Wedding Pictures Selma and Norman

 Wedding Announcement

“Prophecy from God”, 

Given to 

Missionary Norman Oetker Given in 1976

 in Saint Charles Missouri, U.S. 

God said- to my mind and heart during prayer-

“Keep my Gospel Work First, and Your Happiness Will Result.”  


CIRCLED IN RED Mong Njua Animal Manger Stall in late 1970's, our First Mission House!
CIRCLED IN RED Mong Njua Animal Manger Stall in late 1970’s, our First Mission House!

On April 2, 2013 

Norman and Selma Oetker

United In Holy Matrimony .

The Private Ceremony Was Held At Gingham’s Restaurant

In St. Charles, Missouri. U.S.

We Had Our First Get Acquainted Date There

Over Hot Chocolates, (three hours long). 🙂

The Restaurant Management 

Reserved The Same Booth, For Our Wedding Ceremony.

A local Pastor Conducted The Ceremony.

Pictures of Selma and Norman, 

From September 2012, and their Wedding in April 2013.

In Saint Charles Missouri U.S. and other pictures 2013.


There are a couple of things I would like to write, before you look at our photos. There are those, that will be coming to this site to look at our photos, and it’s in that regard, that I would like to share something, that has been on my heart for quite sometime, please allow me, and read further.

I have decided to include this

“1976 Prophecy from God,”

in this Wedding Announcement.

 The reasons being, my former missionary wife of 28 years, the mother of our then seven missionary-involved children. In 2002 asked to talk with me in our living room, within our home in Florissant Missouri, U.S. 

Our family had just returned from our 5th tour of missions work in 2000 from Thailand. Returning only because of the intended marriage of our oldest daughter Naomi. (Which ended in no marriage). 

Our Missionary family returned to our mission home/headquarters in Missouri in 2000, fully expecting to return for our 6th family mission tour in Thailand.

In the ongoing expansion of L.A.M.

“The Light Amidst the Mong/Hmong,”  

Christian Outreach.

L.A.M. is the non profit organization,

that God help me to set up here in Missouri U.S.

I say God helped, let me explain. Through the help of our Christian friends, this couple, the husband, for they went to the same small Christian Fellowship where we attended.

He was the Deputy Comptroller at Lindenwood University 

click to read Lindenwood University in Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

 He, told me that he was lead of the Lord to resign his position at Lindenwood University, and wanted to know if I would accept him, and his family as full time administrator of our newly non for profit of which he set up four us. We agreed.

He  initiated and registered, in the state of Missouri, within the U.S. in 1978, “Light Amidst the Mong”,  a Christian Outreach.

L.A.M.’s one purpose, as stated in our non for profit purpose, was to “spread the Gospel Message of Man’s Salvation, only through Jesus, the Christ, the Savior of the World.” 

Through our Christian outreach of programs, as God would lead, and or, to enter into new areas of evangelistic outreach, to all peoples, as God would lead. 

Ministering to the Thai’s in the city of Mae HongSon Thailand: by tract distribution and personal witness. In our Bible Based English-Thai language classes, along with our weekly in the home church services. Having our home-schooled program, for our growing family also.  Additionally, I went to the villages within the “Golden Triangle Opium Areas,” wherein, the Mong/Hmong hill tribesmen are located, as well as other opium warlords of Burma, China, and Laos. Three, of our oldest missionary children, played key roles in overseeing, and the building and opening of a small Christian Training Center, in the MongNjua village, located in Northwest Thailand’s Himalayan mountain. I also went, to the Burmese Refugees, located in the refugee camp’s on the Myanmar/Burma and Thailand’s north west border, where I was asked to teach in their Bible Training Center.

In our living-room, in 2002, my former wife told me “she did not love me anymore and wanted a divorce.” She had contacted a lawyer and told me how much it would cost. 

Again, quite calmly, she repeated, that she did not love me, and wanted a divorce. 

We had no major marriage problems, until this statement by her. 

My response was that I just cried, and walked out of the room.

 Additionally she was saying that the Protestant Christian Bible was not the truth and wasn’t inspired from God.  

My ex-wife’s anti Christian Bible beliefs, in the end, was an non-resolvable issue between her and I. 

Her leaving our marriage vows began in  2002 with separation, with her finally leaving the marriage by  divorce in 2005. A couple years later my ex-wife married another. 


The divorce was not my starting, nor my desire or intent. 


Finally, one, of our seven children, followed my ex-wife into a legalistic cult.

My former spouse was secretly involved with. 

Leaving the beliefs of the Protestant Religion, and to thereupon enter these various anti-Christian cult beliefs, and practices. These cults, and many other loosely related cults, reject the Protestant Christian Bible’s Inspiration as being the only inspired truth from God to man. 

These cults, lead by their false teachers, reject the fundamental doctrine of Grace and Justification through God’s Son Jesus, as the only way of Salvation.


After the divorce, a Christian opportunity arose, for me to go to Mexico, and to be involved with Christian Outreach. I went to Mexico in 2005 and returned in September 2012. 

During this time, and after many attempts to encourage my adult children to continue in L.A.M., our Christian family missionary work. Sadly to date, has not brought the results that I wished. 

Today, none of our children are actively involved in L.A.M.’s Christian Outreach.

The majority of them now turned from God, and His Son Jesus’s teachings. 

L.A.M.’s family mission group, which did have others besides my family, now has only two, my new wife Selma and I.

With God’s Help and Grace, Selma my new wife and I,  will continue L.A.M. 

“A Person Has a Free Will to Choose His or Her Destiny”

I’ve stated below of how “time does heal.”

It’s a very slow process, as many can attest too.

Within this healing time a person changes, for me, during my healing time there was a continual mental battle, for me in trying to see how God was in my personal failures, as a husband and Christian Missionary. 


Very, very slowly, I began to accept certain scriptural facts.

The most important was that, we, all, have a free will and that ultimately, we all choose the destiny, and life’s path that leads to it’s fulfillment.


The only Spiritual Truths for man today, are found only, within the one and only Book from God to man, and that is the Protestant Christian Bible.

It’s my hope that all of my children along with their families, will collectively join together, and be a force, that will lead many people to the Salvation, that is only found within the Protestant Christian New Testament,

as taught plainly by Jesus, the Apostles,  and  Evangelists.


September 2012, In Mexico, thirty thousand dead, the drug cartel controls the government and country, the Zetas terrorize all who voice and objection to them. God lead me to work with the Reynosa 2000 person prison, therein, are some of Mexico’s worst offenders are housed. Attending the local Mexican Protestant Christian Churches, and having, English and Bible studies classes. Additionally, having home Bible based English classes. The time in Mexico, one would think, is and was, a very dangerous place. In fact, it was, and is currently August 2014.


However, my divorce, for me, the inner guilt, shame, betrayal, anxiety, and continual bouts with un-relenting depression at times, seemed overwhelming.

More so, than the terror that the Zetas and Cartel’s where doing  to the local Mexican citizens, with their be-headings, and the cutting off of their body parts, to be hung from the local bridges, for all to see, this would be the consequence to those who would speak against them. 

If a Mexican wrote on FaceBook, or YouTube and talked against the Zetas or Cartels they would receive the same barbaric actions done to them. 

My divorce, I could never explain my mental torment, of loving only one person , and being faithful and true to only her, and then to be cast aside, after 28 years, for eventually another.

And, to then have all that we believed in, that is, “The Holy Bible”, that we had suffered through the years in being faithful too… to be trampled down upon as meaningless. …death was for me at times in Mexico, was welcome to come. 

I know, there are others, who have likewise endured this relentless emotional torture at times, that divorce brings. 

September, 2012, after ten years of being a single Christian missionary and returning to Missouri in the US. Time does heal, and I thought that I would be single and continue in L.A.M.’s outreach by myself. 

October 2012, I met Selma, and all of life’s joy and pure happiness, that had eluded me for those many years was brought back into my life by another, that was sent from God. 

Selma and I, now married as of April 2, 2013, are one in Christ, and are most excitedly continuing in L.A.M.’s Christian Mission Outreach. 

God is faithful, when HE spoke to my heart in 1976, that if I want to be happy, then all I had to do was to keep the Gospel Salvation’s Work Message First in my life, and keep giving Jesus’ Salvation Message, to a dying and lost world, first in my mind, and to continue there in, and the results would be my happiness. 

True Happiness is only found in doing the Father’s Will for one’s life. 

Selma, now 66 years and I at 67 years, pledge to Continue to do God’s Will, and that is to, “Go Forth, to Teach and Make Disciples for Jesus.”

As plainly taught within the only true words from God to man. God’s Words to Man for Man’s Salvation are found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.


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