Missionary Njua


Chapter 1  Mong/Hmong   Comparative Dictionary

Chapter 2  Selma’s Pulpit

Chapter 3  Summaries of Bible Books

Chapter 4  What is a Christian

Chapter 5  What is a Protestant Christian

Chapter 6  Additional Hmong Works by N. Oetker

Chapter 7  Three Armed People

Chapter 8  Norman and Selma’s Photo Gallery

Chapter 9  The Hmong are Spiritually Lost

Chapter 10  12 Apostles of Jesus

Chapter 11  L.A.M. History

Chapter 12  New Generation Hmong Mong

Chapter 13  Christians are Freed of Sin

Chapter 14  Commands of Jesus

Chapter 15  Additional English/Spanish Works by N. Oetker

Chapter 16  Maps Religious

Chapter 17  Christmas 2013

Chapter 18  N. Oetker Family

Chapter 19 The Intentions of the Mind

120 YouTube Videos by N. Oetker

Video 1 of 40  Commands of Jesus

Video 2 of 40  Commands of Jesus

Video 3 of 40  Commands of Jesus

Video 4 of 40  Commands of Jesus

Video 5 of 40 Commands of Jesus

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Summaries of Bible Books