He said what to you?

The Protestant Christian

Only in Christ, and following Him is Life indeed.

Have you listened to your church leaders? As they say that all must trust the Lord! In every area of one’s life!

Then when you read God‘s Word, He, God promises everything one will need, as one seeks the kingdom of God, so, with God being your supplier.

Why do Christian NOT enter into the ministry work?

Then, if one refuses, is he or she really a believer of Christ? or is it just all show, an emotional Sunday morning church display more or less?

John the Baptist told the people to prepare their lives for the coming Messiah, to REPENT, repent means to stop and change direction in one’s life, changing to OBEY, and to BELIEVE, to go forth, in the expectation of the coming Messiah Jesus.

It is the very same message for TODAY!

Jesus is returning to the earth, are you prepare? are you walking in the Truth? Are have you just lay it aside, except for when you go to church on Sunday?

I’ve had to change my diet to a more balance appraoch
When at home with the kids, or at work, or at play, and Christ came to where you where and said to you, “Come follow Me,” what would you do?