Missionary Njua


January 2014 Saint Charles Missouri US.

To the Miao Clans of SouthEast Asia, the world, and in the United States.

Particularly to the Mong Njua (green) and Hmong Dhlaw (white) from Laos.

From the King James Version of the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Mathew 3:2 (Jesus) And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

In beginning a brief couple pages from Bishop Horne for our beginning perspective.

Bishop Horne:

QUOTE: “…’Considering, why we are to serve; whom we are to serve; and how we are to serve. ‘

If we attend to the writings of some, and the manners of more, in the present age, we shall be led to think, that we are not to serve either God or man; that we have nothing to do with church or state; that the world is a forest, into which we are turned loose, like so many wild asses’ colts, to snuff up the wind, and run till we drop; in a word, that we are born free,  and independent. Alas, poor creatures!

Free and independent, indeed! Why, we should not ‘ live six hours to an end, after our birth, in such a state. From the first moment in which we see light, we depend, for preservation and support, on the good  of those around us, they depend 0n others, and all on God.

One planteth, and another watereth; but who else can give the increase?

Who is it else that can direct the operations of the powers of nature, concerned in bringing food out of the earth ; that can open the bottles of heaven, to pour down a kindly rain; or can stay them when they threaten to overwhelm and destroy all the hopes of a promised harvest? Let others talk of matter and motion, of chance, or necessity;

“ WE praise thee, “ O God, we acknowledge thee to be the Lord.”

To behold the fair frame of the world, with the several parts so constructed as they are for use and beauty, and all the various movements carried on in it, and to suppose it had no Maker, must surely argue” a great defect of understanding. “

The fool hath “‘ said in his heart, there is no God.”

And he is represented as having said it only in his heart, not daring to utter with his mouth so preposterous a sentiment. Lives there a. man, who can look at a house, or even a plough, and imagine, for a moment, that it made itself?

How much less, then, the heavens and the earth, and the works that are therein?

Away with the idle fancy, the sick man’s dream; it would be criminal to waste any more time in the consideration of it!

‘ But shall we then suppose, that he who created ‘ the world has withdrawn himself from the care of it; that he regards not the creatures which he has made, nor desires to be regarded by them?

The supposition is unnatural and absurd.

It was made by one sect of the heathen only, in their lowest and darkest state, and that sect long abhorred by the rest for its folly and impiety.

When riches flowed in from the East, and luxury had corrupted the minds and unstrung the nerves of the old Romans, these tenets became fashionable; a circumstance which was thought, by wise men, to prognosticate and to hasten the downfall of the empire.

It is matter of melancholy reflection to observe, that-the very same tenets have been of late revived and recommended in Great Britain, under the name and notion of philosophy, and are, if fame says true, daily gaining ground among the wealthy and the great, from whom they will soon descend to the middle and lower ranks, till the religious principle shall perish among us.

May Heaven avert the omen, and save the land!

The ‘ offence of Englishmen far exceeds that of the R0mans, and is very greatly aggravated by this consideration: they who were atheists formerly, were atheists in opposition to a false religion; they who are atheists now, are such in opposition to the true.

The Son of God is come, and has led us into all ‘truth.

The Scriptures have dispelled (and it ought to have been for ever) such gloomy and comfortless principles. They give as full assurance, that the providence of God extendeth itself over all things, and all persons; that though his throne be indeed far removed from us, though it be exalted as the sun, yet that, like the sun, “ Jehovah looketh from “ heaven, he beholdeth all the sons of men; from “ the place of his habitation he looketh upon all the “inhabitants of the earth ;” that he doth what the sun cannot do—“ He fashioneth their hearts alike, “ and considereth all their works;” that “the eyes of “ all wait on him, and he giveth them their food in “ due season.”

Man being thus dependent, it is but reasonable that he should acknowledge such dependence, and’ that he should serve. We are‘ to inquire, ‘

Secondly, whom he should serve? For, as the apostle has remarked, “there are gods many, and “lords many,” who in different ages have claimed and obtained the homage of mankind. The point in dispute between Joshua and his people was not, whether they should serve at all, but whom they should serve, whether the gods of the nations around them, or Jehovah, the God of Israel. ‘ ” END QUOTE.

Additionally on this website, you will find the commands of Jesus, the Apostles and Evangelists; in addition will be my comments.

Protestant Christian Missionary Norman Oetker.

January 2014, Saint Charles Missouri US.

NOTE: I joined the Army in 1965, 1968 Specialist E-5 Honorably Discharged.

I was not a Christian. I became a Christian in 1974 when I was 28 years old. I volunteered the first year to go to Vietnam to help the Vietnamese people to stop communist aggression. I volunteered a second time, when I recognized that talking with my younger brother and trying to explain to him the dangers and to not go, he had joined the Marines. My younger brother decided against my advice. I then volunteered to return to Vietnam  and immediately submitted paper work through the Army to have my younger brother transferred out of a combat zone country. There is a standing rule in the Army, that if two brothers or a father and son are in a combat zone, one of them can ask the other  transferred out of the combat zone. As I waited in Viet Nam for the paper work to go through, my younger brother was wounded and returned to the United States.

Repentance, used in these articles is when a person turns his or her life around and into obedience to the truths, teachings, and commands stated by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists.  This repentance decided upon and agreed and actively begins as God’s requirements for becoming a Christian and follower and believer of Jesus.

These truth’s are found in the only divinely inspired words from God to the people of this world. The New Testament inspirational sayings are found only within the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testament. 

Before becoming a Christian, God the Father’s Grace ( Grace is God the Father’s power, strength, love and favor towards all people of the world, from the past to the present, and into the future) is making one aware mentally and spiritually their need of reconciliation with God, and to believe in Jesus as one’s personal Lord and Savior.

The need in understanding Jesus’ plan of personal salvation, realizing obedience to Jesus’ teachings in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Our Justification before God the Father is only by the Father’s Grace first and faith in Jesus’s Redemption and Atonement for all of humanity.

All people can now be a Christian by faith in Jesus’ Redemptive Act, His alone Atonement for all the sins of the world, past, present, and future, and to then give obedience to Jesus’ Truth’s, Teachings, and Commands by Him, the Apostles and Evangelists given in the only divinely inspired words from God the Father to all of Humanity which is found only in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, no others.

When one understands the God-man Jesus’ Salvation Plan, Jesus’ sinless life offering to God the Father for the removing of Adam and Eve’s first sin known as Original Sin, and in doing so, removes all sins committed afterwards, and all future sins until God’s Heavenly City descends from the skies to the earth at Jerusalem.

Obedience to Jesus’ truths, then and only then, does the third person of the Holy Trinity of God, God the Holy Spirit then supernaturally creates within a new person in Jesus, is given a new life, he or she is “Born Again,” then and only then is one a Christian.

The Hmong/Mong, as well as the great majority of Americans have not been Spiritually Born Again as the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament states clearly by Jesus, the Apostles and Evangelists.

Two of the ten are so Miao, Meo, Meew, Mong, Hmong clans mentioned here are the Green and White Mong/Hmong. All of the different renderings of the spellings referred to the same name Mong.

The Mong were originally from the regions of now southwestern Mongolia and northern and central China. Of the many Mong Clans that migrated throughout China.

A very small part migrated down into the mountains of Laos, VietNam, Burma now Myanmar, and Thailand of SouthEast Asia. These small migrated groups mainly were the Mong Njua (Green.Blue) and the Mong Dhlaw (White) clans predominately.

The White Mong in Laos and the Green/Blue Mong in Thailand generally.

They are generally spoken of by the locals by the name of Meo.

The Mong of all clans of Southeast Asia are a minority.  The Hmong are one of the Himalayan opium growing cultivators. Generally in opposition to the native people, their laws, and government institutions of the nations that they have migrated south and east into from the China region.

The Mong nation is notorious for their self-willed non inclusive policies demonstrated towards all other ethnic social groups, marriage was unknown outside of their own clan people. Also their slash/burn agriculture techniques of cultivation of Poppy from which heroin is gotten, does not allow the topsoil to replenish, and the annual monsoonal rains wash the rest away. This type of ruinous agricultural practice had the Mong in nomadic movements, crossing irregardless of International Border Boundaries  every four to six years.

Several thousand years ago the Mong people controlled large parts of what we now know as Central Asia, China, and Mongolia. However, they’re defeat drove them into the Himalayan mountains.

From time to time different clan leaders within the Mong nation venture south and east in search of a new Mong Kingdom possibly, and always living in obscurity within the mountains, as they cultivated their poppy/heroin crops which will only germinate between the four to six thousand feet above sea level only.

As with all Asian mountainous illegal criminal activities, if the Mong lived there, they were always in leaderships of one sort are the other. For they were the source of the heroin trafficking from the east side of the  “Golden Triangle Area of South East Asia.” The Hmong White heroin from Laos, as well as the Mong Green from Thailand’s northern mountainous regions supplied the illegal drug traffickers death destructive drugs.

NOTE: My former wife and infant daughter Naomi were the first Protestant Christian Missionaries to the Mong Njua (green) in Thailand’s famed Golden Triangle Region.

Bringing later of our five family missions tours in this region, the first New Testament through which one of the MongNjua tribesman could read barely.

Today, this a professed Christian village. Thanks to many forthcoming missionaries who arrived after roads were built. When we went the first time  we trekked two days, there was no roads, electric nothing, God supplied, through the generosity of a MongNjua man, a rent free a one room dirt floor thatched hut.

No Thai people ventured into the mountains, for control was by: communists, criminal gangs, and the Mongs.

The other missionaries in the area had told us that if we went into the mountains that the Mong would kill us. The northern Thai people told us stories of the Mong people having short tails maybe four to five inches long.

When we finally struggled into the village that first time during the Monsoons, the MongNjua treated us as special people, even though we were quite a pathetic looking little group, we surely had our tails tucked between our legs (pun intended) as we limped into this thriving MongNjua village located in a natural mountain saddle, nestled in the high ranges of the BurmaThai Himalaya’s…. the exact place that wasn’t on any map anywhere, but was exactly where God had shown me in Saint Charles Missouri US. Where our journey began when we had finally decided and submitted and surrendered our lives to be missionaries for God. This is where God spoke these words to my heart, that He wanted me to be His spokesman to the Mong Hill Tribesmen.  They soon became our friends they took us in….God had given them a heart for us, as they are in my heart to this day.

At one time some of our current Mong refugees had tried this same secretive actions in the national Forests within the US.

In the past, the US. working through the United Nation, was the primary force in Thailand, supplying the funds and helicopters to spray and kill the poppy growing fields, hidden in the high ranges of the Northern Himalayas of Thailand. The poppy fields planted, and cultivated exclusively by the Mongs of all clans.

The comunists where also infiltrating into northeast Thailand as well as northern Laos and Vietnam

In regards to the Mong and others and their religious beliefs. 

The majority of Americans, as well as the people of the world, along with the great population of refugee hill-tribe people from the 1970’s Southeast Asian Refugee Relocation Programs that have settled in the US., these great majorities have not been Spiritually Born Again by the Holy Spirit of God, according to the plain truth’s as written by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists. 

To be a spirit born again person, as Jesus described to Nicodemus  requires to understand the basic teaching’s of Christ, the Apostles and Evangelists, as found written within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. 

Not some private interpretations by me or of some religious denomination. 

The Southeast Asian Mong Refugees that relocated through the United Nations Refugee Resettlement Programs to the United States and world,  happened during the 1970’s and 80’s. The Mong Christians (many converted while in Thailand’s refugee camps to be looked upon favorably  by receiving countries) decided to align and associate with the Christian Missionary Alliance religious denomination located within the US.

This organization has falsely taught these first foreign born remote hilltribesmen  that they indeed now are Christians. On several different occasions, in different parts of the US. I would talk with Mong pastors and I would ask them this one question, and I might add, that these Mong pastors had graduated from Christian Missionary Alliance’s associated Bible Seminaries here in the US.

My question was simply about this, in the Mong Animist religion they kill dogs, (small and red in color) chickens, very young pigs, oxen and others, and in doing so they will hold the animal, as they slice the neck open during their demonic worship sessions.

While the animals squeals, and thrashes about, the Mong shaman takes the warm blood and applies it to the altar as a sacrifice to a supposed demon he is in contact with.

I asked these Mong Christian pastors,  schooled here in the US. taught Bible Seminaries if this offering is to the same God of the Protestant Christian Bible?

Is the shaman’s blood offering to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob?

These predominantly White Mong pastors said it is the same god.

Myself, a person called of God to the Mong, you can only imagine the frustration I experienced listening to these false claims, as well as others from the Green/Blue Mong.

I recalled while living in Fresno California US. a conversation with a Pahawh Mong White leader, (Pahawh is the name given to another of the many supposed alphabets for writing Mong. This alphabet was crudely created at first by a dope induced hallucination, then many others added to it, then others claiming it was given by one uneducated farmer while he was in an opium  high.)  he said that he could pray to the founder of one of the many supposed alphabets, the Pahawh, and that this founder’s spirit of the Pahawh would give him directions as to what to do in any given situation.

Another situation was with several supposed Christian White Mongs, as to who they would obey if situation would arise were they would have to choose who to follow in a situation, and the example given was this.

If their self appointed Laotian leader of the Mong, a man named Vang Pao who was trained partially while working with the CIA during the VietNam conflict.

If this leader was to tell them to do something that is plainly stated in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament not to do, who would they obey?

God’s Word in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament or Vang Pao?

Without any hesitation ALL said they would follow Vang Pao.

A US. citizen hearing such things probably would conclude that it is just a remote heathen people and their practices and beliefs done in a remote area of the world, and  has nothing to do with their ordinary daily life here in the US.

However, I would like for you to think about a parallel model happening now within the US. today 2014. There are cruel practices happening by the Presidents of the United States in ordering drone strikes through the military and CIA operations.

If we knew the exact details of what was actually happening  to combatants and their villages, we would have a very sad heart indeed. The parallel is that someone is ordering these actions to happen and in some cases serious war crimes acts were perpetuated. Innocent non combatants are blown away by the drone bombs launched.

Those being ordered to do unlawful acts in war, I’m talking about acts of torture, those who ordered to do them know in their heart of heart, that the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament teaching’s of Christ, the Apostles and Evangelists forbid such inhumane treatment.

As the question above asked of the Hmong of who would they obey. The same question could be asked today of the US. military of who they would obey? The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Plain Truths or your military leaders?

The example of the Mong man praying to a certain man, the creator of a Mong alphabet, for there are many Mong creators and their alphabets,  they all say their creative inspirations for a script is from their god.  This particular Hmong leader here in Fresno Ca. US. believed that this creator of the Pahawh was a deity to pray to.  It is much the case in Asia. For example in Thailand the King and Queen are considered a deity of sorts, as Budha and many others.

Here in the United States there are millions of Americans who believe as the Hmong.

They also pray to a man. They, the followers of this man, believe that this man is infallible. This man is not capable of religious error, he is considered a lower deity, a god in regards to this one aspect, that he cannot make religious errors, for he is incapable of error, in other words a lower diety of sorts.

These are the Roman Catholic Popes.

These followers make ordinary people gods to pray to as with the mother of Jesus being a god. Other ordinary people being elevated to god-saints, not only do they pray to these ordinary people, they elevate them to god positions. That if one will pray to them, they through their connection with other heavenly spirits they can indeed work a miracle on the persons behalf.

NOTE: I want you to think how ridicules this ideal is when ordinary people decide who they will make a god to pray to? Ludicrous, in that just ordinary people decide who a god is? Is god a ordinary person? God is the creator of all, the world, and it’s creatures including man, and now lowly man decides who is a god to pray to?

God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob commands all to first love God with one’s whole heart and mind, and the second is to love your neighbor. God in the old Testament says quite clearly “to not have any other gods before me!”

From the Ten Commandments, “I am the LORD thy God, Thou shalt have no other gods, No graven images or likenesses….”

The roman catholic act as one that is deaf, dumb, and blind. The Catholics will be quick to say it’s wrong to worship a Budha Stature, but they will bow and pray to their stature of Mary, and dozens of other ordinary people, of whom these ordinary people decided to make their gods to pray to.

Blindly they follow without a lick of common sense, they follow a false demonic spirit that is in TOTAL CONTROL of what all know to be the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Jesus is the only God in the flesh that has ever been on the earth, His purpose for coming was to die for man’s sins. Atoning for the first sin by Adam and Eve called man’s Original Sin.

All humans are from Adam and Eve, all humans are born in sin. Jesus’ death atoned for Adam and Eve’s sin to God the Father, Jesus accepted God the Father’s Wrath that is against all sins, Jesus’s love for us not only withstood in His perfect innocent body the punishment for man’s sin, but Jesus took God’s wrath in His perfect sinless body for all the sins of all people. That is why He, Jesus, and Jesus alone is the only God-man that is ever to be. That is why the Deity of  the Godhead, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, decided on this plan for humans redemption. Now man can once again be restored to God as before Adam and Eve sinned. This is why Jesus became flesh and blood born of a sinful woman named Mary, conceived by the Holy Spirit. This one sinful woman  found favor with God the Father , just as  many other people in the old and new testaments found favor with Him, to fulfill His purposes; they are not gods; to think so is foolishness.

All now who understand the gospel good news message, all who then decide to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savor, all who have decided to stop their present lifestyle, to then begin to obey the truth’s, teachings, and commands as written in the only inspired words from God to the people of the world as found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament only. When one has decided to understand, to accept, to change and practice, when one has decided that they in fact will do these, it is then with a contrite heart before God and God alone man needs to confess, accept and pledge to follow it is then at that exact moment that the Holy Spirit enters a human’s mind and body and creates within this repentant person a new life, the renewing of their minds begins for when the above repentance is understood and accepted it is then and only then that a person becomes a new person in Jesus, the Christ!

If anyone is serious about the requirements that God, and only God has established, for a person to be spiritually born again, to have this supernatural experience, for this life changing events to happen, for a new spiritual, emotional, and physical transformational life.

When Jesus said that His followers will be transformed, will be new persons. His followers will have their mind’s renewed, their physical bodies are to be enabled to actually touch another and to pray in Jesus’ name for this persons healing.

Jesus said that this spiritual transformation isn’t just to become a new person, no, Jesus said at this spiritual new birth that one will become a new person, not just any new person, but a NEW PERSON in JESUS!

This spiritual, mental, and physical act can only be accomplished by an individual understanding God’s Plan of Salvation, and to then decide to accept or reject the teachings and commands that are given and understood plainly within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

It is in each persons individual spiritual times, that one decides. There is no I’ll think about it later, or until I’m older, married, or a new job or whatever excuse you can come up with. And I can tell you as a missionary I’ve heard some good and some very lame excuses as to why good, honest, church going and non church going people won’t obey the plain teachings from the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. These who actually have convinced themselves that they would rather trust an ordinary man and his ideals of God.

To be spiritually born again as Jesus states is found only within the only correct Inspired Words from God to all the people of the world, and that is within the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testament.

Today 2014 One cannot become a Spiritually Born AgainChristian if one does not think that it’s necessary to obey the writings, the obvious plain truths revealed in the only divinely inspired writing’s from God to man found only within the Protestsant Christian Bible New Testament. 

And those most directly and daily applicable are only the New Testament Writing’s. The vast majority of these original Southeast Asian refugees today are not Christians. The original refugees came here by sponsorship through a religious group. It must be stipulated and understood, that just because someone says they are part of a Protestant Denomination, and, that they are known for their good, and noble charities to the less fortunate, that these charitable acts, it must be stressed most emphatically, that these charitable acts do not make them a Christian. It makes them a Religious Organization Only. e.g. Hindu, Catholic, Buddhist,  Animist,  Lutheran, Oneness Apostolic, the Once Saved Always Save the ELECT cults,  etc.

(All people generally will say that Jesus was sent by God)

But…., these religions will then insert their man-made traditional beliefs of how they approach their individual gods.

List of Cults 

Additional note on cults:

All Protestant Denominations that referred to their own private denominational practices as to how one is to become a Christian and when their stated beliefs and practices are found to be contrary, to the very plain teachings of the New Testament, then these Protestant Groups are to be considered a cult. 

They have elevated their own denominational traditions, their man-made-created-ideals and long standing practices to be superior and along with their interpretations of scriptures, than those found within our present Protestant Christian New Testament.

The 1970’s Mong refugees decided to join and associate with those religious groups who could afford to offer them the most benefits: housing, training, clothes, food, food-stamps, government assistance, and any other type of government or non government programs. 

The Mong joined those religious groups that could help them with the most material things, for their personal gain and benefit. 

I’m sad to report, that as a Protestant Christian Missionary, I have observed first hand and have spoken out against these, and many other deceptive practices by those who say they are Protestant Christian Missionaries, and are not; they are only the followers of a religious organization. 

These deceptions, are in how one can become a Christian, their outward lies are a common world wide religious practice. Practiced to deceive all, even the international governments and their local authorities.

Deceptions of all sorts are commonplace, such as reporting to foreign government agencies false and deliberate lies as to their true purpose for entering a foreign country. 

Their purpose is to gain new converts to one’s particular religious denomination. 

All of the world’s religions to some degree do the very same types of things, and they, all of the world’s religions, that practice these deceptions, do so in order to get one to join their religion.  

The now second and third generations of Mong in the US. and elsewhere are as hopelessly spiritually lost as their American counterparts. There are exceptions, but very few.

The first generation MongNjua and Hmong Klhaw from Laos, that arrived in the US. had gripping life changing stories of their escapes from Laos, from crossing the Mekong river, to the long years within the UN. Thai Refugee camps, awaiting sponsorship from a major international nation.

The Mong, upon arriving in their host countries soon began to forget all of their harrowing stories, of how they prayed to the Christian God Jesus for His help and protection in their escapes. Not only for themselves and immediate families, but for all the suffering Mong within Laos. 

Man’s Free Will To Choose!

I’ve witnessed, counselled, observed so many times that when people are in the depth of their problems, and this does include me at times, that one prays and says all sorts of things in order that in doing so their problems will stop. 

The Real and True Test comes when the problems: trials, persecutions, sufferings, sickness’s etc. pass. Then, as one’s life’s problems settled down, Are you THEN still COMMITTED to JESUS and GOD!


Or has your “FREE WILL” decided to forget that, and move on to other things? If you are a Christian, and you haven’t regained this Zeal for the proclamation of Jesus’ Good News Gospel Message, after you have experienced some sort of personal tragedy, then it is only a matter of time, that the same types of mental and physical trials will come through again to your life through different circumstances. 

All we can do as Christians, to regain the Zeal, is to ask God for His forgiving mercies on our unbelieving hearts at times. And then for us to get UP spiritually, and get back on top of that house top, and to proclaim Jesus’ Salvation Message to a dying and lost world.

Jesus who is the “King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.” And, that the “Christ Jesus Only is the Savior to the World.”

Intentions of the Mind

The average mountain Laotian Mong listened to certain Mong leaders, and to this story of a Mythical futuristic Mong kingdom that was going to be set up. And, these who had foolishly followed and believed this Mong Myth, which states in part, that a future Mong King was going to set up a Mong Kingdom within Southeast Asia.

The Laotian Mong erroneous believed they would take control of Laos and set up their Mong Kingdom and fulfill this Mong myth. The Mong, with their fierce nomadic rebellious nature, which is anti local governments, towards any of these nations within the Southeast Asian Regions. 

The Laotian Mong soon began to believe this myth, and were sorely misguided. They willingly joined in a brazen coup attempt, to overthrow the Laotian Government, and to take control of it totally. This rebellious anti government plan was doomed from the start. 

This same anti rebellious spirit towards all outsiders is still fiercely believed upon by these now aging first generation Mong within the US. 

This rebellious undercurrent has influenced, and has been passed down through their generations to the current Mong of America. The Mong, as well as all others, that reject Christ as their Lord and Savior, live today in a violent world of spiritual upheaval.

What is a Christian?

A note: I fully realized that those who decide to read this preface in it’s entirety, are for the most part not a Christian. And, that you reject much of what I write. Also, of those, who in their supposed spiritual leadership positions, who are in fact not, who think they are Christians, and also who find objections to what I write, you are in fact not a Christian, but only belong to one of the world’s religions, which is meaningless. 

I write to a relatively small number of those who are in fact, lead by God’s Amazing Grace in seeking out the truth, in how man can have a spiritual reconciliation with the Spiritual God who has created all. 

God, the Christ Jesus, who as God has created all. Created all that is known, and has given to all people the way of personal salvation, and that is found in Christ Jesus’ Good News Atoning Gospel Message of Salvation, within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. I think additionally, it’s easier also to state, what does not make one a Christian. 

a.They, that say they are a Christian because when they were very young, under ten years of age, that they had an experience with Christ.

b. Being born into a so-called Christian family, and belonging to a church.

c. One that says they used to go to church and understand.

d. One that says they believe in God.

e. Those that say they’ve read and practiced the Bible.

f. Those that state they are a: Pastor, Associate Pastor, Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Elder, Deacon or on a church board.

g. Or of those who state they have attended a local church all of their lives.

“A Protestant Christian Believer” is a person who has understood God’s terms for becoming a Christian. 

Who then commits, to be a follower of Jesus. 

One who has realized and who has decided, to accept the Gospel Message of Salvation, for their now, and eternal spiritual well being, as well as their now physical life while on the earth. 

They have understood, and have repented. 

Repentance is quite easy to understand. It only applies to those, that have turned within, who have given willingly and without reservation, who have determined within their hearts and minds, to follow and practice the Protestant Christian Bible’s New Testament’s Teachings, as given by Jesus, and the Apostles, and Evangelists. 

Therefore, one who has believed, and who has repented; again, repentance means only to follow those spiritual teaching’s that are found within the Protestant Christian New Testament. 

It is then, and only then, that God’s Supernatural Power is allowed to come to an earthly repented person. 

The Power of God is carried directly, to the person who has chosen to be a convert to Jesus’ Salvation Gospel Message. 

God’s Holy Spirit brings to this New Convert of Jesus God’s Seal. 

This Godly Seal indicates, that indeed, this surrendered life to Jesus’ Salvation Message, has been supernaturally transformed by God’s Holy Spirit. 

This Now New Person, has the indwelling of the Holy Spirit within their being. The Spirit of God now co-exists within this “New Spiritually Born Again Believer.” Who now stands, in his or her human body, as a “New Creature, in Christ Jesus!” 

This Holy Wondrous Act accomplished by God the Father’s Grace. 

God the Father, which indwells within the same spiritual substance that we call God. God’s Grace ONLY, enables all, to come to Him. 

Grace is God’s Own Power, Strength, and Love, which we call, “His Grace.”  

Whereby, and only by God the Father’s Grace, are we even able to begin to understand and to realize the need for our spiritual salvation, and that only Christ Jesus’s Atonement can offer. 

We, All, are and only, Justified before God, by Jesus’s Atoning for Mankind’s Sin. 

Jesus, who also is within this same Spirit-Substance known as the “Spirit of God.” Jesus is God and equal to the Father and the Holy Spirit.  

Spiritually Born Again Christians are justified by Jesus’ Atoning Sacrifice on Calvary!”

As told within Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, this one and only book has the only Inspired Words from God, to the People of the World. The Protestant Christian Bible Old Testament is Inspired and from God, giving the only true historical knowledge of God’s existence, and giving us a record of the beginnings of our world, as we now have it. 

Giving the true account of the creation of Man. And the rib from the first man Adam, which was taken by God, for the creation of the first woman Eve. 

The Protestant Christian Bible’s Old Testament has the only first, and true Religion to the World. 

The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament is Inspired from God, and is, the only book that the Protestant Christians are to spiritually follow within their daily lives. 

Needless to say, there are doctrines and issues that would fill book upon book, in trying to clear up the confusion about those who say they are Christians and followers of Jesus, and in truth, they are not. 

All, so-called false Christians, who teach that a New Testament Believer needs to keep part of the Old Testament Laws, Rituals, or Ceremonies, these all, are the false teachers, they are NOT Christians. 

The Apostle Paul, as well as the other first century Apostles and Believers, within the New Testament state this fact clearly. 

We now are saved by Grace! and not Law, the Apostles state clearly, what we as Christians are to do; please read below. A common false teaching is that, if one doesn’t tithe then one is cursed by God. This is a false and demonic teaching, for it denies, that one is saved by Grace and Jesus’ Atonement on Calvary. 

This FALSE teaching states, that you have to believe and to pay God ten percent of your income, and if you don’t you are cursed by God. 

This teaching is simply another man-made Gospel message, which is TOTALLY FALSE. 

Example: Moses told the people of Israel to keep and follow the Laws of God and one was “Tithing.” Deuteronomy 4:14 KJV – And the LORD commanded me at that time to teach you statutes  and judgments, that ye might do them in the land whither ye go over to possess it. Deu 14:22 KJV – Thou shalt truly tithe all the increase of thy seed, that the field bringeth forth year by year. 

Then in the New Testament, the keeping of the Old Testament Laws are expressly forbidden by the Apostles. 

Act 15:7 King James Version – And when there had been much disputing, Peter rose up, and said unto them, Men [and] brethren, ye know how that a good while ago God made choice among us, that the Gentiles by my mouth should hear the word of the gospel, and believe. 

Act 15:8 KJV – And God, which knoweth the hearts, bare them witness, giving them the Holy Ghost, even as [he did] unto us; 

Act 15:9 KJV – And put no difference between us and them, PURIFYING THEIR HEARTS BY FAITH.

Act 15:10 KJV – Now therefore why tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon the neck of the disciples, which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear? 

Act 15:11 KJV – But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved, even as they. 

Act 15:20 KJV – But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and [from] fornication, and [from] things strangled, and [from] blood. 

Act 15:24 KJV – Forasmuch as we have heard, that certain which went out from us have troubled you with words, subverting your souls, saying, [Ye must] be circumcised, and keep the law: to whom we gave no [such] commandment: 

Act 15:28 KJV – For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things; 

Acts 15:20 But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and [from] fornication, and [from] things strangled, and [from] blood. Furthermore, the Apostle Paul States Clearly in the New Testament Book to the people in Galatia: 

Galatians 5:4 KJV – Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace. 

If one believes and teaches Old Testament Law they are “Fallen from Grace.” 

It simply means that they, who had once professed to be followers of Jesus, have chosen to leave the writing’s of the Protestant Christian Bible’s New Testament, written by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists. 

Chosen to “DISOBEY” the express teaching’s on this subject, and in doing so have left God’s Grace, they are no longer a Christian. 

They did not accidentally leave God’s Grace. They also were NOT deceived. They, these hidden rebels against God, with their deceptive words, and half truth’s, and their play on words, in order to confuse and distract. Planting seeds of doubts about God’s Word, in trying to gain the confidences of the weak and un-informed. 

These Rebels are the Tares referred to in God’s Word;

the Wheat are the truly Holy Spirit Spiritually Born Again Christians, as explained by Jesus in Matthew 13:30. 

Matthew 13:30 KJV – Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn. 

These rebel religious leaders are found easily, both male and female, young and old.

They are within every Protestant Denomination, locally as well as world-wide. They are educated, polished and reformed, moving easily within religious groups, for they have grown accustomed to the emotional and spiritual movements that occur within any religious gathering. 

They are led by a malevolent anti Christ Spirit.

Their true motives and actions are done in secret, but the Word of God is quite clear that which is done in secret shall be shown openly to all. 

Fallen from Grace means, you are no longer a Christian. 

I have personally witnessed locally and internationally and listened to different congregational leaders, and have heard this Old Testament Law of Tithing used in today’s so-called Christian Churches. 

They all state, that if you don’t obey this Old Testament Law you are cursed of God, and are not a “True Christian Believer!”


This false teaching is taught with the hope for a larger amount of money to be received by them. 

Additionally, I’ve went to churches and have listened to those who asked that one would make a personal donation of any amount for the expenses of the pastor and church building maintenance.The amount to be determined by your conscience. Which is perfectly in line with New Testament Teaching’s of Offerings and Giving. 

What is so sad, is that these under the law, these rebel churches have people who blindly follow along: week after week, month after month, year after year. 

Apparently, these rebels, who on the one hand proclaim they only believe in the Bible, and hope that you’re uninformed in Bible Truths, or you’re intimidated and will not say anything and will just go along with the group. 

Another common false group is “The Lost Religionists.” 

The lost religionists are those who teach from the writing’s of men. 

They additionally add too, that is, from their theological interpretation’s of the Protestant Christian New Testament. 

These, and all religionists, are in error, and miss-lead most deliberately. 

All are to be rejected. 

Just about all current Protestant Denominations are teaching from doctrines of men and not from the Protestant Christian New Testament from God. 

Also, they all state their religious teaching’s are Bible truth’s.

However, in fact, they are not; they’re based on a man or a group’s denominational agreed beliefs only. 

There are very few exceptions. 

And finally, all who teach from some sort of religious tradition old or new, all are a false religion. 

All the world’s religions, that reject the Protestant Christian Bible’s Old and New Testament, as being the only true inspired writing from God to man, if they do not accept this, then they are only a meaningless religion. 

This Statement does not mean that your religious traditions are equally inspired from God, as some Protestant as well as Catholic denominations teach. 

ALL religions, who equate their traditional centuries’ old traditions as being inspired of God directly, are a FALSE CULT and to be rejected. 

The so-called Mega churches, and those claiming a Inter-Denominational name, or as Independent, or Non Denomination all are likewise, for the most part, teaching man’s private religious interpretations. 

And not that of the plain teachings from Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, that are found only within the only true and inspired words from God to man are within the Protestant Christian Bible. 

The Followers of Jesus were admonished by Jesus Himself, that in the Last Judgement, those who are left on the earth, after the Rapture, are judged according to the plain teachings of Jesus, the Apostles and Evangelists, given only within the Protestant Christian Bible. 

And only Jesus is the Judge! 

Jesus will judge all of humanity based on the truth’s of only one book and that is the

Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. 

Norman Oetker

Protestant Christian Missionary, 

January 2014, Saint Charles Missouri US.

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