The Ravens, The Decision, the Prophecy..Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary Serving in Reynosa Mexico. February 2012

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The Decision…  Is it so, in the kingdom of God

Decisions after a dramatic or even a traumatic event, sometimes a Christian doesn’t realizes God’s design until after it happens.

Possibly you’ll see the reason then or in the future, in my case the future. 🙂

I’ve tried at times on the blogs and postings not to use Bible verses in trying to explain things. The reason is that I saw such a difference in opinions about the meaning of Bible verses, and the differences are night and day.

Yet, God says that His Word, the hearing of His Biblical truth’s is sharper than a two-edged sword, piercing to the very marrow or center of our bones.

In other words it has reached the destination.

In a sense, this is the complete justice of God.

When all will stand before Him, to then give an account of one’s life.

Reasoning with God why one refuses the Lordship of Christ within their life, rebellion primarily becomes clear, it’s stature fully grown.

It’s hard to imagine little people or as Rev. Beveridge states “little worms,” in  his writings  of the Twelve Articles, for one to stand in opposition to God.

Working out one’s salvation, in its clearest terms, is coming to the place where God’s choice is that which one holds dear.

Christ states in His gospels, examples of one leaving all and following Him, yet, thousands today 2012 choose not to.

Repeatedly Jesus states some incredible doctrines, especially of the two sacraments that Christians are to obey Water Baptism and Communion.

Jesus states that in communion; that symbolical, as he demonstrates, with the Apostles in the upper room, by partaking of communion with them for His remembrance.

His offering of His body and His blood as the perfect sinless offering to God the Father, for the removal of sin’s control over all of man-kind.

Still, many could not accept His words when He said for them to partake of His body and drink of His blood. Instead of waiting for Jesus to explain, many choose to walk no more with Him.

Jesus clearly states, at the Last Supper with His disciples, that when doing communion, that one is doing so for remembrance of Him.

Jesus’ body did not become bread; in addition, Jesus’ blood did not become the wine.

Those who believe and teach this false doctrine titled Transubstantiation are the Romanists or papal heresy followers, of the first century renegade christian sect,  known today as the Roman Catholic Church.

The Anti Christians finally hung Jesus on the cross to die, they were trying to punish Him, and yet, He, Jesus was willingly saving them.

Life presents, to those in Christ, reflections of our true self.

For me it was something I didn’t know, and in all likelihood would have denied strenuously.

It’s this ideal of giving up all for the Lord. I would imagine most think on this as leaving one’s secular vocation and to then assume the vocation in the ministry, well let’s be honest that isn’t even scratching the service of what the Lord is seeking of those who call Him Lord.

Is giving up all for the Lord,  to extend LOVE and HELP to the widows and orphans, as the Lord states? For the former LOVE is the root of all that one does, and HELP, the later, as pure religion demonstrated.

Is that what the Lord means, no not really, what could His spirit touch in your life that you wouldn’t leave for Him? children? not really, for many current missionaries leave their children for a year are more in Boarding Schools run by their denominations?

Is it to leave a wife? No, there are many that spend extended amounts of time away from those they love in regards to ministry endeavors.

Perhaps the leaving of secular work, friends, or enjoyments?

Whatsoever it would be in your life temporal, carnal etc. God will separate you from it.

However, will one willingly allow the following through with God’s separation?

Consequently, this also is a time of testing, will one then allow their life to continue, to focus on the goodness, the greatness of the Lord?

Just think of all the Bible stories within the Old Testament where the times of testing came upon God’s people.

Moreover, within the New Covenant with Christians today, the very same New Covenant that Christ gave to His disciples at the last supper. We’re told that fiery trials of testing will come upon all Christians and that we are to count it all joy when it happens, for it is for the perfecting of our faith.

I told all of my seven children while they were growing up, sermon after sermon, I’m sure they remember them 🙂  to them and to others as well, if you see or find fault in me, your dad, the fault is with me, for God is holy and there are no faults with Him, if anyone fails, the fault will be clear before God’s lectern.

The Old Testament’s stories of Elijah, tells that he became afraid of the forces that where against Him, for the words he was speaking. God instilled in his heart to speak out against the hypocrisy that was in the land, and especially, the leadership.

As the story goes Elijah stayed by a brook, and God had the birds to bring his food. Thereafter, a woman who had no food, her and her son where about to die of starvation, for a great draught was in the land.

Supernaturally God supplied food.

The woman’s son became ill and was going to die. Then, so, Elijah prayed and the results being a restored  son.

This poor, obscured, friendless woman, became a believer in God because of her son’s restoration,

What is it today within theChristian? What is the fright that one cannot face? What is it that grips one’s soul so tightly, that even the known mighty works of God that one has experienced is unable to break?

For me, my fear? To be alone.

A prophecy was given over my life at MWC, the prophecy which I still have on cassette was that a great trial was to come, and that during the trial, I would have to make a decision, and that my decision at the end was to continue in the Lord.

I was happy to hear, and blessed to think that a direct word from God came into my life. Oh what a great night of worship it turn out for me.

The prophecy about me is a future event.

Within a couple years..

Then after a 28 year marriage, I was told there was no love for me any longer, separation.

During this separation period, those that I knew, weren’t seen.

The Lord lead me for the need of a spiritual anchor… This person, and our spiritual relationship began in grace, thought, words, and finally in prayer.

The prayer being for God’s Will or not, in this new relationship.

The spiritual relationship was a green light from the Lord.

As one knows when the sea are calms the anchor is hardly noticed, however, the storms, the hurricanes of life, soon filled the horizon, coloring with sickly, pale greenish-yellow deemness.

The storms came, the anchor would surely had severed if made from human hands, this one was not, it was created in Grace, thought, and prayer. Not by human wisdom or understanding, but through the “Hand of God.”

Finally divorce, slowly over time my family drifted away, those that greeted and encouraged me at the church drifted away and not to hear from again.

The door to leave the state stood open, one direction and one direction only, I stepped through.

Slipping further into more isolation, and loneliness.

The Godly things I believed in, were shown to me, not to be of value here.

The Prophecy came into view again, of what I received from the Lord, that very special night, now seemingly a night of old.

The Ravens came into my life and brought substenance, I prayed with the sick, the infirmed, the widows and orphaned, the imprisoned, and yet I waited by God’s brook.

Paul had said while imprisoned, bring my parchments, in other words bring the writings of Moses and the prophets.

I found  a chain, a chain solidly linked together through history.

The chain’s beginnings were found through the writing’s of the “Fundamentals.”

The chain lead for me to receive and read through 14 volumes of historical documentation on the  Old and New Covenants from God to man.

Loneliness, for me became?

“Norman, do you believe I’m with you?”

Today, do I miss things, surely I do.

The question is do I see spiritually, the answer is yes!  

The yes, is to continue with the Lord, fulfilling the prophecy of ten or so years of the past. 


In the times of severe testing mentally, physically, and emotionally… God has the Ravens to come to you….. as you will have to decide during your time of testings.

Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary Serving in Reynosa Mexico. February 2012

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