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  C.O.G.I.C.  A.O.G.

Hence, this post’s beginning was to establish a wide range of divergent, anti Bible views across many cultures, and those various people groups who espouse mis-informed Christian ideals, along with their own theologies, of the current “Christian Bible With It’s Old And New Testament.”

In the beginning was God, and His plan for man’s deliverance from evil.

Each generation thereafter had a choice to accept or reject God’s plan, that was verbally handed down, for man’s deliverance from the power of evil.

This constituted the beginning of the writings after creation.

God’s chosen history, and His Gentile people, that He choose first, who in part, then became the Jewish Nation, to fulfill his promise to the first man Adam, in that the “Christ” would be the deliverer, to set man free from evil.

Moving rapidly forward to 1948 or so, we have the establishment of the WCC “World Council Of Churches.” Which in fact, is a very Liberal group, who joined together with other like minded individual groups, who have in fact, twisted, and distorted, “The Christian Bible.”

The Liberal WCC. In order to accommodate all of the variant ideals within these like minded liberal groups, have accepted these who’s so purpose is their continual attack on the inadequacies, and inequalities, of the Christian Bible, whereas they subvert the truth and replace it with the current conditions within their group.

Their, then man made traditional view’s, become their Bible truths, which is error.

The Liberal CCG legitimized, these splintered off shoots of the truth, about Bible history and it’s intent.
Quote: (The WCC)… It "cannot and should not be based on any one particular conception of the church".
Thus, the Liberal WCC is rejecting the Bible and it’s truth of God’s history and relationship with man.

Therefore, President Obama, or any other person- with a similar background -that I will describe, will have inherited characteristics in their decisional methods.

The President’s former pastor of twenty years, the Rev. Wright has a similar concept as the Minjung Theology of Korea, as well as other human based philosophies.

The Minjung Theology arose in 1948 also, after the divide of North and South Korea, is was the south that wanted and demanded more equality

Now, today the Liberal WCC has subverted essential Bible truth’s, to include “water management.” see below:

A statement on "Water for Life" issued by the WCC’s 9th Assembly in February 2006 committed the Council to "foster co-operation of churches and ecumenical partners on water concerns through participation in the Ecumenical Water Networit’sk".
Immediately after the Assembly, EWN attended an alternative event in Mexico City that challenged the March 2006 World Water Forum, which is strongly influenced by private (and transnational) companies.

Liberal theology from Germany, came also into the US., in the late 1800 and early 1900, which brought much discord to Bible Theologians here, and abroad. Liberal theology teaches that the Bible isn’t actually inspired, and in fact, to not believe even that it is the truth.

Which was refuted by the writers of the “Fundamentals.”

President Obama’s past in part.
Columbia University, is also a Liberal college.
Harvard University, the majority being Liberal.
Work as:
Civil Rights Attorney
Twenty Years In Attending, Participating, and Financing Rev, Wright’s Group.

This now is the back drop of religion, as it applies to the now “President Of The United States.”
Racial Discrimination, and Oppression, is infused into twenty years of a “racist view,” of other races within the US.

President Obama, for twenty years was member of C.O.G.I.C. the “Church Of God In Christ.”

The COGIC is the counterpart of the Assembly Of God Church based in Missouri.

The Assembly Of God, is a Trinity Pentecostal Group when they began. The black members split off and started the COGIC, with the same Pentecostal Belief’s.

John Ashcroft of the Bush administration was a Trinity Pentecostal member of the Assembly Of God.

The COGIC drifted away from their core doctrines that they had established, to having radical extremists such as the Rev. Faragon speaking in their different churches.

The core driven belief’s of these splintered groups is, that the theology that they now have, such as the Minjung described above, becomes the spiritual catalyst, that they believe, in fact, God is with them, and that is BECAUSE they are discriminated against, and oppressed, that they in fact, have the Bible belief’s now as their proof, which is no proof, they have a theology that is based in error.

Furthermore, the liberal view of blaming others, as the source of trouble, is at the heart of the Minjung theology, that in fact, this type of theology lends credence to the inward anger and hostility, especially to other races, that they believe have wronged them.

Pentecostalism, for the most part, is a group of Christians, that have a sincere desire to serve the Lord according to the Bible.
Pentecostalism, is a very emotional experience, as many critics have pointed out. Singing, dancing, with some running the aisle is a common experience.
Pentecostals, as well as other Christian groups, for the most part, are solid, law abiding citizens’

Presidents Obama’s history lends well to this blame others, for your problems, which in many cases is justify.
However, the truth becomes distorted when reality is replace with individual ambitions.

In 20 years of church attendance, the President allowed his liberal views to be spiritualized and justified, in Rev. Wright’s environment.

This type of individual (whether the President, or a Republican or a Democrat it’s with out exception) the one who is unable to say “NO,” when the basic tenets of the Christian faith are maligned, and not to have the personal integrity to say “NO!” This type is not leadership.

In summary:
This type of person is unable to effectively lead.
His or her understanding of problems, is based on the wrong actions of others.
Effectively, not being able to solve those problems where Individual leadership is needed, such as to a new course or direction.
The past schooling, and twenty years, of a flawed religious experience, only enables one to live in hypocrisy.

Such as one acting as Christians, which one is not, by attending the racist’s teachings similar to Rev. Wright’s, which the Bible expressly forbids.

The type of democracy that was established, and has now been carried to our generation in the US., is fundamentally flawed, in these liberal type’s mindset.

They, this type of person mentioned above, has to stop the wrong actions of others, and by so doing will correct past in justices and prevent future ones.

This type of person is always thinking of problem solving. In reality, it’s not problem solving but finding fault, because this type of person has no leadership qualities.

Again, this is the basic hypocritical lead life within a church setting, or, one outside of a church setting, it becomes normal, in fact, to lead a double life, and telling all who will listen, that those in authority are the fault, and reason, why you are experiencing your current problems, this is further reinforced and justified, by false Christian teachers, such as the Rev. Wright.

There are many forms of morality and justice, however,the fact remains, that there is only one. And it comes from the “Full Christian Bible Of Both Old And New Testament.

Justice is based of the correct understanding of actions of others.

As one continues their study of the Christian Bible one begins to understand punishment for actions, and then mercy.

A person that attends a so called Christian Church, that in fact is teaching a counter productive message, is not one of leadership qualities.

Their inward direction is based on a lie.

The fact, that it is clear to one who examines the Christian Bible, that Christ isn’t teaching in any form a racist message.

This type of liberalism was used in the last century to attack the Bible, again, one only needs to read the “Fundamentals.”

This type of person isn’t capable of decisive decision making.
However, this type of person is well suited to inflame the masses for a change that needs to be made. This change IS IT by their new plan? NO. Because of their leadership? NO. The change is based on the fault and failings of others.

The person will surround himself with those who have a liberal hypocritical life and view, in that they, also will be able to find faults with the systems, that they feel has wronged them, and they then send this same message to the public.

This type of leader is very predictable, he will place around himself, those to make the plan and the tough decision.
He, then will endorse them, Because he believes in them? or those in the various cabinet positions? and others?

Why NO! When things begin to go wrong he will revert back to his old ways of blaming others, and He will do it convincingly to a point.

The President of the United States is and will be continually controlled by the Democratic party.

For me, the Democratic and Republican parties represent truth and equality
And they are in fact part of our constitutional government of the United States in which I fully support.

Missionary Norman Oetker Reynosa Mexico. smile


L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.

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