it is about you, and God, no others.


“Other men” includes everyone from the greatest saint to the greatest sinner on earth.



Sorry, your incorrect, it is about you and God, no others.


When you rejected the least of his brother (or sister—for many of you Christians, if you know what I mean), you are rejecting Him.



Your quote is incorrect, if you reject Jesus, you reject God, that is the quote.


Thank you for your questions to Missionary Norman Oetker Reynosa Mexico.

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