“Comments on The Fundamentals” by Selma Oetker


The Fundamentals is an outstanding four-volume set of books written 100 years ago. They were sent free to missionaries, preachers, and others who were actively and whole-heartedly sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

The articles written were by different Godly men and women.

The focus of RA TorreyThe Fundamentals was to encourage the readers in their faith, reminding them of the basic fundamental truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that they must live by the

teachings of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists as recorded

in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

It is necessary to specify ” the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament”, because that is the ONLY Bible, indeed, the ONLY book! that has the true message of

Salvation through Jesus Christ Alone.

 There are other religions that have their own “bibles”, and traditions, or other books which is their interpretation of the true Bible,

but those are All FALSE TEACHINGS.

As I read The Fundamentals,


 to find out about the VICIOUS assaults on the VERACITY of the

Word of God!


It’s incredible to me that so many people want to discredit the Bible, saying that it is only myths, or that Jesus did not really work miracles, or that God does not heal people today, or that the gifts of the Spirit of God do not apply to us today.

Because of these attacks on the Bible, many people are deceived, and many become weak or lukewarm in their faith.

However, reading these books, written by men who truly love God, is very encouraging to those of us who are holding up the banner of Truth, which is the

Gospel Message of Salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

I encourage everyone to read The Fundamentals by R.A. Torrey.

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In doing so, you will not only gain understanding of the basic doctrines of Christianity, but also be enlightened concerning the methods of attack on the Bible.

Many things I have read in these books are so applicable to today, that one might think it was just now written, instead of 100 ( one hundred) years ago!

January 2014, revised March 2015 , August 2015
Saint Charles Missiouri U.S.

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