Lydia, this is what I did yesterday. Norman Oetker

Good morning Lydia, thanks for the surprise text last night with what you did yesterday. The tingling sound from my Mexican ATT Gophone was a surprise to hear. Not as great Lydia, as seeing that message was from you.
My day, you asked how it went, well that which we have in common is the car. I had a podiatry appointment about my continual ankle problem in the states.
I was up early and gathered what I need to cross the border, when crossing I’m always aware, that something could happen either on the way are returning.
In finishing the gathering of the things I needed, and being dressed all prime and proper, for my doctor’s appointment, gathered my things and out the door I went. Loaded things in the car, turned the key to go and nothing, no battery power.
Opening the hood and partially broken battery cable, once open the house and gathered my tools and repaired the problem. Asking my neighbor for a jump, and all was well again, off I went, to the Mexican and Unites States International Bridge located at Mission Texas.

At the foot doctors office, he ordered a MRI of my ankle, and I too continue to where huge metal and velcro strapped walking boot. It looks like a HellBoy version of not the huge arm, but with me, having the huge leg.

At the doctors office, the car battery was still not working. I got another jump and went to the Wal-Mart where I had purchased the battery in 2009.
I had yet, 3 months on the three year battery warranty, so I was able to have a $90.00 battery replaced and installed.

Returning to Mexico I was rejoicing and thanking the Lord.

The day is closing? Norman Oetker
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