New Creature In Christ MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary “The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO” Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.

November, 2009 Reynosa Mexico




The Vision

God’s Prophecy.

The “New Creature in Christ,” the Christian.

The Christian, The Vital Part Of God’s Prophecy.

Standing Alone Now! On Earth, In This Prophecy Is Man.

Man, who is absolutely incapable of pleasing God, who is unable to communicate with God, by his own volition, or, of a sheer force of his will.

On the contrary though, a Man, that has a repentant heart towards God, and therefore then, has accepted God’s terms of Salvation, by the Atonement of Jesus, God’s Son.

This repentant Man; that therefore, that has been changed, a man, that has been “Born Again!” by the Holy Spirit of God, thus, changing man, from his original sin state, to becoming this

“New Creature In Christ.”


The next part of these ongoing prophecy fulfillments is, that the New Creature in Christ, the Christian, the Born Again Believer who now has as and example, Christ Jesus, who was born through a woman, who was impregnated not by man, but, by the power of the Holy Spirit’s created process.

Jesus then, as a human, understood sinful man’s passions, yet he, didn’t succumb to temptation’s desires.

Jesus, who then suffered totally as a man, for He, Jesus,- even though God,- had like passions as a man, yet, without having sinned, in order to be the example- to all future generations,- of having the capability of living a sinless life, for those, who were to become the new creatures in Him, afterwards, the “Christians.”


There will be those who have read about Christ’s experiences on earth, and, His subsequent beatings, and torturous sufferings, climating in His Crucifixion.

Now, November 2009, in America, it is quite difficult to comprehend such sufferings, this, for the most of us, has no actual point of reference, to these un imaginable horrors, that man is capable of doing. Even the 9-11 tragedy, is not comprehended by most who weren’t actually there, or who haven’t lost someone in those collapsed buildings.

We can see, and read, and have great sympathies, for the victims along with their loved ones. In like manner, we have great sympathies also, for the plight of the downtrodden of the world, scores upon scores of victims of wars and political unrest, that have been ongoing, for millenniums.


Yet, shortly, after the death of Christ, thousands, and into the millions of Christians, of the known Roman World, now known as: Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain and other known parts.

As Christianity spread, during the first three hundred years of the Christian era, countless numbers where slaughtered, for only saying they where believers in Christ. At that time there was No unified Christian church. The believer’s in Jesus, were those that had read, or, who had only heard of the letters that were sent by the Apostles, mainly Paul, who had visited those Believers, the Christians, outside of Jerusalem region.

Now, the point I want to contrast is this, that those, that I’ve mentioned above were victims.

They were murdered by the hands of vicious terrorists, others, by political criminals who exacted terror into those, who unknown to them, were systematically being killed, for being of this race or political persuasion. 

Now, in corroborated historical testimonies, of the non-believers in Christ, the profane writers, of those first three and into four hundred years after Christ. One can now read of the systematical extermination by Jews, and Heathens, and Pagan nations, of their merciless killings of those, who professed to believe in Jesus, the Risen Christ, the first born from the dead, the Ascended Christ. The Christ, now sitting, at the right hand of the Father, equal, and eternal, as God.

These exacting testimonies, gives us a first hand look into the minds of those that were executing those horrors. Their letters state in wonderment why those who were going to face such horrific deaths would not deny Christ, for their freedom. Their were those who did in fact, denied Christ in their lives.

Yet, the early martyrs, are on record of being killed, in great numbers though out the known Roman world, at one time or the other.


The question arose then, as well as now? Why?


For those of that era or no different than the Christian of today. They would indeed, have the Holy Spirit’s power within them, which enables one, through Christ, and the Grace, which is the favor of God the Father, thus, with this Grace, which is given to Christians immeasurably, enables them, the Christians, the Born Again, The New Person In Christ, to resist the evil one, the devil.

And also, along with the devil’s temptations, are man’s own thoughts, these continually try and bring the onslaught of sinning to one’s conscious mind. If these temptation thoughts which, if acted upon, will bring eternal death, along with it’s eternal tormented miseries.

Just as Jesus was able to withstand the temptations, so likewise, the New Creature In Christ, the Christian can also, through Christ’s power within one.

Man is tempted, yet, Christ also was tempted in all points, and yet, would not allow those temptations to actualize in His life, likewise, we, the Christian, the new person in Christ, who has been born again by the solemn power of the Holy Spirit of God, are then enabled to resist the devil, who then will flee with his temptation thoughts.

Yet, even when one willingly and deliberately,- and, not by accident or some other ridiculous methods, that some who now call themselves Christians teach- yields to sin, the Lord in His mercy has allowed one to come with a repentant heart to the Lord once again and be forgiven, therefore allowing one full reinstatement, to continue as a follower of Christ.

*A human father gladly would die for his family, for a daughter, or for a son or even a friend.

Thus, God the Father, Creator, died for all.

Died for His children, died for all of mankind, how? through His God-Son Jesus.

For the Son, is with the Father, as the Holy Spirit is also.

These three, separate and distinct persons of God, these three, are of the same substance joined. They have been,and are, and will be linked, from eternities past to eternities future.

This is our God, this is the God that has been revealed in the Current Christian Bible of the Old Covenant/Testament, and the New Covenant/Testament, this is the God that we, the Christians, are totally immerse in, and with, when one becomes a “New Creature In Christ”, it’s this very same substance that we become part, and with, when we, the Christians, are born again by the Holy Spirit of God, we are in fact, joined, we are grafted into, God’s very same substance.

With Jesus stating, that in our new relationship with God, we, the Born Again Christian, the The New Creature in Christ, can therefore say, to the heavenly God, that has created all, through Himself, the Father, through the Son, and through the Holy Spirit.

We, the Christian can say, “He is our Father.”

Furthermore, this is a holy purifying process, this process, of being born again by the Holy Spirit, separates us from our sinned spirit, which is called man’s Original Sin, that has been past on to all, since Adam, the first man.

Thus, this new experience, -of being Born Again-is solemnized and fully demonstrated for us when Jesus said to the Christians, to go forth and “To Baptize In The Name Of The Father, And Of The Son, And Of The Holy Spirit, to all those who desire to be followers, and practitioner of Christ in their daily lives.

God died, in the part of the God-Human-Jesus. As Jesus arose from death, and then ascended into heaven, to now sit at the right hand of God, to further continue in God’s eternal love for man, by Him, Jesus, making continual intersession, to the Father on our behalf.

In His new, glorified position, Jesus now new life, is the resurrection and ascension victory over Sin and it’s eternal death in hell, for those who reject Christ and His freeing power.

Indeed, not just Sin alone, but what sin brings to mankind through its Original sin, that was passed onto mankind from Adam, by his disobedience to God in the Garden of Eve.

Therefore, all mankind now, are sinful, and all remain so, until one is born again by the Spirit of God, and, by being Born Again one escapes eternities hell! along with it’s eternal darkness, it’s burning brimstones and eternal fire. This hell, is prepared for the unbelievers, this place, is that which Jesus talked about, this place of torment. “Hell!” All of life’s temptations to be before one eternally, to only be unfulfilled, no rest, no peace, torment, pain, unspeakably and can only be vaguely realized by humans.

God’s prophecy continues for and by man.

The Christ, the Messiah, is now fully revealed in Jesus, who’s at the right hand of God now.

The Holy Spirit has come and now is, and is present, giving the continual fulfillment of the Father’s Prophecy.

God’s prophecy continuing under God’s foresight.

These New Creatures in Christ, these Christians, these people now, continue in a continuity that’s from God’s Holy Spirit. Their God ordained, sanctioned fulfilling prophetic lives, are powered by the Holy Spirit’s direction.

Moreover, this 2009, and forward, is a prophetically fulfilled dispensational period.

The Christians, it’s these persons, these, that have been born again, by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, the preordained, the elect of God, His are those, these “New Creatures In Christ.” The Christians.

It’s the Christians, that are going about fulfilling this part now, of God’s prophecy.

God’s Prophecy is fulfilling now, yet it’s not being fulfilled by those who are only performing religious duties. Duties that have enslaved them, their obligations, their so-called duties. These, that are workers of the Flesh. Their traditions have become the very stumbling block to them, as it was disclosed by Jesus to the Jews, in His day.

Those, who in Jesus day, had also, all of the trappings of the current day Protestant religionist.

Similarly, today, the Protestants, have trumpeted, loudly and clearly, that they have the true message of Salvation, that they, in fact have the only way unto Christ and His Salvation, for mankind.

Yet, they have left the straight and narrow way of the Cross of Christ and His service. To the life that caters to that which God abhors, that which has death, and it’s eternal misery as it’s reward, this, that is to be mortified through the Holy Spirit’s power.

This is the… “Flesh.”

The Protestants serve the “Flesh,” and all that they desire is sought after, there is no restrain. Oh, yes, you would not see them in the obvious, and odious places of sin and corruption. Where are they? They’ve built their grand walls of isolation. Extreme groups living a separate and backward life, other’s living behind their mile high walls, of traditions and dogmas.

These traditions, that are agree upon within each group, are those that have been skillfully designed to enable those within their group, to fulfill all that their flesh desires. There is no limit, for the flesh is a god in itself, it’s all consuming, it can never be satisfied, it will demand and demand.

The sacrifices to man’s flesh-god are to be enjoined, totally. Some of the sacrifices that the flesh-god demands, these demands have to be first, these are to be sought after above all else: the job, the car, the education, the marriage, the children, the society, the political, the positions of grandeur, these high places, these high altars, that are high among the trees, unseen by outsiders, these, these heathen altars, the high secret places of pagan worship, these that are shielded by the wall’s of their “Traditions.”

These are the denominations of the Protestant.

God has told and warned man, that if one wants to be a “New Creature in Christ,” that a decision needs to be made, for “God.”

God’s voice echoes down from his Holy Mountain once again, to the multitudes below, that cringe and are horrify before a Holy God. As in that day, so God in this day, states clearly, and unequivocally, that Man Cannot Serve Two Masters.




The New Creature In Christ, donde?… Donde is a Spanish word meaning Where?

Each generation is given the opportunity to choose God… CONTINUE

The Christian isn’t required to do anything to join a “religious” church, all are welcome.

This open door policy was with the ideal to reach out to those who were seeking a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, to be in fact, with other believers in Christ, and that all, together to give praise and glory to the Lord Jesus.

Today, we have homosexuals in church leaderships, which the Bible expressly forbade.

We have other asserting the right of an American Christian to have the right to kill the living child within her.

Again other Protestant denominations expressing agreement with the evolution of man, agreeing that the Bible is in part myth and cannot be taken as is.

Others reject the reality of Satan and demons.

Another grand lie is the teaching that man is incapable of not sinning. They teach, that sin is greater than all of God’s power and Grace, that God bestows on man after conversion, these false teachers under the banner of saying they are realist, are in fact false teachers. These false and contrary teachers of the Christian Bible teach that man can in fact, can’t live a holy live unto God. They teach, that their  so-called religious membership is a slave to sin as long as one lives.



The true Christians have absolute trust in God, all others, are on ‘shifting sands.”

The new Christian is to be lead by the Holy Spirit of God, to go forth and make, and then to teach, disciples, believers in Christ, now being born again by the Holy Spirit of God, enabling the new convert to experience the Living Word of the Christian Bible.

The Christian isn’t sitting in church attendance week after week, month after month, then on to year after year, this isn’t what, the Christians are called to do, for where God has His believers at in life, they are to be about the Gospel proclamation, promoting life’s eternal salvation message, for that is the prime directive from God.

Thus, those who claim they are Christians, and are doing nothing, in regards to this eternal proclamation, are what they portend to be which in fact, is being a lost religionist.

They aren’t Christians, they are religionists, faithful to their own man made Protestant religionist traditions. 

The continual message of how we are missing the mark,

EARLY CHRISTIANS, If one were to asked the pretended, so-called Christian of today, to go forth in Christ name, there would be few in deed, and then, if they had to trust God in secret, for their well being? I’m afraid that today, there would being hardly any going forth, if their wasn’t some sort of monetary payment agreed on to cover their expenses, as an incentive for them to go forth.


The Protestant religionists would be there first, with hat in hand, exclaiming in their tired voices, of how without your money they are unable to bring God eternal message to the lost.

How did those illiterate fishermen survive? That Christ choose? The Apostle Paul gives a direct answer.

“get a job!”

1Thessalonians 4:11
….that you also aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you

1Cr 4:11-12
To the present hour we both hunger and thirst, and we are poorly clothed, and beaten, and homeless.

And we labor, working with our own hands. Being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we endure;


 MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.


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