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The Only True Faith

Quote: *The Koran frequently boasts of the situation of Arabia, as being placed in the middle of the world, for the more easy and rapid diffusion of the faith of Islam.  Arabia was certainly encompassed by the greatest and richest countries of antiquity. Towards the north, its deserts are contiguous to Assyria and Syria, that is, to Aram on both sides of the Euphrates, the earliest seats of civilization and power: on the south and east, a sea of no great extent divides Arabia from India; from Persia it is disjoined only by a narrow straight; and one equally narrow unites it in commerce with Egypt and Ethiopia. This advantageous situation, which Mahomet assumes as destined for the propagation of the only true faith, history proves to have been efficacious, from the earliest time, in very important transactions, both of war and of commerce. * Sale’s Koran, pp. 2,8.

The Arabian Features

Quote *From the dawn of recorded history the natives of Arabia have appeared with the same characteristic features;—men of open hearts and boiling passions, quick in apprehension, articulate and voluble of speech, with ardour to undertake great enterprises, and with a presence of mind and perseverance every way adapted to carry them into execution.

* Mr. John Shakespear, Professor of Oriental Languages to the Honourable East India Company’s Military Seminary of the Arabic MSS.

Wages of War

Quote: *It is a circumstance highly worthy of observation, that the ancient Arabian conquerors, like the victorious Mahometans of later times, left at home behind them, the native virtues of the deserts : instead of mild patriarchs, with their council of elders and the congregation of the people, they passed at one bound from simplicity to luxury ; adopted the vices of the vanquished nations, and speedily became the victims of their own wretched passions.

* Mr. John Shakespear, Professor of Oriental Languages to the Honourable East India Company’s Military Seminary: of the Arabic MSS.

A Mirage

N. Oetker…. Mohamed, a man that could neither read nor write, yet, how was it that he was able to bring a few at first, and like being a mirage,- that which one sees yet, not being of substance, nor reality, and lacking truth, how was it?- to bring in the multitudes, with words? The innocents were the first to believe his words, and then their fathom ideals, in the planting in their minds, that they where going to become the first and only true religion.

 As those do,- that are dying of thirst in the desert,- for they truly are convinced also that what they see is real! and not a mirage. So likewise, to the demise of the innocents, they believed and continue to believe a lie.


Quote: *He eloquence of the Arabs, however extolled by Ferdausi, has served but little to illustrate their early history. Their first composition in prose, that remains to us, is the Koran of Mahomet. Their only domestic records consist of the remains of ancient poets preserved from one generation to another by oral tradition, and whose poems have been commented upon, by various expositions and notes and genealogies, the work of far later times, but all equally traditional. Although the art of writing was either unknown or at least but little practised among the Arabs, their language had early attained to great improvement, both as to the number of words and the precision of phrases, and the poorest among them had learned to express themselves in flowing and forcible periods. This distinction is doubtless primarily to be ascribed to their pre-eminence in liberty above other Asiatic nations. But it was augmented and confirmed by a singularity in their institutions, which deserves to be commemorated and admired. The cities of Hijaz along the Red Sea, as well as those of Yamen on the Indian Ocean, were staples of trade, carried on among distant and often hostile nations, under the protection of temples and superstition. These sacred cities, like innumerable others in the upper as well as the lower Asia, had their annual fairs of two months, distinguished by various sports and ceremonies, and particularly by intellectual competitions of poetry and eloquence; in which, under the eye of approved judges, as in the Olympic, and other sacred games of Greece, the candidates for fame disputed with each other the palm of those noble attainments.* In both countries, the high perfection even of unwritten language was the natural result.

The general introduction of writing leads to composition in prose: before this takes place, laws, religion, history, and genealogies are all taught and communicated in verse, which alone can be handed down with certainty from parents to children through a long chain of tradition. Mahomet himself could neither read nor write ; yet, to an Arabian ear and understanding, the wildest chapter in his Koran is stamped with the ineffable graces and resistless vigour of diction. It was promulgated by small divisions in the course of twenty-three years, as conjunctures and exigencies required : of this composition, which first infused into prose all the harmony and animation of poetry, great was the effect among a people, with whom the culture of eloquence had long been a national concern ; and who from nature, and habitual indulgence were peculiarly prone to the illusions of an overheated fancy. As the Athenians acknowledged inspiration in the forcible and flowing oratory of Gorgias of Leontium, and would have worshipped him as a God, so the Arabs,—men of still warmer minds—imagined that they saw the hand of the Almighty in the work of Mahomet. No uninspired mortal, they affirmed, is capable of wielding the vast fabric of their language. Mahomet boldly exhibited his Koran as a clear and perpetually existing proof of the divinity of his mission. This evidence, always open to examination, was the strongest, he maintained, that could be brought: it was a standing miracle totally superseding the necessity of every other.

* Mr. John Shakespear, Professor of Oriental Languages to the Honourable East India Company’s Military Seminary: of the Arabic MSS.

Virgin Mary Worship

N. Oetker… Virgin Mary Worship, this next section that I  have cut and pasted is of importance. One will soon recognize that Mohammed was a gifted speaker, and that the language, and the use of it orally in Arabic, was of a differing quality than that, of ours, that is, of English.  

From A singularly small city Mohamet, Mohamed his ideals and thoughts sprang forth.

Now, the Christians have a part here in history, and again, I think it’s worth noting that the Christians were doing fine, spiritually, that is, during this era, they were following the writings of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists.

However, the false churches of Rome and the Greeks Orthodox, were doing fine also, in their falsities, their superstitions, the veneration of Apostles, and other early church leaders.   

It bears repeating here, that the meaning of certain words needs a comment.

The words are autonomy and independent.

I’ve posted the current dictionary meanings. Now as you read through these definitions below, it becomes very clear of the words and their intended purposes.



independence or freedom, as of the will or one’s actions: the autonomy of the individual.


the condition of being autonomous; self-government, or the right of self-government; independence: The rebels demanded autonomy from Spain.


a self-governing community.


Use independent in a Sentence



not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself: an independent thinker.


not subject to another’s authority or jurisdiction; autonomous; free: an independent businessman.


not influenced by the thought or action of others: independent research.


not dependent; not depending or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc.


not relying on another or others for aid or support.


rejecting others’ aid or support; refusing to be under obligation to others.


possessing a competency: to be financially independent.


sufficient to support a person without his having to work: an independent income.


executed or originating outside a given unit, agency, business, etc.; external: an independent inquiry.


working for oneself or for a small, privately owned business.


expressive of a spirit of independence; self-confident; unconstrained: a free and independent citizen.


free from party commitments in voting: the independent voter.


Mathematics. (of a quantity or function) not depending upon another for its value.


Grammar. capable of standing syntactically as a complete sentence: an independent clause. Compare dependent (def. 4), main 1 15.



(of a set of propositions) having no one proposition deducible from the others.


(of a proposition) belonging to such a set.


Statistics. statistically independent.


(initial capital letter) Ecclesiastical. of or pertaining to the Independents.



an independent person or thing.


a small, privately owned business: The conglomerates are buying up the independents.


Politics. a person who votes for candidates, measures, etc., in accordance with his or her own judgment and without regard to the endorsement of, or the positions taken by, any party.


(initial capital letter) Ecclesiastical. an adherent of Independency.

independent of, irrespective of; regardless of: Independent of monetary considerations, it was a promising position.

History affords us a look, through evidences past through the centuries, into the very first Christian meetings in Nicea 300 ad.  

We have documented evidences through pagan writers, heathen historians, and others, that gives us, of our now future generations, another picture, quite clear of the Christians, of this same era.  Now to be clear, I’m talking most directly about the True Christian and the False Christian.

For the first three hundred years and more there was untold persecutions’ by Jews, heathens, and pagan leaders, against all who would confess the Jesus! was in fact the Messiah!

Incidently, a clear mark of debasement to all of Christ’s teachings, which heretofore have marred all of Christian history, by the declaration of emperor Constantine of Rome, in 313 ad.. Rome was then the capitol of the world, Constantine had Rome declared Christianity the state religion, which also embraced all others religions as well, as being acceptable.

Reader,… you need to remember the Christians are being by the hundreds of thousands at this time of history, yet, there is a group in Rome, that have appeased the local Roman world leaders, and have escaped death, torture, and persecution… why? ….Because they denied the faith and accepted other heathen, pagan, practices, as being acceptable, along with, and put into place within the writings of Christ, the Apostles, and the Evangelists, thus altering Christian dogma, corrupting it into all future generations.

The Greek Christians, for the most part consented likewise, by maintaining an acceptable attitude, towards ungodly conditions, that they in turn participated in part, as the false Christians in Rome did, they therefore were in concert with the Rome church.   

Even though the Greek Orthodox Church formally split in 1100ad. from the Rome church. Today December 2009, some of the Greek leadership ministers are reuniting with the Rome false church, as you can read on the local news.

This group, called the Greek Orthodox Church, is the very same that we have today, they were in concert with the Rome church, as well as others.

The Greek Orthodox Church split with Rome because of just a couple of doctrines, one was the worship of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the doctrine of Papal infallibility.

The Greek Orthodox Church in America is the WCC or World Council of Churches, these groups accept all faiths.

Now you will find all major Protestant, and all major Trinity Pentecostal groups accept and pledge allegiance to WCC stated doctrines and purpose. Simply look at their site.

The positions that they, the Greek Orthodox, and just about all other Protestant denominations have taken, is one of Autonomy.  Autonomy and independence are listed below

It becomes very clear that these various groups masked behind a veil of rebellion. It is one of fierce independence, at governing their own lives and no other outside forces are allowed to interfere. The sad part of it all is, that they have shut the door on God also. The individual man made created dogmas, are controlling millions of false Christians. Christians become false believers, when they reject all that is contrary to the plain writings of the Christian Bible.

And that is simply done when mature people, that say they are Christians, and then, therefore, do nothing in regards to reading the Bible, and furthermore, make no attempt in changing their lifestyle, that is in obvious disarray to the plain Bible doctrines. These, in name only Christians, are lead by others, who are only a form of Godliness, and having in turn, may have in fact, never known the truth of the Gospels of Christ.

They have embraced their religious dogmas, their denomination’s point of view, on all things religious. These ideals, along with their religious thoughts and understandings, that they have embraced, for the most part since childhood.  This is the mainstay of those that say, they belong to a Protestant group.


N. Oetker…Now as continue with our article under discussion of Mohamed. The author, Shakespear, this historian of the eighteen century captured the false idol worships, that was practiced in all of the known world.

Mohamed, who could neither read nor write, yet an elegant, and masterful speaker could easily stand forth and declare against all of the corruptions in idol worship, further declaring that he has the one true way, the True Religion.

And then begins to systematically gain the support of the less informed to be called the Musulman, or the  Moslems. 

To be cont…

MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US. .


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