When at home with the kids, or at work, or at play, and Christ came to where you where and said to you, “Come follow Me,” what would you do?

Norman Oetker, Hmong Mong Protestant Christian Missionary

Disclosure: The nature of the Internet being that when one is searching 
for a subject, that many loosely related pages come up in their searches.
And possibly one may open a page with some of my site Tags words. So, even though,
I do repeat a lot of things on my actual site, from page to page. I fully realize 
that when one see' one of my pages in isolation, it's then hoped, by me, that by 
the inclusion of some of my basic information, that the reader, in his/her brief moments 
will pause and look at my page during one of these random searches. In addition, if then, 
they want to further explore my information they can come to one of my several 
original sites. I do believe that what I have to share is life changing.

Norman Oetker, Hmong Mong Protestant Christian Missionary Serving now in Reynosa Mexico.

 January 2012 Reynosa Mexico

He said what to you?
At the Church Rivival Meeting in McAllen Monday Night