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Missionary Njua


A Foreward is normally written by an eminent and well published author.

Who could that be in my case I asked myself?

I had no hesitation of who would be eminently qualified. He has known me at my best and worse been with me through my happiest and saddest of times. Also  has seen more of my life than any other. He has listened to my most personal experiences, he always demonstrated a fairness and compassion that few have. He’s my personal confessor, savior, and the redeemer of my soul and mind.

My Savior Jesus has allowed me to enter a brief phrase on His behalf in my Book’s Foreward. 

Norman, keep me (Jesus) and the sharing of my Gospel Message of mankind’s Spiritual Salvation- that is only found within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament first in your life, and your happiness will result.

That happiness includes Jesus’s assurances of His never ending continual presence through His Holy Spirit. During any circumstances that I encountered in life’s way. He is there in sickness, dangers, obstacles or problems, family, friends, or foes.

Jesus’s promises His presence will prevail with me through all. 

Jesus states clearly all people that come unto Him, all that understand Him being a God-man, co-equal with God the Father, and God the Holy Spirit. That these three, commonly referred to as the three person in one God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all within this same spiritual substance that we call God. 

All that understand His Good News Gospel Message of Redemption and His Atonement on the Cross for mankind’s sins.

All that understand repentance, which is the full turning of one’s mind and will to obedience, to the writing’s of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists, that are found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. 

There are no other writing’s or traditions that are inspired from God for man’s spiritual and human salvation and redemption. 

All that do not accept only the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Truths, as to the way of Salvation, all other: religious writings, doctrines, traditions, and religions are false and misleading, for only in our Lord Jesus’s Good News Salvation Gospel Message can man be restored to God.  

 My Foreward through Jesus, who is an eminent and well published author, His Bible Sales are in the BILLIONS !

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