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 2000 Maehongson Thailand

The Karen refugee’s asked, missionary Norman, are you going to continue to come to the camp?

 This camp was in the Himalayan Mountains between Thailand and Myanmar (Burma.)

I said, as long as God continues to allow me to come I will. Thailand’s military controls this jungle area, which is home to three thousand five hundred Karen men, women, and children.

Their Bible school, there in the camp, was made of Bamboo, their homes made of the same, which they had built on the mountainsides, with a narrow river, winding through the valley floor.

For me, it was a four hour motorbike drive from the main road, through this winding pathless river valley, to finally come to it’s end, on the bike that is, then to trek the last hour, wading through this winding chest deep river, about six times. Then to walk into a military check point.

February, 2010 Reynosa Mexico Prison Parking Lot…I was walking with my friend to my car. This was the last day, of the Bible and English class’s here at the Reynosa Prison. The three months had went quickly. I had contacted all involved, for the past three weeks, wanting to get their opinions about the course, I had heard from all, except the Prison Director. I was to make my decisions in part with the information from all parties concern, the Director, the Educational Supervisor, other teachers, and the head of Security. For all had observed my comings and goings and where involved with hands on, participating in the class’s    

The men in the Prison where asking….

The Prison Inmates asked, missionary Norman, are you going to continue to come to the Prison?

I said, as long as God continues to allow me to come I will. The Prison is controlled by the Director, which is home to three thousand men and women inmates.

Two years, I have waited for the opportunity to do this very small part of ministry work, and I assure you, this is but one part of ministry work. There are two churches within the prison, one Catholic, the other Protestant, the Protestant’s leader is an inmate, it’s not the best arrangement, at least, for the correct Spiritual teaching of Salvation, and God’s Will for man, as revealed in the New Testament writings. 

The past riot had killed twenty or so inmates, so you can readily see, that when the gospel message is introduce, there is a calming, simply because, this is part of God’s plan! that all will hear the gospel message of Salvation by Grace. The eternal message from God to all, the message of Christ, the Cross, Repentance, and then Salvation, and thereafter, a life unto the Lordship of Jesus, the Christ! A life of obedience, to the writings of Christ, and the Apostles, and Evangelists. The going forth, in “Jesus Name,” with His Love, Compassion, Gentleness, and Kindness, for all, to all, even to those that are here, that are despised and rejected. And readers, I can assure you here, in Mexico, those in the prison are truly looked down upon. Sin, it’s evil darkness prevails, yet, what a glorious privilege, to bring again, the “Light,” the Glorious gospel light. “Jesus and the Way of Salvation.”

My friend said, let’s check this last and final time in the office to see if the Director was there, and he was, and then, he had us in a hour and half meeting, discussing various application of this class and it’s affect upon the inmates and the general prison population. He gave the green light to continue with much apologies’, for not getting in contact sooner.

I had been praying for three weeks, as to what direction the Lord would have me to go, when this class finished.   I’m telling this story towards one point, God is over all authority, and I have recognized that for some time. The prayer was for me to be at peace, at any, or lack of, any communication about direction, for I had put forth the correct understanding to all, about gathering information, to then make a decision, that morning and not the previous days, and not before the class’s where over …but, no as I was walking towards my car before my friend suggested to go see the Director, I was at a perfect peace, and then to my delight, seeing God’s hand came into play, as I listened to my friend Angel, and we went to the prison office.

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