Christian Believers Are ?


“A Protestant Christian Believer”

Is a person who has understood God’s terms for becoming a Christian.

Who then commits, to be a follower of Jesus.

One who has realized and who has decided, to accept the Gospel Message of Salvation, for their now, and eternal spiritual well being, as well as their now physical life while on the earth.

They have understood, and have repented.

Repentance is quite easy to understand.

It only applies to those, that have turned within, who have given willingly and without reserve, who have determined within their hearts and minds, to follow and practice the Protestant Christian Bible’s New Testament’s Teachings. No Other.

As given by Jesus, and the Apostles, and Evangelists.

Therefore, one who has believed, and who has repented; again, repentance means only to follow those teaching’s that are found within the Protestant Christian New Testament.

It is then, and only then, that God’s Supernatural Power is allowed to come to an earthly repented person.

The Power of God is carried directly, to the person who has chosen to be a convert to Jesus’ Salvation Gospel Message.

God’s Holy Spirit brings to this New Convert of Jesus God’s Seal, this Godly Seal indicates, that indeed, this surrendered life to Jesus’ Salvation Message has been supernaturally transformed by God’s Holy Spirit.

This Now New Person, has the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within their being.

The Spirit of God now co-exist within this “New Spiritually Born Again Believer.”

Who now stands, in his or her human body, as a “New Creature, in Christ Jesus!”

This Holy Wondrous Act accomplished by God the Father’s Grace.

God the Father, which indwells within the One Spirit known as God.

This God enables all who come to Him, by His Own Power, Strength, and Love, which we call, “His Grace,” whereby, we are Justified by Jesus, who also is within this Spirit known as God.

Jesus is equal to the Father.

Spiritually Born Again Christians are justified by Jesus’ Atoning Sacrifice on Calvary!”

Additionally, the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, has the only Inspired Books from God, to the People of the World.

The Protestant Christian Bible Old Testament is Inspired and from God, giving the only true historical knowledge of God’s existence, and giving us a record of the beginnings of our world, as we now have it.

Giving the true account of the creation of Man. And the rib from the first man Adam, which was taken by God, for the creation of the first woman.

The Protestant Christian Bible’s Old Testament has the only first and true Religion to the World.

The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament is Inspired from God and is, the only book that the Protestant Christians are to follow within their daily lives.

Needless to say, there are doctrines and issues that would fill book upon book, in trying to clear up the confusion about those who say they are Christians and followers of Jesus, and in truth, they are not.

All, so-called false Christians, who teach that a New Testament Believer needs to keep part of the Old Testament Laws, Rituals, or Ceremonies, then they, these are the false teachers, they are NOT Christians.

The Apostle Paul, as well as all the Apostles and Believers, within the New Testament state this fact clearly.

Furthermore, if one believes and teaches Old Testament Law they are “Fallen from Grace.”

It simply means that they who had once profess to be followers of Jesus, have now left Jesus’ express teaching’s on this subject, and are lead by a malevolent anti Christ Spirit.

Fallen from Grace means, you are no longer a Christian.

I have personally witnessed locally and internationally and listened to different congregational leaders, and have heard this Old Testament Law of Tithing used in today’s so-called Christian Churches.

They all state, that if you don’t obey this Old Testament Law you are cursed of God, and are not a “True Christian Believer!”


This false teaching is taught with the hope for a larger amount of money to be received.

The larger the cash contributions, the more everyone get’s paid.

Additionally, I went to churches and have listened to those who asked that one would make a personal donation of any amount.

The amount to be determined by your conscience. Which is perfectly in line with New Testament Teaching’s of Offerings and Giving.

What is so sad, is that these under the law, these rebel churches have people who blindly follow along: week after week, month after month, year after year.

It becomes apparent, that they are in the last group I would like to mentioned.

“The Lost Religionists.”

All who teach from the writing’s of men, that is from their theological interpretation’s of the Protestant Christian New Testament are in error, and miss-lead most deliberately.

They should be rejected.

All current Protestant Denominations are teaching from doctrines of men and not from the Protestant Christian New Testament from God. There are very few exceptions.

And finally, all who teach from some sort of religious tradition old or new, all are a false religion.

All the world’s religions, that reject the Protestant Christian Bible’s Old and New Testament, as being the only true inspired writing from God to man, if they do not accept this, then they are only a meaningless religion.

The so-called Mega churches, and those claiming a Inter-Denominational name, or as Independent, or Non Denomination all are likewise, for the most part, teaching man’s private religious interpretations.

And not that of the plain teachings from Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, that are found only within the only true and inspired words from God to man that are within the Protestant Christian Bible.

The Followers of Jesus are admonished by Jesus Himself, that in the Last Judgement, all will be judged according to the plain teachings of Jesus, the Apostles and Evangelists, given only within the Protestant Christian Bible.

And only Jesus is the Judge.

Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary July 2013.

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