Spain, the Jews, and Moslems, Autonomy, Catholic, Protestant. MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary “The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO” Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.

MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.

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Spain, the Jews, and Moslems, Autonomy, Catholic, Protestant.

N. Oetker:  Prophecy, that which is foretold of the future.

To start…On the beginning parts of the below narratives, and from various other accounts, we can see a narrow and possibly, a one sided picture begin to immerge, at least, at this brief introduction level.

Regarding the benefits of the Arabian’s culture into the various aspects of man’s developments from Asia, and then, along the southern shores of the Mediterranean through to Spain. The developments being within the various educational fields.

Yet, from a perspective of the uninformed, all might seem well. Yet, the Bible declares a judgement from God, on this branch of peoples, the descendants of Ishmael, prophecy DECLARES in Genesis 16:11-12. 

16:11. And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction.

 Genesis 16:12  And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man‘s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

Thus, the Arabians, as well as others, trace their lineage to Ishmael, and proudly do so.

Moslems, a name given by a man, Mohamed, who could neither read nor write, but, who had others to write various things, at different times thus, creating a book named the Koran, a work in progress.

The followers, who were, and are, the soldiers of this religious group, simply killed all who would not submit to their religious viewpoint, that their Koran was the only true religion.

The more this criminal, terrorists group grew, and the more they pillage, murdered and destroyed.

For these, the followers of Mohamed had scarcely nothing, now they could murder, plunder, and pillage and have their victim’s all.

At first, these wild men that the Bible prophesied about, weren’t controlled by anyone, and by no one, as of yet today controls them.

The reward of their faithfulness to their leaders, these religious soldiers of Mohamed, was for them to rape the lands, in the killing of all who stood in opposition to their demands.

The fleshly, sensual, earthly, instant self gratification was their rewards, then if to die, then, as a soldier for their beliefs, all of their fleshly desires, would be meet,- fleshly, sensual, with women-  in their ideal of a future paradise.


In the meanwhile…..

The Writings of Christ, the Apostles and Evangelists, where circulated for hundreds of years prior to the Koran, throughout the Arabian lands as well as others.

The Old Covenant/Testament was translated in 200bc., from Hebrew Into Greek, this translation was called the Septuagint. This writing was completed in the northern Egyptian city of Alexandria.  And was known, to the southern Mediterranean countries, inhabited by the Moslem. All of these same countries, in addition, all of the known world of that era, was well aware of Christ, and the Christian movement, by the end of the first century.

Many of the first century letters written by the Apostles and Evangelists, had been rewritten and circulated throughout the regions, and it’s these letters,- from these various countries, that were written in their own dialects,- that the early scriptural collators, of the future sought out, in order to collate, with other similar, yet, different dialects, and, or, languages from other countries.

 It’s through these, the collation of these early writings, that we have in fact, the actual copied letters, where the ideals, thoughts, and expressions, used by the first century writers. These writings, in regards to Christ’s words, the letters sent from the Apostles, to the small, first family Christian groups, are identical to those that we have today.  

The New Covenant/Testament was translated into Arabic and it’s derivative languages in 1816ad. by N. Sabat and Rev. Martyn B.D. Lt. Col.Colbrooke, place of printing was Calcutta.* T. H. Horne vol.1  

In light, of the above mentioned biblical facts, the Moslems like all others had the gospel presented to them in diverse ways, and Mohamed, and those before him, choose rejecting the coming of the Messiah, and then later rejecting Christ, who is the Messiah.

The Moslem people of today, are no different, than any others, that reject Christ, and the Christian Bible, for in the rejecting of Christ, and God’s Bible, the Christian Bible of today. Man, in rejecting these, they reject God, and God’s plan of Salvation. Thus, they who do so, are lost to eternal perdition.


Babylon, the remains of some forty miles from the Baghdad of Iraq today, was the height of all evil and wickedness, on the scale equal to the former Sodom and Gomorrah of the Bible. 

Listed below, is a comment from Easton in regards to two subjects, they need to be addressed, in part, for this article. This information is directly related to this subject at hand and, more particular, to me here in Reynosa Mexico.

*Babylon Easton’s Bible Dictionary

  The Babylon- (was about 45 miles south of Baghdad, Iraq of today 2009,)- mentioned in 1Peter 5:13 was not Rome, as some have thought, but the literal city of Babylon, which was inhabited by many Jews at the time Peter wrote. In Revelation 14:8 16:19 17:5 18:2


(Note: N. Oetker… This Babylon wasn’t the city of Rome.)


"Babylon" is supposed to mean Rome, not considered as pagan, but as the prolongation of the ancient power in the papal form.


Rome, pagan and papal, is regarded as one power.


"The literal Babylon was the beginner and supporter of tyranny and idolatry. This city and its whole empire were taken by the Persians under Cyrus; the Persians were subdued by the Macedonians, and the Macedonians by the Romans; so that Rome succeeded to the power of old Babylon.


(Note: N. Oetker The Roman conquers brought this evil to the city of Rome.)


  And it was her method to adopt the worship of the false deities she had conquered; so that by her own act she became the heiress and successor of all the Babylonian idolatry, and of all that was introduced into it by the immediate successors of Babylon, and consequently of all the idolatry of the earth."


Rome, or "mystical Babylon," is "that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth" Revelation 17:18


 N. Oetker… Eventually, upon the Roman conquers returning from their now newly conquered empire, and that being, the city of Babylon that is located in our now state of Iraq; henceforth, they brought this evil and it’s domain, to their city Rome, and, as it’s custom, included this evil to be worshipped, along with the others of conquered nations, that where returned to it’s capitol city also, Rome.  

I have stated in others articles in regards to this demonic relationship, that was then centralized in one area of the world, Rome. And, indeed, was accomplished by the gathering of all the then known evil that was worshiped from the four corners of the known world. This demonic evilness was harnessed centrally on planet earth, along with it’s priests and priestess’s, finally, and conclusively, established in the capitol of the world at that time, which was Rome.

Again, I have written, in regards to the first century Jews from Rome, that pilgrimage to Jerusalem, for their one of three annual feast days, as was their custom, and, as they were there, it happened to be the Pentecost celebration happening.

These Jews from Rome, ventured upon a speech given by the Apostle Peter. Eventually, they heard their language, in which others understood also, though they all were from differing areas of the world, and yet, they were understanding this singular speech being spoken by this Fishermen Peter. Each from a differing country understood in their own languages, what was being said.

Three thousand surrendered to the truth, that this Jesus, that Peter spoke about, was in fact the Messiah, the Savior, who was foretold of in the Old Covenant/Testament, to save all of mankind.

Those converted Jews then returned to Rome, thus, establishing the first Jewish-Christian group, to be there in Rome.

Furthermore, later, the Apostle Paul, who upon having a direct revelation from Jesus, then shared to all Jews and Gentiles alike, that the way of Salvation now, was open to all, and all, the Jew and the Gentile alike, those who, in accepting Christ as their Lord, and Savour, were now one in Christ, being one in Love, expressly stating that they were no longer “Two,” but, “One in Christ!” 

Galatian 3:28  There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Withuout repeating myself entirely from numerous previous articles, this new group, the Rome Jewish-Christian Believers, encountered many first century problems, with their new faith, while living there in Rome, the capitol of the world. As we can witness by reading the letters of the Apostle Paul addressed to them and those to Greece, where also, the faith was beginning.

The Rome Jewish-Christians or at least a substantial part of them, their faith in Christ began to wane.

A note…..The Christian faith, along with it’s  conversion power, that the gospel of Christ brings to one, if that one, refuses to move forward in faith, as the Lord directs. Moving forward in faith, that is, according, to the Biblical truths that are evident in the New Covenant/Testament writings.

If these truths, aren’t acted upon by Christians, those who profess the Lordship of Jesus over, and in their lives,… soon the slippage, of going back, into the ways of evil will be become apparent.

A person thoughts will move toward a lukewarm position, a doubting of scripture, in regards to the Gospel truths. The Gospels declared by Christ, the Apostles, and the Evangelists.

This is what had happened, to a handful of Jewish-Christians who had returned from Jerusalem, who brought the faith, the way of Salvation, to this demonized city, Rome. 

Sad to have to report, that the true Jewish-Christians of that era, and of the following two centuries, are generally unknown to us, with the exception of their slaughter, in martyrdom, by the unbelieving Jews, heathen, and pagans, in which countries where in they resided. .

However, the Jewish superstitions, their man made rules and regulation, the Talmud, and other embellished, mythical writings, soon created a religious order, that embraced the demonized religions of other heathen and pagan lands.

This corrupt religious group, corrupted now, for some three hundred years after Christ. This religious group was composed of Jews and Gentiles.

By them simply stating, that they believed in a Christ, they had in fact, embraced other demonized religious practices also.

That they had a following, that they were the leaders to the world, by them being located in the capitol of the world, Rome.

In addition, by them accepting all the differing religions into their group, it was this compromise, that influenced Constantine, to declare this form of perverted Christianity, to be Rome’s national religion.

 Thus, following the Jewish pattern, of legalistic dogmas, with the sole intent, to control every aspect of one’s life.

The secrecy, mystical meanings, numerology, the Kahbalah, their own interpretations of religious issues. The various heathen and pagan practices, being legitimized within these group, within this false Jewish-Gentile pseudo Christian group.

Exploitation of those within their control, the threat of force against those who challenged their collusion with the evil Roman leadership.

Intimidation, perpetrated in various ways, culminating with their own elected religious King. The name that was given to this corrupt religious man was the “Pope.”

This is the history of the Roman Catholic Church.

The True History Of The Christians Of The Second And Third Generations Are Lost to Us. However, What We Do Have Is The Profane Historical Writings Of These First Three Hundred Years Of The Christian Era. These Profane Historical Writers Are At Awe, As To The Faith Of These Peaceful Early Christian Martyrs.  Yet, The Lord’s Record Of His Children, Is The True History Of That, That, Won’t be Lost. For These Early Martyrs Are Now Enjoying Their Heavenly Reward.

How I wish the stories that could have been written, that should have been written, of the true Christians of that era….what we have, as an historical record, is a gradual cessation of martyrdom per-say.

At the same time, an expediential growth of compromised religious institutes.  As a result, these compromised religious institutions, are what we now have the historical record of.

Autonomy is self rule. A King, is one that rules. If one is vaguely aware of Christian history, the Jewish people of old, wanted a king to rule over them, and thus, by desiring and doing so, fell from God’s protection in part.

Moreover, the people rejected God’s control over their lives. The Jewish people wanted to be like other peoples, like other heathen and pagan peoples. In short, that generation like previous Jewish generations grew tired and weary of trusting God about their future.

Their hearts, were hardened by the deceitfulness of rebellion’s growth. At the same time, this false sense of self awareness is rebellion’s robe. The want of self control, to decide their own destiny. In fact, the height of rebellion is, the will full disobedience towards God knowingly, willingly and continually.

Autonomy, this control over one’s own life and subsequently, to control others, is nothing short of the clarion’s call to rebellion.


Autonomy, it’s quite easy, it starts when one believes in their self, as the source of all that can be resolved, either in life’s difficulties, in which they think, they can solved or resolved, through the force of intelligence, or sheer will-power, along with the practical applications of sciences or other means.

Thus, this false religious group, this false Rome Jewish-Christian group soon had corrupted themselves to the point, that they had embraced all the tenets, all known sorts of pagan superstitious, gnostic beliefs.

This false religious group had totally debased themselves from Christ, and, established their own form of religion. Their religion was inclusive, and thus the demonic activity that was already in Rome greatly influenced this group, for they had embraced all of it’s various forms of evil.

History is clear, that many join this religious pseudo group in Rome, the capitol of the world, and thus, by it being the capitol, it began an attempt to have a central controlled religious capitol. To control all other Christian groups, to have others to come into this false belief system. Known today as the Roman Catholic Church.

The martyrs were dying by the thousands, and why were they dying? They would not renounce the name of Jesus, and their faith in Him, as the Savior of the World. However, Rome’s psuedo Jewish-Christian group increased in it’s memership by compromise.

It’s very clear at the beginning of the Christian church era, that there were no towns are city declared to be Christians. The early believers lived in different part of all cities, it was the Jews of Rome, as well as the Heathen, and Pagans, that sought them out, in order for them, the Christians, to deny the Lord, they only had to renounce Jesus, and then they, along with their wife’s and children would be released, yet, scores upon scores of Christians, would not renounce the Lord and suffered horrendously.

God’s Almighty Grace was there as promised by the Lord in Luke 12:12. to those who are to endure.

 What a glorious history that we have, and yet, as we will see, even this will be use in a most profane way.

History reads, that for the most part, martyring for Christ, would be coming general to close within the third and fourth century of the Christian era.


Autonomy, is the core of all Protestant local churches, they select who they want as their leaders. They appoint committees of all sorts, everything is controlled by themselves. They interpret the Bible the way they see fit, they adhere to what they want too.

This the Autonomous Protestant churches of America.

 The Protestant church’s rebellion is to the God of the Christian Bible, And to God alone.

Yet, and similar, to those of old, they have convinced themselves either by works or a legalistic platform, in which those that agreed with their viewpoint are welcome, and all others are to stay away.

This rebellious doctrine is centuries old, it’s author is Satan,

 the father of lies.

300 ad. The Greek Orthodox Churches with some one hundred and twenty five various localities being represented from Greece and other areas within proximity to Greece. This convocation of religious groups had indeed, become autonomous like the corrupt religious group of Rome, each, to one degree or the other had appeased the pagan and heathen rulers of the world. Their appeasements allowed them to meet, and move forward within their total autonomous different doctrinal religious platforms.

Tho Greek Orthodox church groups included, as a full participating member, the false Rome group also. How was that accomplished? Through Autonomy and Compromise.

Except for two doctrinal objections, that had nothing to do with Salvation, these, of this Greek Orthodox group, including this false Rome church continued, for a thousand years, as a participating partners and members.

Again, sad to have to say, the true Christians were not known, or not recorded at least. What we have is the historical records of a corrupt organization, the False Rome church, an as equally false is the Greek Orthodox groups.

The False Greek Orthodox of 2009 from the third century, is worldwide, and in America all Protestant or just about all, belong and agree in principle to the doctrine of the W.C.C. or World Council Of Churches. And without going into a lot of details, the falsity of the Greek Orthodox, W.C.C., and the Protestants is their refusal to accept the truths of the Bible, in their application within their own local churches, instead have settled for a form of Godliness, and by thereof denied God.

Today’s news tell us of the joining of in part, of some, of these two false groups, again these are the “The Roman Catholic Church and The Greek Orthodox.


Returning to core subject….

Hernando Cortez of Spain 1519 Conquered the Aztec Empire of Mexico City.

N. Oetker Time period below is roughly 400ad. through 1040ad. or otherwise noted.

Quote * From the earliest times, Jews mixed with Phoenicians had transported themselves to the coasts of Spain. A great emigration happened of both nations, to escape the resistless invasion and desolating fury of Nebuchadnezzar of 606bc..  

In the wide interval between that Assyrian king and Hadrian 113-138 ad. the Roman emperor, many adherents to the Mosaic law had exchanged the poverty or oppression, which they suffered in the East, to join their distant brethren in Spain ; which country abounding in gold and silver, formed the Mexico and Peru of antiquity.

Note: N. Oetker  The want of Gold and Silver, which in the future was taken from Mexico and Peru. Hernando Cortez 1519ad. Conquered the Aztec Empire of Mexico City.

The Emperor Hadrian transported no less than forty thousand families of the tribe of Judah, and ten thousand of the tribe of Benjamin.

* Mr. John Shakespear, Professor of Oriental Languages to the Honourable East India Company’s Military Seminary: of the Arabic MSS.

Quote * The activity, industry, and parsimony of the Jews have always proved highly favourable to the rearing of families and the accumulation of riches. Both their population and their wealth had augmented in Spain to a very extraordinary degree: but, during the last period of its Gothic kings, the vexations inflicted on them had also increased in a still higher proportion.

In the reign of Sisebut, ninety thousand Jews were subjected to a compulsory baptism : and the convocation of Spanish clergy had established it as a law, that such as had once received that initial rite should be compelled to the future observance of all those external forms and ceremonies, which were then numbered among the essentials of Christianity.

( Note: N. Oetker this tyrannical force was the pseudo, false, Rome Christian church that was establishing itself in Spain.)   

To enforce statutes of such enormous tyranny, modes of proceeding equally enormous were invented, and seven hundred years before the establishment of the tribunal of the dire inquisition, an inquisitorial persecution had been adopted and systematically exercised against the unhappy Jews.

Such was in Spain the preparation of materials, which the smallest spark was ready to throw into combustion. In the lapse of two centuries and a half, the Gothic conquerors of that country no longer resembled the fierce soldiers of Alaric; who had invaded Italy, sacked Rome, and marched victorious from the shores of Scandinavia to those of the Atlantic.

* Basnage Histoire des Juifs, torn. vii. c. 9. t Ibid, torn. viii. c. 13.

Quote * By a consequence, inevitable among barbarians carried along in too buoyant a tide of prosperity, they had, (invaded Spain, that is the Moslems) without divesting themselves of their primitive rudeness, adopted all the false refinements of the vanquished ; and passed at one fatal bound, from the innocence of poverty and ignorance, to the pollutions of wealth and luxury. The youth neglected the exercise of arms, the walls of their cities were allowed to moulder in decay: ostentatious parade, effeminate luxury, and amorous intrigue, were matters of pursuit and celebrity among the dukes and counts of Spain : and in these disgraceful avocations, King Roderic 710-713bc. himself outlived all his nobility;

Quote * his vices disgraced and contaminated the throne which he filled ; and his subsequent conduct affords an additional evidence, that the debaucheries of tyrants, in almost every instance, prove to be the real or the ostensible cause of their ruin.

* Mariana de Rebus Hispanise, 1. vi. c. 8. et seq. f Florian, Precis Historique sur les Maures, p. 22.

Quote * The peninsula of Spain had been conquered 710bc. whilst the house possessed the supreme dignity of Khalif; and when the sovereignty in Asia was wrested from that family, Spain welcomed a fugitive member of it, and gladly received him as her lord.

Contracted as the dominions of the house of Ummaiya now became, in comparison with that which it had once enjoyed, or with what the rival house of Alabbas possessed ; yet it proved itself by no means inferior to its former greatness, or to that of the Khalifs of Baghdad, in the promotion of literature and the encouragement of the arts.

Such empassioned admirers, indeed, were the Arabian princes generally of science, that their courts became the choicest abodes of the muses, both in the east and in the west; and, through the liberal aid of those princes, foreigners as well as natives attained the summit: of elegance in various arts.

Like Baghdad, Cordova soon became one-of the greatest cities of the globe, to which strangers flocked from every side for information and for wealth: whilst the agriculture, manufactures, and commerce of Spain, as well as of the other Arabian dominions, were so wisely encouraged and protected, as to enrich the states beyond all preceding examples which history affords.

It would be difficult to determine fully how much the modern nations of Europe stand indebted to the Arabs… (Note, the Moslems that conquered and kill all, that didn’t accept their religion, or to pay tribute)… for the introduction of the sciences and of the arts, so great and numerous are the actual obligations. Through them first came the mathematics; the medicine and astronomy of the Greeks; the Indian cyphers, with the use of them, as well as the science of algebra ; chemistry ; poetry, at least the measure and rhyme of the modern European versification ; the manufacture of paper, and probably that of gunpowder, as well as the mariner’s compass…

* Mr. John Shakespear, Professor of Oriental Languages to the Honourable East India Company’s Military Seminary: of the Arabic MSS.


N. Oetker…. Cordova Spain in 600ad. became the Moslem capital of Spain. As one reads of the rich history of Spain, as explained in Britanica, it is clear that around 1300ad. the Moslems were no longer in control of Spain.

What we have now in power are the tenets of the false, corrupt, Roman Catholic Church, along with all of it’s superstitious beliefs.

These beliefs were from other pagan, and heathen religions, that where assimilated into their core doctrines, which enabled others that were either a pagan or a heathen, to be able to join with them on general core principals only.

Now, also living in country, were the Jews, who had rejected their own Hebrew prophecies, about the Messiah Jesus.

And the Moslems, now defeated living in subjugation, who had rejected all forms of religion, to the point that they believed, there’s was the true one, and that the Koran is the only truth.   

Hernando Cortez 1519ad. Conquered the Aztec Empire of Mexico City.

Thus, we have today in Mexico, many religious customs and practices which vary from state to state under the Catholic umbrella.

The Protestants for the most part, are viewed in the negative, the main point hinges on their want of money from the locals. It seems the locals view this differently, than they do in the giving to the Catholic Churches.

The Autonomous Protestant doctrine of self-rule, has allow much confusion in the presentation of the true Gospel story to the locals.

Now December 2009, having Bible and English class’s in the Prison here in Reynosa Mexico, my goal, as a missionary remains the same as in Asia and the US.  And that is to start from the beginning; from the Creation of the World, The Fall Of Man, The Promised Savoir, The Birth and Ministry of Jesus, His Death and Resurrection and then, His Ascension to the Right Hand of the Father.

One thing that I have learned, that just because one says they are a Christian doesn’t necessitate it to be so.

Love is from God. God gives one His love at one’s new birth into Christianity. God’s love is different from all that we as humans know.

His love working through us, is for us to endure all, to be gentle and kind to those who would in fact do us much harm. To demonstrate His love, in genuine affectionate caring to those who are in fact, the most hardened, or those despised by others, either by their wealth, their educational level, their possessions, the political persuasions, the medical conditions, their deformities, being incarcerated or free, homeless are to have all.

The Gospel message is to all and to all alike. The Unbeliever, The Lost Religionist, The Catholic, The Moslem, The Backslider.

For freely one has received from God, has received His eternal life, by a repentant heart, a belief in the Salvation message of His Son Jesus, the Christ, the Ascended Savoir.

In time, all of the world will bow their knee, to Him, Jesus, and Him alone, for Jesus is God, Jesus is the Savior of Mankind. To Him, all the Praise and Glory of man is due.

The Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

N. Oetker missionary for my Lord and Savior.   

 MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.

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