Norman Oetker, Bruce Good To Hear From You, Christian Outreach, Mexico, Thailand

February 2010 Reynosa Mexico Mission Home

Hi Bruce, I’ve thought of you often through the years, especially as a jet screams overhead. How I remembered that delivery-day, when you surrendered your heart to the Lord Jesus.

You Asked How Am I? It Made Me Pause To Think, How Am I?

The Bible, the Old Covenant/Testament and now, as Christ said at the last Supper, that He brings a “New Covenant/Testament.” As with the old typifying the new, the Bible stories are full, there’s nothing that’s left to the imagination, the Bible stories are graphically clear.

The Bible has it’s wonders and blessings for those that continue to have the New Covenant in their lives today, February 2010.  That “New Covenant” is only obtained by a total submission of one’s will to God’s plan for man, and that plan is man’s Redemption, by the Atoning work of Jesus, by the shedding of His Blood to God the Father, for our Redemption.

This God-man-Jesus’s sacrifice was only accomplished by the sacrifice of a sinless human being.

The Bible is quite clear that ALL have sinned, All, including Mary the Mother of Jesus, all have sinned, there are none from the past, neither the present, nor the future, there is only one who hasn’t sinned and that was “Jesus.”

God the Father of the Blessed Trinity enabled His plan of Salvation and Redemption to happen according to His time table.

Thus, today February 2010, one cannot become a Christian, one cannot go to a church altar and say he now wants to be a Christian, one cannot preach, be a leader, sing in choir, play music, give food to the poor, obey rules and regulations of the Old Covenant/Testament and think they are saved.

Religious, good moral people are not Christians, they are Religionists, similar to Hindus, Moslems, Catholics, Protestants, and Anglicans they are all grouped together as “Religionists.”

In God’s timing He sent forth the equally glorious Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, The Holy Spirit descending on Mary and thus, she brought forth a child of the Holy Spirit, “Jesus,” the Savior of the world.

Thus, now, as we understand the word Trinity, which isn’t in the Bible, we know after the fact, one can now read and see the words of the Bible indicating, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit all sharing of the same Substance, inseparable, being equal, with the Father as leader.

As we understood that word “Trinity;” thus, today we understand the concept of “Grace.”

God’s love towards His creation, God first call’s through to a person here on earth, by His Holy Spirit. This drawing of one, by God the Father, by the Holy Spirit is towards Christ, and the way of Salvation.

Man, then having a repentant heart, and the acceptance of Christ, as the Atonement of one’s sins, which enables him to become a Christian, and thus continuing thereafter, in the obedience to the writings and teachings of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists of the New Covenant/Testament.

There are no other writings, from any person, theologian, or profess’ prophet or leader, for all that introduce another book, or, their own Traditions as the rule of faith, for one’s life, is to misrepresent the writings of Christ and the Apostles, Evangelists, by therefore adding to the Bible, and are in fact introducing another way of Salvation, they are introducing teachings and doctrines that aren’t New Covenant/Testament thought. All, Protestant, Catholics and all other religions, that do the above, are a false religion, therefore, a false church.

The great majority of these false teachers stand under the umbrella of Protestantism, as well as all other false religious systems, including the Catholic church, all who reject the teaching’s of Christ, the Apostle’s and Evangelist’s are False, those who introduce other rules and regulations, as to one being able to complete their Salvation, are false. Those who try and introduce other traditions, as the rule of faith, are false.

Those that say to believe in Christ, and then lead a good moral life, saying that the Bible is only a good book, and that it’s more important to lead a good moral life. This is theology, embraced by many of the world, this is a False Theology, a False Belief System.

The Bible with it’s great and yet, severely tragic stories of those who have disobeyed God, this, the Bible with it’s beauty and grandeur, is also a book of warnings and commands, those that fail to yield in their lives to Christ, and those who do not obey the writings of Christ, those that refuse to accept the writings of the New Testament, those that have a willful act of disobedience, will in fact, gain their reward as the Bible with it’s warnings and commands makes clear to all within it’s New Covenant/Testament writings.

They will enter into eternal damnation, a lake of eternal fire, with them hearing and joining in to the screams of the disobedient, to join with them in it’s endless pain, of a burning infernal. A pain described by one of old, as being tormented with continual temptation’s thought, never to be fulfilled. Agony of unending torment, with it’s fire and brimstone.

You asked about my life, I’ll answer with this, I’m gravely concerned about my own family, and their Salvation, and to those that are all about me here in Mexico, as well as Thailand, and the world.

God’s love, that is continually rejected daily, by those that have cluttered their lives with so much, so much, that the clutter becomes their distraction, that blinds them to the soothing call of The Holy Spirit of God, to forgiveness of one’s sins. To love and peace, that awaits those, that say yes, to a glorious relationship with their Heavenly Creator.

God’s Grace is given to us all in abundance continually, continually allowing us to enter into an understanding of God, through Christ, and faith in His Redemption of us and mankind.

Christ’s, sacrificial death enables all, to say yes! to the drawing power of the Holy Spirit, to have forgiveness of our sins, of the guilt and shame that it is.

“Grace Oh Grace,

how sweet thou art,

issuing forth,

your glorious trumpet,

with it’s piercing call,

to the hall’s of one’s heart,

Oh Grace, Oh Grace, continually enter mine,

So, to be you… with all my mind. N. Oetker”        

Legal Mexicans L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary “The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO” Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.
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