Chapter 4 What is a Protestant Christian

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Protestant Christians….. Today, All Christians are Protestant.

A Protestant Christian has a specific history and if you’ll allow me I’ll give a very brief overview of a Christian and their beliefs.

The Protestant Christian believes only in the Protestant Christian Bible as the only Divine Revelation from God to man. Where did the Protestant Christian Bible come from? The Old Testament Bible, the one used within our current Protestant Christian English Bible, had been written by the Jewish people about 280 years before the birth of Christ from Hebrew to the Greek language. It was this Greek that was translated into English. The New Testament’s Books/Letters/Epistles had been translated from the Greek original copies that were sent by the Apostles and Evangelists of the first century to other Christian brothers and sisters.Those Letters and Epistles where sent to the New Believers of Jesus. Those Letters and Epistles, where translated and copied into the languages of each country listed below, by those who received them.

Many different Protestant Christian Bible Translators have taken these copies, from these different countries, and have Translated and Collated them into English Versions. (1400 ad. 1900ad. approximately). The Central Messages and Comments, of the Original Letters and Epistles, are found to be accurately described within each of the many languages translations. This alone is…. “A Divine Miracles within itself.”  The thoughts, sentiments, directions, and commands of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists are described accurately. Described into the many languages of these copies, that were sent to the entire Mediterranean area which was the entire known world at that time. The Mediterranean area, or all of the known world included, but not limited to: France, Spain, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Asia, Greece, Italy and a host of other European smaller countries. 

There are certain requirements and I want to be clear about that, for one to become a Christian, these requirements are essentialUnderstanding, that these are God’s requirements, and they alone are God’s established requirements. Understanding, they are found only within the writings of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists, within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Only. Understanding, there are no other Divine writings from God, no other Divine religions. Understanding, there are NO established DIVINE religious traditional practices, either by Protestants or of any other religious denominations, by which one can become a spiritually born again Christian. Understanding, the only true and divine words from God to man are found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament only! Understanding briefly, that one needs to realize, and to begin understanding in part, that as a Christian one will need to have faith in God’s New Testament writings by faith.  By Faith, of how that within this spiritual substance that we call God, that there are in fact, three in-separable entities, equal in power and purpose. Known now to us, of the New Testament age, by the writings of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists. 

Understanding, the baptismal command given by Jesus, to go and Baptize, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. (Water baptism for infants is meaningless, they are innocent before God, as are all, that have no reasoning ability, they all are accepted by God into heaven). Understanding the purpose of the Father’s Grace. Grace is the Father’s Strength, Power, Love and Favor towards all people of the earth, from the past, the present, and into future. Man cannot earn in anyway favor with God. Understanding, the Father’s  abundance of grace given freely, given to all for the basic purpose of understanding and receiving Jesus’s Atonement, which has been, and is available and to be received by all.

Understanding, REPENTANCE, which is the willful and most deliberate turning of one’s mind and will to the daily practice and love towards Jesus. As one follows Jesus’s and the Apostles and Evangelists writings, teachings, and commands within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament only. Understanding, that turning to join a religious group’s private traditional long held views and beliefs of what they want the scripture to say, and are interpreted by them, this is not the process of becoming a Christian, that is, joining a religious group and performing all their per functionary duties, this is NOT how a person is SPIRITUALLY BORN AGAIN !

Understanding, that a monumental decision needs to be made between YOU and God, there are no others involved. Understanding, YOU and YOU! alone, are accountable for your actions before Jesus. Understanding… You and You alone will decide if you want Jesus as your Personal Lord and Savor!


Understand…All truly Spiritually Born Again Christians rewards are not of this earth, the Christians rewards are in the heavenly city where God and Jesus at His right hand dwell. Understanding, that  it’s a 100 percent decision and commitment towards Jesus. And your obedience to His truth’s as found written by Jesus, the Apostles and Evangelists within the Protestant Christian New Testament. Understanding, that it is NOT a 99 percent trying to be a Christian, it’s 100 percent or nothing. Understanding, as a Christian, it’s a life-long servitude to the Lord Jesus, according to these Protestant Christian Bible New Testaments writings only. Understanding, this Life Long Service unto the Lord is guided through one’s obedience, to the teaching’s and writings of the Protestant Christian New Testament Only, for there will be many trials and testing of one’s faith. 

Understanding, In Life Long Service unto the Lord, if one was to occasionally sin, we have a advocate, our confessor the Lord Jesus, upon confession unto Him alone, and by a repented heart, and a determination to continue in Jesus, then, God’s Forgiveness, His Grace, His Power and Strength, the Father’s Love and Favor is fully restored. One’s confessed and repented of sin, will never be brought to your mind again by God’s Holy Spirit. One is totally forgiven. (Note; if the sin is a violation of someone or of a established law, there are consequences, that are to be fulfilled by the perpetrator, and rightly so.) Understanding, there are NO Other Man Created Traditions that have been written to follow, for you to be a Spiritually Born Again Christian, only the writing’s of the New Testament explain how to become a Christian. Understanding, all Protestant Religious Denominations, that do not follow the teachings of the New Testament Protestant Christian Bible, are false, and are ANTI-Christian. Understanding, all other religions of the world, are false and ANTI-Christian. Understanding, an additional Historical Note needs to be understood. Understanding, the Great Majority of the Mediterranean Countries listed above, after hearing the Salvation message from the Apostles and Evangelists through their Letters and Epistles became followers of Jesus. Understanding, these countries then became Predominately Christian. Please Understand, you! that are reading this, and are contemplating in becoming a follower of Jesus, according to His writings only, and not to become a follower of someone else’s interpretations of how they view the subject of the New Testament writings of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists, as found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. 

UNDERSTAND, our Loving Lord and Savor Jesus, has and never will tell His followers to go and kill other people in the name of God. The God-man Jesus, in His New Testament writings has never told any of His followers to kill another person in the name of God. Jesus DID NOT TELL THE PROTESTANTS TO KILL, NOR DID HE TELL THE CATHOLICS TO KILL IN HIS NAME…ALL… WHO KILL IN THE NAME OF GOD ARE EVIL AND NOT GODLY…ALL !!!….THEY ARE NOT CHRIST’S CHURCH…THEY ARE DEMONIC AND EVIL!

Understand, an additional note: In 600 AD. Muhammad, a false teacher, mixed the teaching’s of the Christian’s Old and New Testaments, and created his false religion, which deceived some of the earlier weak and worldly Christians. Understand… These false religions of that time, THE PROTESTANTS, AND CATHOLICS, AND MOSLEMS killed one another in the name of God….ALL, all are evil, and are not the spiritually born again Christians, the followers of Jesus. 

Understand, these false religious movements of the past, the Protestants, Catholics, and Moslem continued to grow in strength. Understand, they ALL began to terrorize, using tactics of death and servitude to their religions. Understand, If one did not convert to their faiths they faced death, and destructionUnderstand, killing not just the person, but their entire families, communities, and nations. Understand… These false NEW TESTAMENT RELIGIONS, these impostors of their false religions,  simply invaded country after country, and said to all, become one with our religion are we will kill and destroy everything. Understand, and sad to report, that this is the historical evidence of these worldwide terrorist groups, known at that time as the Protestants, Catholics, and Moslems, those of that day where false and demonic, and all who kill today in the name of God, for their religion are equally false and evil as those of the past.

Norman Oetker A Protestant Christian Missionary, August 2013 US.

Un cristiano protestante [todos los cristianos son protestantes.]

Sólo en Cristo y siguiéndole ¿Hay vida hecho.


Un cristiano protestante, tiene una historia específica, y si me lo permiten les voy a dar una descripción muy breve de un cristiano, y las creencias. Los cristianos protestantes sólo cree en la Biblia cristiana protestante, como la única revelación divina de Dios al hombre. ¿Dónde está el protestante la Biblia cristiana viene? El Antiguo Testamento, el que dentro de nuestra actual Biblia cristiana protestante, había sido escrita por el pueblo judío unos 280 años antes del nacimiento de Cristo. El Nuevo Testamento se traduce de los originales enviados por los apóstoles y evangelistas, del primer siglo. Esas cartas y epístolas, que se envían a las iglesias en casa de los nuevos creyentes en Cristo. Estas cartas y epístolas, donde traducido y copiado en los idiomas de cada país se indican a continuación. Los cristianos protestantes Traductores de la Biblia, han tomado estas copias, de diferentes países, y traducido y estudiado ellos.

Los mensajes centrales y comentarios de las cartas originales y las epístolas se encuentran en todas las copias enviadas a la zona del Mediterráneo, que fue todo el mundo conocido en ese momento. La zona del Mediterráneo, o el mundo conocido incluido, pero no limitado a: Francia, España, Argelia, Libia, Egipto, Arabia Saudita, Siria, Irak, Irán, Turquía, Grecia, Italia y muchos otros países europeos más pequeños. Altos, un punto que quiero hacer sobre cómo convertirse en un cristiano, que es esencial es esto, que hay pasos, el conocimiento de Cristo para comprender, una decisión tomada, luego de comenzar una servidumbre de por vida al Señor Jesús. Este servicio de larga duración para el Señor guía a través de una obediencia a la enseñanza de los protestantes Nuevo Testamento cristiano solamente. No hay tradiciones Other Man Creado por escrito a seguir, sólo el de la escritura del Nuevo Testamento. Todas las denominaciones protestantes, que no siguen las enseñanzas del Nuevo Testamento cristiano protestante la Biblia, son falsas y son anti-cristianas. Todas las demás religiones del mundo, son falsas y anti-cristianas.

Una nota histórica necesidades adicionales de comprensión. La gran mayoría de los países mediterráneos antes mencionados, después de escuchar el mensaje de salvación a partir de los apóstoles y evangelistas a través de sus cartas y epístolas se convirtieron en seguidores de Jesús. Estos países se convirtió en Predominantemente cristiana. Nota adicional: En el año 600 AD. Muhammad, un falso maestro, mezcla de la enseñanza del Antiguo y Nuevo Testamento de los cristianos, y creó su falsa religión, que engañó a algunos de los primeros cristianos débiles y mundanos. Su movimiento religioso falso continuó creciendo en fuerza. Ellos comenzaron a aterrorizar, utilizando tácticas de la muerte y la servidumbre a su religión. Si uno no se convierte se enfrentaron a la muerte y la destrucción. No sólo a la persona, pero, a familias enteras, comunidades y naciones. La religión de Mahoma es bastante simple, que invadieron un país tras otro, y dijo a todos, ser uno con nuestra religión se nos va a matar y destruir todo. Y es triste informe, que esta es la evidencia histórica de este terrorismo en todo el mundo, y esta religión continúa hasta el día de 2012.

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