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Glenn Beck A Mormon On TV MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.


CONTACT:  October 2009


A Deception, Mormons Aren’t Christians, They Don’t Believe In The Bible, That Jesus Is God, Simply The Mormons Are A Fanatical Cult, Demonic.

If I were to say to you that my ancestors came from another "planet." What would you think?

Probably, in all likelihood, you would think I was somewhat crazy.

Then, if I was to go even further and say, that my ancestors even brought their wives from other planets here, along with plants and animals… I think after saying that, that you, would be wanting to get away from me as quickly as you could.

This is, but a very small part of the history, of yet another cult, named the Mormons. In light of these two, aforementioned ridiculous statements, it’s no wonder, that the gullibility of those then, to believe that ones eternal destiny would be found under a rock, by a unbeliever, posing as some sort of a Christian, Joseph Smith.

Mike Guthrie, a St. Charles Missouri policeman, said this and much more, I raised my hand and asked, how could you believe what they were telling you, he said, "the indoctrination started as a child in the Mormon Temple." 

Mike shared this, and much more of his firsthand experience, to us at this local inter denominational church in St. Charles Missouri, about being raised a Mormon.

Attending their university and after graduation, this born and raised Mormon meet his future to be wife, who was a Christian, and over and extended period of time, she was able to get Mike to think and rationalize by himself again.

Slow, but surely, he began weening off of this powerful demonic force, that like other cults, had an absolute mind control over it’s followers.

An interesting question could be pose, why does Glenn Beck manipulate conservatives through his TV show?

He could well talk the same things to wards the Liberals. He could gain their support simply by turning the focus to wards the Conservatives. Why doesn’t he do that? is it because he thinks that the Conservatives are morally on higher ground?

Again within these blocs I have written on Liberals, and they are not to be faulted, nor the Conservatives, it’s simply the people, who twist and turn everything, until what was a valid political view, is awash with corruption by those who have corrupted the system.

Mormons believe they are superior to all others, they firmly believe the "Mormon Temple," is the only true religious system. Again, why does Glenn Beck reach out to conservatives? My opinion is that, he knows that they are more gullible than the others. He can prevail by using common buzzwords, words common to Christians. He intends to make millions, and then, he will very subtlety lead those, who are disenfranchised with Christendom, and begin the slow process of indoctrination into the Mormon cult. They are in this to gain the political control.


In light of todays extreme religious wars, and especially those committing suicide, their promised reward is, that when they die, they will have all of the women they desire, in this so-called heavenly paradise, that the Muslim clerics espouse. 


As with all heathens, atheist, and infidels, including Mormons, there’s one common thread that ties them all together "SEX!" and that is, in all vileness, and their debased attitudes, toward all of the Christian Bible Doctrines.

First, this infidels, these unbelievers, this non Christians, these atheist, these cults, those that reject Christ as the only way of Salvation, they will rail against the Christian doctrines of the Christian Bible.

There is no sin, and man’s success’ and pleasures, are to be exalted.

The Mormons teach that Jesus was married three times, to different women, and had children, thus, the Mormons state that Jesus gives the example of POLYGAMY, as a common Mormon practice.

The Mormons are a cult, they are lead by a demonic spirit under Satan. They are not Christian.

There is an abundance of other first hand information on those who where able to break free of Mormon control on the Internet.

On to another cult activity:

Now, today, there is one on TV, on a favorite conservative station, his name is Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck states, that he is a Mormon, yet, when you listen to him, you think he is a normal kind of guy, that believes in God and country, and apple pie. You would think he’s just an ordinary Christian. Which is absolutely false.

The Mormons believe they are the true church, none other. They do not believe in the basic doctrines of the Bible, they created their own Book of Mormon,which is  utter rubbish.

Those who profess to be Christian are those who follow the teachings of Christ and the Apostles.

Mormons do not believe in the Trinity, three in one person. They don’t accept Jesus as the way of Salvation. They do not believe in Christ’s Redemption. They don’t accept the Christian Bible, as being from God, and, as the only true word of God.

Mormons are basically lead by an Anti Christ Spirit, readers it’s not necessary for you to agree with any thing I say, however, it will only take you minute to read from their own writings and experiences, what they believe, and it is Anti Bible! 

As a Christian missionary, I can speak to the truth, the Mormons do not believe the Bible, they unequivocally, and categorical deny the Christian held beliefs about God, as revealed in the Christian Bible. they believe they will become "God" when they die, that is if they are married in the Mormon Temple.

It’s all rubbish, absolute rubbish.


I had written previously about the deception of the Rev. Wright, who isn’t a Christian. I had described where his racists theology roots came from, as well as many other theologies.

When I meet people like him, or other cults like the Mormons, or those people who have been part of their congregation for years, there is a methodology to them all. They, these racists, these heathen, these non Christian Bible believers, all know the right words to say to others, they give the common phrases, that are familiar to Christians.

Leading one to believe that they, at least on the surface,  that they, are like them, thus, gaining their confidence. Thus, only to exploit them, for their own gain eventually. They will use them, and yet, return time, and time again, saying the same comforting phrases, to once again, gain these unsuspecting fellows good will.

 These false professor of Christianity, along with other cults, believe also, as that of the cultic Mormon Temple Doctrines, in that, being a "Mormon, is to achieve all that you can on the earth, for your earthly, worldly achievements, will gain you a higher privileged place in their Celestial Kingdom. 

Rev. Robert Hall writes about the infidels, those, that don’t believe in the God of the Christian Bible.

His points to several sins of these atheist, these unbelievers, in a sermon he wrote in the past, a couple points I

want to draw your attention to. "Vanity" and "Pride."

Rev. Robert Hall writes in part on VANITY and PRIDE.

…Revelation, by displaying the true character of God, affords a pure and perfect standard of virtue; heathenism, one in many respects defective and vicious; the fashionable skepticism of the present day, which excludes the belief of all superior powers, affords no standard at all. Human nature knows nothing better or higher than itself. All above and around it being shrouded in darkness, and the prospect confined to the tame realities of life, virtue has no room up wards to expand; nor are any excursions permitted into that unseen world, the true element of the great and good, by which it is fortified with motives equally calculated to satisfy the reason, to delight the fancy, and to impress the heart.

2. Modern infidelity not only tends to corrupt the moral taste; it also promotes the growth of those vices which are the most hostile to social happiness.

Of all the vices incident to human nature, the most destructive to society are vanity, ferocity, and unbridled sensuality ; and these are precisely the vices which infidelity is calculated to cherish.

That the love, fear, and habitual contemplation of a Being infinitely exalted, or, in other words, devotion, is adapted to promote a sober and moderate estimate of our own excellencies, is incontestable; nor is it less evident that the exclusion of such sentiments must be favorable to pride.


The criminality of pride will, perhaps, be less readily admitted; for though there is no vice so opposite to the spirit of Christianity, yet there is none which, even in the Christian world, has, under various pretenses, been treated with so much indulgence.

There is, it will be confessed, a delicate sensibility to character, a sober desire of reputation, a wish to possess the esteem of the wise and good, felt by the purest minds, which is at the farthest remove from arrogance or vanity. The humility of a noble mind scarcely dares to approve of itself, until it has secured the approbation of others. Very different is that restless desire of distinction, that passion for theatrical display, which inflames the heart and occupies the whole attention of vain men. This, of all the passions, is the most unsocial, avarice itself not excepted. The reason is plain. Property is a kind of good which may be more easily attained, and is capable of more minute subdivisions than fame. .

In the pursuit of wealth, men are led by an attention to their own interest to promote the welfare of each other; their advantages are reciprocal; the benefits which each is anxious to acquire for himself he reaps in the greatest abundance from the union and conjunction of society.

The pursuits of vanity are quite contrary. The portion of time and attention man find are willing to spare from their avocations and pleasures to devote to the admiration of each other is so small, that every successful adventurer is felt to have impaired the common stock.

The success of one is the disappointment of multitudes.

For though there be many rich, many virtuous, many wise men, fame must necessarily be the portion of but few.

Hence every vain man, every man in whom vanity is the ruling passion, regarding his rival as his enemy, is strongly tempted to rejoice in his miscarriage, and repine at his success.

Besides, as the passions are seldom seen in a simple, unmixed state, so vanity, when it succeeds, degenerates into arrogance.; when it is disappointed, (and it is often disappointed,) it is exasperated into malignity, and corrupted into envy.

In this stage the vain man commences a determined misanthropist. (A person who expects only the worst from people: cynic)

He detests that excellence which he cannot reach.

He detests his species, and longs to be revenged for the unpardonable injustice he has sustained in their insensibility to his merits.

He lives upon the calamities of the world; the vices and miseries of men are his element and his food.

Virtues, talents, and genius, are his natural enemies, which he persecutes with instinctive eagerness and unrelenting hostility.

There are who doubt the existence of such a disposition; but it certainly issues out of the dregs of disappointed vanity : a disease which taints and vitiates the whole character wherever it prevails.

It forms the heart to such a profound indifference to the welfare of others, that, whatever appearances he may assume, or however wide the circle of his seeming virtues may extend, you will infallibly find the vain man is his own centre.

Attentive only to himself, absorbed in the contemplation of his own perfections, instead of feeling tenderness for his fellow-creatures as members of the same family, as beings with whom he is appointed to act, to suffer, and to sympathize; he considers life as a stage on which he is performing a part, and mankind in no other light than spectators.

Whether he smiles or frowns whether his path is adorned with the rays of beneficence, or his steps are dyed in blood, an attention to self is the spring of every movement, and the jnotive to which every action is referred. 

 N. Oetker

In closing, for those who watch Glenn Beck, though he’s clever and witty, yet, one needs to remember, he believes his ancestors came from another planet….ummm…ummm….ummm maybe from.. "obamaworld."   Don't tell anyone

All jokes aside, Christians be aware, He doesn’t believe in any of the things of Christianity, nor, does He accept the Bible, as God’s Word to man.

Glenn Beck has another agenda! the recruitment to the Mormon Temple, to the unsuspecting, he, Glenn Beck, either is a willing participant, with this Mormon Temple Cult, or, as he says about the President, that he, Glenn Beck, is surrounding around himself, these non Christian, mind controlling, demonic cult  members, from the Mormon Temple.

Missionary Norm 

Mormons On TV MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US. 

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