Markers Upon One’s Life, A Spiritual Remembrance, to God’s Will and Purposes.

The Elephant Ride

Many markers are within one’s life.
Some markers are ordinary, while others are Spiritual.
One cannot go back in time, to one’s history, in order to change those Spiritual Markers. The Spiritual Markers are to Give Glory and Honor to God, for His Will being accomplished by those sent. In Addition Spiritual Markers are the Acknowledgement of One’s Faith in God. A Testimony for all to see, a testimony For All to Remember, of God’s Will and Purposes, His Goodness, Hi Love and Protection. God’s Christ through Grace is the sure foundation to build upon.

Espanol and English My Comments on video 7 of 40, Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary. Serving now in Reynosa Mexico February 2012.
Prophecy Time-Line with Illustrations and Scriptual References from the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments