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Norman Oetker Christian Missionary Serving Now In Reynosa Mexico English Class


  Northwest Thailand’s Jungle Border regions with Myanmar (Burma.)

Nrman Oetker Christian Missionary

I’ve made a decision in the past couple months to go ahead and express my ideals in regards to a whole host of differing topics.

There are things that need to be said, I have something to say and I believe it is important, and sadly, for the most part it’s true.

I have stated my opinion about the False Protestants that say that they are Christians.

As I have written at length on the different aspects of these topics at my website

I want to give two brief examples:

1.) Doing mission work in Thailand in 2000, I was impressed by the Spirit of the Lord, to help in some way to the Burmese that were living in or on Thailand’s border with Myanmar (Burma.)

Upon visiting a Burmese Christian, who attended the weekly church service in my mission home, as I was visiting with him, another Burmese Christian arrived. This man was the Christian leader in the Burmese refugee camp with it’s three thousand refugees on the border. He had a dream and in this dream he saw that God was bringing Him a Bible teacher for the camp’s Bible School that they had started. When he saw me and heard of the desire the Lord had put in my heart, he then shared his dream with us.

Thus the work in this camp for me began, going for two days a week.

I was the only missionary going there to this mountain jungle area.

In Mae Hongson province in North Thailand, I had the mailing list of the other Christian Mission’s with in this small province, there were sixty four, upon writing to the majority in regards to working in the camp, there were none to answer and none to go except myself.

2.) 2010 in Reynosa Mexico, population around one million four hundred thousand, there is a Christian church on every corner and of every different Protestant denomination. I had attended two, for a year at each one asking the Mexican Christians to accompany me in ministry work to the people in Reynosa, and the prison also.

Then during a three year period of the fifty or so different Protestants, that I had talked with none step forward, and it was the same question that I would ask all and that was to go into the neighborhood around their churches, not one came forward, of the thousands of Christians in Reynosa, I’m the only one going into the Mexican Prison located here with it’s three thousand inmates of men and women, doing Ministry work.

I’ve have heard every excuse imaginable during the past thirty five years as a missionary.

There are few that are taking the cross of Christ daily in their lives.

Those who profess Christianity are the “LUKEWARM”

As I have stated in the former, that is “SAD!”

For God expressly states, He will cast the Lukewarm away from Him!

Norman Oetker Christian Missionary Serving Now In Reynosa Mexico.


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