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Again, I think what is real and accurate is that which I said last night in English class.


And that is, that the only real security is in accepting Jesus into your heart and mind, and then living a life, for Him "Jesus!"


Not accepting Jesus in your life in order to be safe from the criminals in Reynosa, but, in accepting Jesus into one’s heart… because?


All men are born in sin, all men are sinners, good moral men are sinners, and muy mal (very bad) men are sinners.


The Bible says that all men are sinners, separated from God.


And the only way to have a true relationship with God is to confess one’s sinful rebellion against God, that rebellion is not believing Jesus, and the Bible.


The reason you don’t accept is because of your sin filled spirit which violently opposes God.


That sin filled spirit is within the good moral people, it’s in all people, it’s called Original Sin.


Those that don’t believe that, that don’t believe the Bible, are doomed to hell.


Man needs to repent and follow Jesus.


Man needs to be "Born Again," how? by faith in Jesus by confessing one’s Original sin.


Sin is the rejecting of Jesus as one’s PERSONAL, Lord in their lives,


Sin is the trusting in one’s own abilities, education, or whatever.


God moral people are going to hell! why?


They reject Jesus how? By refusing to live for Him, Jesus!


Their lives are only about family and friends….man needs to be "Born Again!"


How? By asking God for forgiveness, then asking Jesus into one’s heart and life, and to therefore live a life, according to the Bible!


Peace, safety, and security comes to one when Jesus is the Lord of their life.


When problems come, Jesus is the security and peace! 


When sickness comes, Jesus is the security and peace!


When unemployment comes, Jesus is the security and peace!


When family problems come, Jesus is the security and peace!


When the criminal zetas, are whoever comes with their terror, death and destruction, Jesus is one’s security and peace!


How can one get, obtain this Peace?


One needs to be born again! how? by Grace.


Grace is when God is calling to you, the sinner, the unbeliever, in your very private life.


Within your secret mind and heart,


you will have, the inward awareness that, God’s Holy Spirit is drawing you,


to find out more about God and Jesus.


Not to join, are go to a religion or a church,


no…it’s for you to STOP in your life…STOP, and read the book of "John," in the New Covenant/Testament.   


For you to understand you, as a person are NOT! in a relationship with your Heavenly Father.


No matter what you made believe, even if you belong to a Protestant church.


If you belong to a Catholic, Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist religion, it makes no different.


No matter if you read the Christian Bible everyday.


Not even if, you are a Pastor, or a Woman Pastor, A Priest, or a church leader,


"you need to be born again!"


For all, that haven’t had this personal, born again experience, are lost!


and going to Hell!


Regardless of how good your present life is, or seems to be.


If your not born again, by the Holy Spirit of God,


You are lost! and your family and friends, if they haven’t been born again,

are also lost! and going to hell.


Going to hell are those, who haven’t accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savour.


Becoming a Christian is a personal, one on one, with God! 


You and God only!


No other, no walking to the front of the church and publicly saying you are a Christian


and a believer, nor taking classes to become a Christian.


Neither can you enter heaven if you are born and baptized into anything, Catholic, Buddhist, or whoever or whatever.


You, and only you, will have a conversation with God.


You will only have that conversation, when God’s Grace is drawing you to the Father!


Your Heaven Father, who will first draw you to the knowledge of Christ, and eternal


Salvation, through, and by His Grace! In another words, totally by God ALONE! 


Grace is God’s love and favor to all humanity.


Please… don’t go to a Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist church, Temple.


Thinking, that you need to go an asked someone, this are that, about becoming a Christian!


You, that are being called now, in your life, by God’s Holy Spirit, know it!


You will either repent from your current rebellion to God,


What is your Rebellion?


Your refusal, to accept Christ, as your Lord and Savoir.


You think you are OK, you think, you are a good person.


To the Protestant, the lukewarm, you that have been involved in a church all or parts of your life.


You, the Protestants, that are deceived by you own lack of belief in the Bible,


whereas you hide, with countless millions of other lukewarm, so called Christians.


You, the Protestants, Pentecostals, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, and all others, that say they are a Protestant,


that have accepted some Theologian’s views, as how to be a Christian.


You, that have listened to some Charismatic type leader on TV or Radio.


You the lukewarm, that know your Bible, and can quote it expressly to yourself and others.


You that attend your Protestant church’s weekly.


You that think you are in God’s favor and are saved, and are a Christian.


You that hand out cloths and food to the needed, to you, and to all.


You need to be born again, by you heavenly Father, throughis Holy Spirit His Holy Spirit.


Your once past Christian experience, that has fallen to the wayside.


Your own laziness, for Bible truths, about the things of God.


Have lead you to your place of complacency, along with the others that are lukewarm.


You are lukewarm, and your going to hell.


Why, because of your refusal to believe God! and His words! His words in the Christian Bible.


You, the Lukewarm, having faith only in your denomination, that tells you your saved.


Their interpretation of the Bible, your trust is in them, and their view of Bible truths.


You the Lukewarm, you, that trust in another, and their interpretation of the


Bible, you are not saved, you have fallen away, if, in fact, you were actually born again?


All have sinned!


By their continual unbelief, in the Christ! as revealed in the Bible.


The Bible teaches that one has to accept Christ, as their personal Lord and Savior.


It applies to children as well, those that have reached the understanding of right and wrong.


That have reached the place of understanding the gospel message of “Salvation.”


Salvation, though Christ, all that live in sin, are going to hell, there are no exception.


You, the religionist, you the Backslider, you the church goer!


You, that trust in your denomination, you! that trust in nothing.


You all are going to Hell? 


You, that refuse to turn your life around.


Why are you destined to Hell, it’s quite easy to understand why? 


You Protestants, you Catholics, you religionists, you, the lukewarm, you, the backslider,


You, that say you don’t believe in anything, you all, are going to hell! WHY?


Because you haven’t been born again! 

Norman Oetker, Bruce Good To Hear From You, Christian Outreach, Mexico, Thailand
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