Trinity Pentecostals, The Ravening Wolf Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary

One of the perks of having your own blog, or page, is that you can write what is important to you and others can read it or pass by.

As a missionary, in a foreign country, especially a country steep in superstitions.

A missionary, is a multiple linguistic expert, of a sort.

Oh, you think I’m talking of spoken languages?

No, it’s the languages of the so-called religious hypocrite.

Their the religious who falsifies, that use lies and deceit, when it’s convenient for their particular point of view, to reinforce their twisted concepts of what they would like their god to be like.

When you read about Jesus and His conversations with the people, or His own disciples, can you imagine Him winking at you, and saying things like; well, I know the Father in heaven wants me to go to the Cross, and die for everyone, but you know, I’m sure God can get someone else to go.

I have many things to do now in my life. Or, I have the opportunity, to be a really a great teacher. I can now earn the money I want, to travel, and to do the things, that I’m sure will do so much good.

Have you seen the Ravenous Wolf’s?

Looked upon their work.

Who are they, there are those who are the outward,  the thief, it’s those that take the parts from the assembly line at work.

At the office, of taking office products, to stick them in their briefcases, or on the workplace production line, inserting in their lunch pails, all are the Wolf, the thief, the liar, they rob the company.

They, men and women, teenagers, no, they do not take the huge things, but it’s the continual robbery, the deception, fulfilling the LUST of and for sin.

The religious thief and their life’s actions, are not those of the “Born Again Christian.” As much as people want to use the excuse, that no one is perfect.

Well, listen, if you continually belive in that, then the power of God the Father‘s Grace, will be unable to bring you to the truth, carry you into the greater Light, into the Truth, within the very heart of God.

Light, is in God, Light is  truth, not half truth’s, not deceptions, for the dark cloud of unbelief and doubt,  they are the tools of the religious hypocrite.

How about those that falsify they’re the hours that they work, oh, you say you know some of them. You know those, that will lie and cheat on tax forms. Have you meet them?

Are these, the persons with the hidden sins of darkness, are they the same one’s asking, you to come to church.

Why do all humans act in such a way? All humans, all, except Christ, who was born of a virgin, and this virgin’s conception, was by the power of the Holy Spirit of God coming upon her.

They that will look you in the eye, and deny the divinity of the Bible, deny a personal relationship with Christ, deny a holiness lifestyle.

All of these, speak the hypocrites language, the language of the ravenous wolf.

And why, are they in the church, for they are evil, as their father the devil.

A friend, a brother in the Lord, once said to me, that God is in the BIG Picture, not man.

Jesus is real, and in Jesus, there is only goodness and love.

If your around the so-called Christians, that walk on the feelings of others, you can rest assure that these are the religious hypocrite.

Those who disregard the body of Christ, the family of God, they are the ravening wolves, every church has them, they will do anything to gain favor.

They do the jobs in the church that no others care to do, for they know they will receive that which they so desperately want, and that is being  loved, and respected, yet, the lust of sinful deceptions are upon their hearts.

The pleasure of manipulation, the casual asking of personal questions of others, to only twist and confuse the unknowing, the unsuspecting, this is the work of their father, the devil, who is lies, and deceptions.

 Yet, in time, as Christ exposed the true motives of the religious hypocrites of His day. The times are coming for the exposure of those, that have had the truth given to them, unfortunately they have fallen from God the Father’s cleanings Grace.

Remaining in the sewer’s of lies and deception, these that were given much have now abuse it to the place that only judgement remains, the wooing of the Holy Spirit has called through to them during the long day’s Light.

Yet they turned to darkness, lies, and deceptions, wallowing in the lust’s of sins domain.

The Clarion’s call, the trumpet of God is sounding. North of humanities camp, the signal clarions piercing, distressing pitch of warning, they that hear prepare; however, they know they won’t be able to have the victory. They prepare, and think of the deception to escape the just punishment that awaits them. Awaits for there are many, yet, the religious hypocrite goes to the front of  Sin’s army. STANDING DEFIANTLY, THINKING THAT THEY IN FACT HAVE THE ONLY TRUTH TO UNDERSTANDING JEOVAH GOD. AS THE CROWDS OF RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES CALLED FOR JESUS’ DEATH, SO LIKEWISE TODAY GOD’S JUDGEMENT HORN BLOWS  SHRILLY, SIGNALING THAT THERE IS NO ATONING SACRIFICE FOR HUMANITIES SINS, THUS GOD’S WRATH POORS FORTH AGAINST SIN.


Yet, God has kept a remnant .

Today’s Christians will love and support each other, and especially they’ll support the family of God.

As Jesus says, man can discern the times, and yet, he cannot discern those that are not of the truth, but will listen to their lies.

When you pray, simply pray this prayer, “Father God I’m asking in Jesus name, that you show me, who is the religious hypocrite? Amen.

In all likelihood it will be those that are the closet to you.

Christ said to the people, for them to come away from the sinners. To be a separate people unto Him, there is no change today March 2012. Depart from the workers of iniquity, and follow the Lord.

Espanol y ingles The Missionary Call Norman Oetker A Protestant Christian Missionary
Espanol y ingles, Drunken Christian, Norman Oetker, a Protestant Christian Missionary, March 2012, Reynosa Mexico.