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The Incomprehensible Three


Local Church Autonomy Part 1

Faith Stepping Out and Into God’s Hands

Tho you walk through a dark time within your life, a time of not knowing what to do, or have feelings of hopelessness, this is the valley within “Sin.” Sin is a dark place where the Light of Jesus is absent. You’ll have to walk through Sin’s Darkness, even though you where not the one to cause this darkness within your life, neither, the circumstances that now have you there. All, have to walk through these dark shadowy time/s. Jesus is with the Christian, as they pass through these unexplainable darkness’. If your not a Christian, and you’re looking for help, in the simplest of ways, then: privately, quietly, and sincerely, lift your hand to Jesus to show you the way, and He will guide you through.

1. Autonomy understood within this analyze’s.

2. Home group setting’s explained.

1a. Autonomy…a group mentality of unspoken and purposed individual rebellious thoughts. Local church autonomy’s core beliefs are firmly entrenched, in that THEY will decide what THEY believe, and who THEY think has the right ideals that conform to THEIR ideals of Biblical interpretation.

2a. Note: The examples, from the New Testament writers for today, 2012. The first century Christian home meetings purposes was to PRAY and WORSHIP God. Today’s focus sadly, is about who the speaker is, and what new type of benefit, that a Christian can receive, which is a counter productive Christian message based on some sort of gain. (please, be discerning of that statement.)

The same then, as it should be now, thereby having smaller in home groups settings. That is the model that should be used today. (Note: the Holy Spirit of God, will raise up those within the body of Christ, by putting that desire of: spiritual duties and positions, within that individual. Not by others selecting someone, who they think should have this or that positions.)

Note: Home cell groups controlled by a larger church group, opposes the early church formation ideals and concepts.

A centralized control, by a small selected group, this was the error that was perpetrated in the ecumenical councils between the East and West churches, beginning within the 2nd century of the Christian era.

This error continues today, under the auspices of a host of other conflicting heresies and non-scriptual: doctrines, beliefs, and practices.

Autonomy…a group mentality of unspoken and purposed individual rebellious thoughts. Local church autonomy core beliefs are firmly entrenched, in that THEY will decide what THEY believe, and who THEY think has the right ideals that conform to THEIR ideals of Biblical interpretation.


Three Of The Many Incomprehensibles: 

1. Adam’s Other Godly Commands… Thoughts and Analyzes                

a. Apart from the one… “to not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

2. Jesus Bruising… Crushing the Serpent Head…Thoughts and Analyzes.     

a. Jesus Bruising His Heel… When Crushing the Serpent Head… Accomplished and Explained… in His Death on the Cross… and His Historically Resurrection… and… Ascension.

3. Jesus Born From a Sinful Woman…Thoughts and Analyzes      

a. A Virgin Who was Born In Sin… She was Conceived by the Holy Spirit, to Carry the Divine Being Jesus, who is  equally God the Father, and equally as the Holy Spirit.

Thoughts and Analyzes on Three of the Many Incomprehensibles Pertaining to God.

However, before discussing the points above:— I cannot begin to express, how deeply grieved I am within my spirit, and mind. At the staggering, absolute (apparent), rejection (seemingly) and or profound disregard, for the Protestant Christian Bible’s Old and New Testaments, by the great majority of people within the world.

I’m generalizing, yet, when thinking of the amount of travel within the U.S., and with eleven or so missionary trips, into and back from, South East Asia. One begins to get a sense of how people general think on certain subjects. As a Foreign Missionary, for the past 38 years, inadvertently you become a Junior Anthropologist of sorts. 

All people that become a Christian, come by the Father’s Grace.

Grace, which draws upon them, a closeness of the knowledge of a Salvation through Christ. God’s Will, And His Direction For Man. God Has Given An Abundance Of His Grace, In Order For His Will To Be Fulfilled.

God’s Grace Is God’s: Power, Strength, Love, And Favor, Given To A Person, Or A Nation.

Understanding Grace, And How It Accomplishes God’s Will Is Guaranteed From God.

God Has To Condescend To Man, From His Heavenly Omnipotent Thrown.

How Does God Do That?

Buy A Concept Named Grace.

Its God’s Method, To Assist Him In Communicating With Humanity.  

Note: Grace, Important for the Deistic, the thinkers of rationalism, or the freethinkers, and the nonreligious person to understand.

The Father’s Grace, Is Extended To All Equally, There Is No Way In Which One Can Gain Grace From God.

Grace Is The Only Enabling Factor, Through Which Man Can Accomplish What God Desire’s For Man To Do.

To Become Aware Of “God’s Grace.”

One Needs Exercise One’s Faith. New Testament Book of Hebrews 11:6 KJV: “But without faith it is impossible to please Him(God): for he that comes to God must believe that He(God) is, and that He(God) rewards them that diligently seek him (God).”

God’s love for His created creatures endures. The first man Adam, was tempted to not believe God. And that, was the simplest of tests, man failed to only, “believe God’s Word.”

God stated eventually, through His chosen Prophets, and then His: Hebrew Prophets, and Priests, the same message of Obedience to His Word. The people at first believed, and then only a small portion did. In time, generally, they did not “believe God’s Word.”

The Hebrew’s history story is long. A major turning point occurred, when the Hebrew’s asked, for a man to become their King, instead of being lead directly by God. The Hebrews wanted to be like other earthly nations. They didn’t want to hear directly God’s Words. 1 Samuel 8:19 KJV – Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel;(God’s prophet) and they said, Nay; but we will have a king over us; 1 Samuel 8:20 KJV – That we also may be like all the nations; and that our king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles.

Many were the sins, recorded of the Hebrews from then onwards, and their severe punishments for committing them. God’s mercy and forgiveness are told of often. God’s message then, to the people was the same as before, “to believe God’s Word.”

In the first century, Christ, according to the record that we have, choose those to explain and make available, the way in which all men, can have an intimate, personal, one on one, relationship with God, through Christ’s salvation plan. This was done by Christ’s own recorded words, as well, as those of the: Apostles, and Evangelists, sent in letters to the first century believers. The message was simple,to believe God’s Word as given from the God-Jesus, and His Apostles, and Evangelists.”

Many, first and second century Christians, where martyrs for Jesus’ Words of Eternal Salvation through belief in Him.

200ad. we have records which begin a written account of the many Ecumenical assemblies of the gathered Christians.

Briefly, from the earliest accounts, one can read of the schisms,and eventual heresies. The wanting by some, the total powers of establishing doctrines for all Christian believers groups, either of the East or of the West, as known within the first centuries. Rome,and their immediate cities were considered the East. Greece and their cities as the West.

This was likened exactly, to the Hebrews of the past, who asked that they have a earthly King, instead of being lead directly by God. (Home groups verses denominational home cell groups controlled through the mega church. It’s about having control over all, this is man’s error. Man wants to listen to man, and follow man, instead of reading and interpreting, and then acting on the words of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelist themselves. Christ is the head of the church, and HE assures us that the Holy Spirit is well able to expose the false.

The reason for this was that they, as all before, came to this one fatal thought, the ideal that it’s not necessary to- in this case now, to “believe God’s actual Words, spoken by the GOD-Jesus, and His Apostles and Evangelists. IN THE Protestant Christian Bible.

These groups and councils slowly shaped and formed all that’s corrupted, when man is in charge, of something that God never ordain.

Note: The examples from the New Testament writers are for today 2012. Christian meetings are to pray and worship God, that was the model left to us. The same then, as it should be now, and that example then was of smaller in home groups settings. For our example:— they reached the world for Christ. How? They simply believed God, and when forth AS GOD DIRECTED THEM TO GO!

Christian Religion History: Murdering, Killings, Holy Wars, Destruction of Whole Nations, Forced Conversions to Christianity, Burning People on a Stake for their belief’s in the Bible Truths.

These are the so-called Spiritually Born Again followers of Christ? That plunder and ravaged, country after country, in the name of God? Just as the Mohamed cult did a couple centuries later?


The followers, the truly born again Christians, the disciples of Jesus,-that is what you are today, if you are a lover and follower of Jesus, your His disciple- of the greatest man that every walked the earth.

Jesus brought GRACE and TRUTH, to all humanity. JESUS DID NOT DIRECT, DID NOT ASKED, WILL NOT ASK, OR DIRECT OTHERS, EVER, TO MURDER, PILLAGE, AND TO ALLOW RAMPANT DESTRUCTION, OF THOSE WHO HE CAME TO THIS EARTH TO REDEEM. This applies to both, of the corrupted east and west churches of today, known in part as Protestant Christianity, or of any of the other current names, used in describing the spread of the doctrines of the early churches.

Note: God through the Holy Spirit, has had within the past, a remnant of disciples that have always been faithful to God and His Messiah, CHRIST. AND IT’S THE SAME TODAY, FOR THE PAST TWO THOUSAND PLUS YEARS SINCE Christ walked this earth, God has had a faithful remnant, that have remained true to His Will, as given through the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, these are those that you won’t find in the history books. These, the few, that are proud of their Lord and Savour Christ.

Why did this happened, it happened because, “the people did not believe in God’s now WRITTEN Word.” Which they now had, in the form of actually letters: and epistles, written from Christ’s words, and those of the Apostles and Evangelists.

1 Samuel 8:20 KJV – That we also may be like all the nations; and that our king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles.

REPEATING: The reason for this was, that they, as all before, came to this one fatal thought, that it’s not necessary to, in this case now, to “believe God’s actual Words, spoken by the GOD-Jesus, and His Apostles and Evangelists. IN THE Protestant Christian Bible.

Note: Protestant Christian Bible Old And New Testaments, translated from Greek into English by William Tyndale 1526ad. Hebrew Scholars had translated the Old Testament into Greek, in 150/300bc. Tyndale translated both Testaments from Greek to English. He was helped by John Fry and William Roye, who where burned alive on a stake till dead, for helping him in 1526ad. Willim Tyndale, was hanged, and his body burnt, and his ashes scattered in 1536ad. Many Protestant Christians suffered martyrdom by the Roman Catholic Authorities, or their surrogates.

Now in 2012, the message is the same, “to trust God-Word, the Protestant Christian Bible, written in English in 1400/1800ad.”

One can join a religion, and recite all of the right Bible passages in regards to salvation and yet, be a lost and a unsaved person. Irregardless of nationality, especially those, that say they are of the Protestant Faith but, in truth are not.

They are the false and the anti Christian, lacking in the very basic Christian virtues that are expected of the followers of Christ.

Additionally, you shall know them, by their stated non-biblical doctrines, these are the heretics, the lost coreligionists, which are sadly a great part of those that make-up the Protestant Denominations of today.

The ecumenical councils of the early church allowed many dissenting opinions to be resolved by a each locality, not all, but many, of those deemed such.

Today, we call that “local church autonomy.”

Soon the heresies abounded, such as those introduce from Romes pastors, as the virgin Mary being a god, as well as many others, especially against the Trinity concept of God. Each having one thing in common, they all where not scriptural, or they try to introduce confusing ideals, that where contrary to the original intent and purposes, as those written by Christ, the Apostles and Evangelists. (autonomy)

In allowing these contrary issues to expand, and being sent back to the local level and the local’s making the decision. (autonomy)

The larger more populous the city, the more influence and control the local church had over the people. This was the situations of the churches of East. (autonomy)

The West was Rome, for in 300ad. Was still, yet declining, capitol of the world. All of the conquered nations god’s, where brought back to Rome, in order for all to see that Rome, was the supreme deity and was to be worshipped as a god, by all of inhabitants. (autonomy)

Following through the centuries, you can read of all the divisions, heresies, and other non religious activities, that had NOTHING to do with gospel truths. For each mega denominations had created by our time 2000ad. Traditions, that each could say they had practice in the early church, but, point of fact, most had nothing to do with the writings of Christ, the apostles and Evangelists. They where Man Made Traditions by (autonomy).

Today Protestant East (autonomy), Verses Catholic West (autonomy).

The early Rome church (since being the world capitol) pastors tried, to control the events, in these early ecumenical meetings, they were unsuccessful, in their attempt to introduce their man made traditions. (autonomy).

The Protestant-Christian East counter this by giving more control of decisions, to the smaller cities church authorities. (autonomy).

A thousand years later, the East and West churches finally split 1150ad. (autonomy)

Today, 2012 the Protestant autonomous churches have now allowed biblical sin to be openly display within the local Protestant churches. These sinful practices of the un-saved, and unregenerated, are given sanction by the Protestant local churches. (autonomy).

The Protestant Christian autonomous Church societies at large, allows the killing of innocent babies, and are reluctant, and or concerned enough, to use the means of policy making, by electing officials to change this sinful practice.

Today 2012 we have a president and now an entire political party that have openly declared in speeches and in writing declarations, that of legalizing of Biblical Sin. They, openly state that they are Christians.

The list could go on and on, of what the church doctrine of “local church autonomy” has created.

Now, instead of one centralized evil trying to control Christian beliefs worldwide throught the Roman Catholic church.

You have now, an equally corruptible evil working through a centralized concept of “Local Autonomous Protestant Churches.”

This man-made concept, created countless rebellions, by their institutionalizing false and unscriptual doctrines, beliefs and practices, through so-called Protestant Autonomous local churches.

E.g. people living now 2012 like others did in the 1800’s, these miss-guided epitomize the autonomous local church collective. Their delusions have removed them from reality, their abnormal is normal because of their Autonomous local church traditions.

Protestant so-called Christians, that believe that they are guaranteed by the US. Constitution, to have a right for this or that, to believe in any way they see fit. (autonomy)

As a Protestant Christian Missionary, my responsibility is 1. Having confidence within each day, of the Lord’s providential hand working all things to my good irregardless, of all present circumstances. 2. Of those things that the Lord has called me to do and had begun, that those of the past will continue as He has said they would, again irregardless, of those who where formerly associated within that calling, and that there are new areas of direction, known only to the Lord at this time, and it’s my heart’s desire to be ready, and to move into all areas as the Lord would open, here nationally or internationally.

The Lord’s Will for all truly born Christians is to explain sin, and salvation through Christ. The eternal consequences also of bliss thereafter in Heaven with God, Christ,the Apostles, and Evangelists, and with innumerable heavenly angels and creatures of Heaven. With the billions of humans, that have simply say yes, to the Lordship of Christ within their own private lives, and therefore, lived a life of integrity befitting a child of Christ, with all willing, to offered up their substances and even of their physical lives, for the cause of Christ. Or to explain perdition for all unbelievers.

Click below to go to the listing of False Cults.

Please Observe These 1200 Anti Protestant Christian Bible Organizations… Each Reject The Central Truths Of Christ, The Apostles, and the Evangelists…Listed in Part: Judaism,..Messianic Movements,..Order of the Eastern Star are Women or Wife’s of Masons Who Join This Cult, All Are Part of The Masonic Lodge Cult,.. Roman Catholic,..The Cabala,.. The Mormons,.. The Masonic Lodge,.. The Masons,…Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA),.. WWC. World Council of Churches,..etc. Click to See All. 

As a Protestant Foreign Christian Missionary, I continue.

Here in Mexico, or Missouri, or Thailand or wherever the Lord shall direct me to go. The missionary work in Thailand continues, at least in my prayers, for now, for it’s been now 12 years since the last tour. I’m sure that the 6th tour, and I hope many more, when the opportunity opens to return.

The Christian work in Mexico continues, howbeit, I’ve had some medical issues regarding my ankle and walking, which has incapacitated me at times, since the beginning of the 2012.

The enemy of our soul, the devil, along with his many false religions, that are prevalent in this part of the world: Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Judaism, Messianic, Catholicism, Apostolic s, and Satan’s Church practitioners.

All, of these false groups with their traditional, miss-guided doctrines, have had many years, to enslave the mind, thereby controlling one’s will, it is man’s will that actually acts on the mind’s intentions and contemplations.

Man’s will, (known by through his subsequent outer speech or actions) is rendered a subject slave, to the mesmerized mind’s numbing indoctrinations, repeated over and over, year after year. (Jesus brings Truth and Grace).

These, the unsuspecting citizens who are now conditioned to believe anything that they are told. Superstitions prevail, and all it’s secret practices. The ordinary people, generation after generation, have passively set aside their spiritual reasoning ability, and just blindly follow, the dictates of that which they cannot begin to comprehend are to explain.

Such is the way of a darkened society. A society where the true light of God’s gospel message has been dimmed, by the messages of man. Here the Protestant Christian groups, and their always increased need for money, their subtle, but always prevalent message. Superstitions abound, and church traditions are riddled with false traditions, that obscure the clear way of Grace and Truth, which is God’s Salvation for all of humanity through Christ Jesus, our loving Lord and Savior.

Sin, is discovered easily, within the groups listed above. One can recognize with the help of some basic questions being asked: 1. One’s History, a form of being religious. 2. Histories of rebellion, personal relationships. 3. Secret or semi rebellious acts against authority. 4. A non repentant attitude toward authority. 4. Associations with other like-minded rebellious religious people and organizations. 5. Normally, they are in leadership or Christian work, there in, they conceal their true identity. 6. Many of these groups have a financial interest and require their membership to be dues paying continually, selling all types of things, Life, Car Insurances, Wall Street Investment opportunity, Condos, etc. Others working as Non for Profits, they will use any human tragedy to promote their cause. 7. They Lead the unsuspecting person, the weak, those unfamiliar with central Bible truths and practices, to their way of interpretation. 8. Those who are lonely and or isolated by events. 9. They roam the outer edges of  church groups, looking to see who they can be-friend, to only ensnare them into a false friendships, with offers of money or other material things, dragging the unsuspecting into their web of lies and distortions. These groups have developed their tactics through the years. They have enslaved, and corrupted entire families, parts of church groups, by their false Christian mannerism and corrupted spiritual doctrines of: deceptions, lies, half truths, and hypocrisy.

Part Two to be uploaded shortly. 

Do you have compassion for those who have to use Gas Mask?
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