In 325AD. Emperor Constantine Held The First of Seven Only Ecumenical Councils With 318 Christian Metropolitan and City Christian Leaders In Nice.

  • “The Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers”  From My Mission library in Reynosa MexicoAll 80 Canons with Notes ( Canon is that which all 318 Christian Leaders where in Agreement About)
  • Someone very close, yet, so far from me said once, after I had expressed my opinion about a religious subject, ” oh that’s just your opinion.”
  • I was right in the truth I spoke, and how did I know? I knew not of my own understanding or wisdom, no it was because I had sought the truth, I researched from the first teachers of the first century which we now have in our hands within the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments.
  • If someone should say the same, “oh that’s not so, or where did you read that? That’s just your opinion.”
  • Let your answers come from God’s Holy Word given in the First century of our era, in God’s New Covenant of Grace.

The Council was called by the Emperor-Constantine in 325AD.

  • There was NO  Roman Catholic Church at that time, there was a Christian Rome Church with it’s leader Silvester, as well as 317 other Christian Church leaders from some of the major known world metropolitan and smaller cities.
  • Rome was the capitol of the world so Rome’s church included some the most powerful and influential people and Constantine the Emperor recognized this and gave equally to the Rome Fathers, as well as the other Fathers present.
  • The church of Rome has never controlled any Ecumenical council.
  • There have been meetings held by emperor Constantine and the Pope from Rome was not invited, as was the case in the 2nd Ecumenical Council.
  • The Seven Ecumenical Councils With 318 Christian Leasders Present In 325 AD.
    Introductory Page
  • 318 Christian Leaders Meeting in Nice in the year 325 AD.
    Rome Christian Church Leader Is One of 318 Other Christian Church Leaders
  • The Rome Christian leadership as well as 317 other Christian Leaders, from the known world were present at the meeting in Nice in 325AD. They agreed on subjects, there where 80 subjects that they found agreement on, these subjects where called “Canons.”
  • Canon vi (six) below is given for express reason that all can read of regions and areas that each Christian Leader represented and it was the custom of old meaning since the first century era to honor those individually.
  • Unknown was the ideal that one single church controlled the entire Christian world.
  • In 325ad. these groups of Christian Leaders meet in only Seven Ecumenical Councils.  Ecumenical is different from General Councils. Ecumenical meetings where not for introducing any new meanings. The concept they embarked on is eloquently stated on the Historical Information page 2. Briefly, they instituted a solemn oath to hand-down to the next generation, that which they received from the first generation Apostles.
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