Video 3 Notes

The Missionary

Video 3 is emphatically stating the importance of one’s personal spiritual born again salvation experience.

Striking over and deeper, in naked persuasive realities, of a person to not give in or give up their spiritual right, after they have entered into God’s spiritual world by faith in Jesus atoning work for them, and for all the people of the world.

Video 3 in many ways gives the humanly, as well as the spiritual, each are presented in stark terms, so whoever should read them, they would know beyond a doubt of the seriousness that Jesus has put on a human’s eternal security with Him in Heaven.

Do not let anyone or anything separate you from the love of God as demonstrated through Jesus. Jesus suffering God’s wrath upon all sin, that ever was, and to be committed.

All sin’s wrath, from the past, the present, and all of the future. All of it’s punishments, were placed on Jesus at the Cross.

Jesus, this perfect, sinless living human sacrifice, gladly submitted to be the atonement for all of mankind’s transgressions.

Jesus being equally God and Man choose to suffer for the sins of the world as a human man.

Giving to us an eternal example, that when we are truly spiritually born again, as Jesus set aside His will, his own feelings, and willingly went to the cross to do man’s punishments. Jesus set aside His will to do the Father’s will, that all people of this world can now turn to Jesus freely by God the Father’s grace.

We too can set aside our will’s and, as Jesus obeyed the Father, we too can receive the Fathers help through His abundance of Grace given daily during our times of need.

We can also depend on the Father Grace Strength Power Love and Favor as Jesus did, to strengthen us during our times of crisis as we hold to Jesus by faith.

All truly spiritually born again believers in Christ Jesus realize that they are only where they are by the Father’s Grace and Love.

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