Justification, War, Religionists, Christian Persecution L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary “The Light Amidst the Mong” Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.

Justification, War, Religionists, Christian Persecution MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.


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The Christian:

The nominal Christian of today, is in fact, really not a Christian at all. For the most part they are religionists, followers of differing religious dogmas. Furthermore, we have the non religious groups, that have humanistic dogmas. Then, there are those with none.

The religionist, these follower’s, can address current issues, mainly from the knowledge of materials, that their own leaders  supply, and these materials, become the religionist leaders dogmas, of their particular groups belief’s.

The religionist’s organizations explanations given, by those in leadership positions, are those that attract, in the broadest sense, an explanation that will appeal to the largest audience, which will embrace tolerance, and the acceptance of all.

I want to address in this paper, a phenomenon, that causes death and destruction, by these very similar so-called religionist’s groups.  And, to draw attention to their “Justification.”

When two religionists groups try to come together, with each have differing ideals, on their basic understanding of central, core, fundamental issues, generally the subsequent actions taken, are in opposition to each other.

We begin to see, that they draw from their own sense, of what is right and correct. In other words, they draw from the “justification” that they sense from within based on their beliefs.

Hostile words begin, then, from that physical aggression. With each side falling back on their justification, their religious ideals, and fundamentalist dogmas.

Bitter disputes erupt, no resolution can be found, wars can begin. These groups, whether religionist or secular find from within their “justification.”

These groups, will even go as for as to say, that they are “Christian.” Yet, in fact, they are only religionists, and again: some are secular, yet others, have no certain belief, of their justification, for why or what they do, or believe in, except that of self preservation.  

The followers of Christ are caught in between.

 Just the other day, while driving here in Mexico, I was stuck in a very long line of traffic. This particular traffic problem, is at the same place, everyday, and all that use this route, are prepared for a long wait. Now, as we drivers all know, their are those that like to jump ahead, are to even barge in front of others. A very usual practice here, is by those that drive new pick up’s.

They will use the front of their vehicle to force their way into the faster moving lane. Placing the front of their truck in the other lane, forcing the other drivers to yield.

A  new pick truck, and it’s driver tried the same action with me. I found myself creeping forward though, and by doing so, the pick up driver was denied access, to change to the lane in front of me.

Something within me was triggered afterwards, this incident happened, maybe in thirty seconds in length. I realized, that I had the control in this situation, and I wasn’t going to let this driver get in front of me.

I instantly marveled at the hardness of my action. As it turn out, that ahead, in this pick up’s lane was a stalled car. My car, sitting lower to the ground, thus, I was unable to see the on coming problem for that lane, and this particular truck, who was only trying to avoid being stuck in a non moving lane.

It turns out, that as lanes, stop and go with traffic, this very same truck was once again alongside of me. I decided to yield and motioned, for the driver to cross over, I felted vindicated, for my earlier, unyielding action.

Yet… as I continued on to my destination, I was somewhat irritated, and maybe, a touched troubled, as to my initial reactions in this incident.

Why was this hardness there? on my first response. Then, as I had the control of the situation, I decided to let the driver cross over into my lane.

Upon reflection, of my actions, the thoughts became somewhat clearer. As long as I had control, and I decided, upon my actions, then I felted good, about myself, in a very small sense.

I had found then justification in my actions. 

I’m not exactly sure of how all of this connected to the topic above, but, it has, at least for me. The religionist is in control, of his life, he decides, who and what he will believe?

The religionist isn’t a Christian, he/she is the one, that has yet to be regenerated. The religionist, isn’t born again.

The good, moral religionists believe, that the actions, that they decide upon, to help, are to begin to do in life’s way, is benevolent on their part. They decide, they justify.

The religionist, believes that their action or just, and are justifiable, if force, becomes necessary, then the justifiable force used  is meted out accordingly, by those, who are of the same or similar religious persuasion, or by those who are neutral, in regards, to the religionist aspects on his/her beliefs, but, who, for the general good, and overall effects to the group, village, city, state, and country will continue it’s force, in it’s safeguard.

 This “Force,” becomes; the national army, navy, air force, etc.  Those within the force structure are, for the most part, are unaware of the religionist core values.

They, those that control the “force,” these leaders know, that they are deciding, on a course of action, that they believe, is the correct choice.

It’s their decisions, based generally, on the particular groups leaders. The leaders are selected, either by votes or appointments, by the people, and that selection is based in part, of those that agree with their own values, or at least partially agree.

 In self justification, one decides the choice of action, yet, if other groups are countries disagree, the ultimate reactions can be “war.” If negotiations fail.

Now, war is based generally, on a perceived right or wrong by or against another.

In the past centuries, some of these wars, where in fact, called, “Holy Wars.”

Thousands, and millions of human beings have been killed by wars. For within each group, and it’s leadership, the self righteous attitude prevailed. Their Justification.

 The Truly born again Christian, stands singularly alone, within these warring factions.

 The Christians ultimate decisions are always to be a servant to all men. Not to any particular  group.

I would like to draw too the reader’s attention, especially, to the self justifiable individuals, or groups, whether religionist, or totally secular, that believe in any type of doctrine, where in, they express their cause, for their justification.

The ultimate end of self justification is the ideal, that one is better than other.

The taking of another’s life, in the defense, or in the attacks upon others.  Upon those, who in fact, refuse to yield their beliefs too another.

 The Christians first response, is that of the Spirit of Christ within, that response, is of a “servant’s heart’s attitude,” of an indwelling of the Spirit of God, that is the controlling essence, within a truly born again Christian.

Upon reading of the martyrs of the past, their enemies have remarked at their indifference to death and suffering.

This is their strength, their strength lays in another, their inward attitude rest upon another, their solace and peace is derived, not from their strength, but from another.

The “Christian’s” “Justification” has been secured by another. As the earthly father would gladly give his life to save his son, so God, the Creator of all mankind, in likewise love and compassion, knowing that His children- the people of the earth,- are unable to save themselves, as ardently as they might try.

The Father God, sought the solution within His Trinitarian-All Creative-All Power-Godhead.

In the Incarnation.

He, God in Christ, became man, sent through the Holy Spirit-Trinitarian Godhead, to in fact “Save His Children.”  

The Christian is Justified now before God, through God’s son, “Christ.”

The Justifier, Christ’s within one, the Holy Spirit indwelling, enables one to be that servant to all men.

The life yielded to the Holy Spirit that dwells within the born again Christian, is enabled, through one’s demonstrative actions, by their first response, to any, and all situations, to effectively be the “servant to all men.”

God’s abundance of love, mercy and patience allows us to hear that small still voice within, beckoning… to the path of servant hood.


Justification, War, Religionists, Christian Persecution L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.

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