Why do today’s people avoid a conversation about Jesus?



Protestant Christian Missionaries

Norman and Selma Oetker

Saint Charles Missouri US. August 2014

It is very simple to understand.

Divinity Why do today’s people avoid a conversation about Jesus?

It’s very simple to understand. Written in the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments, are endless stories, of man rejecting God, and His plans for their lives.

Man lives in, and is subject to a “LIE!” The “LIE,” the belief that His Original Sin nature controls his life!

How many agonizing times, have you heard people repeat and repeat this lie.

They actually believe, beyond any doubt, that they are evil, and, if they admit to this lie, over and over, then in their minds-and I think within their own egos-it gives them a false, conceited ideal of their own humility.

This statement applies, to those who call themselves Christians, as well as those who don’t acknowledge God, there are some exceptions.

The lie, is “Sin!” Sin (the lie) at it’s core, or the lowest denomination,

is rebellion towards God, and His authority.

Aptly recorded, multiple times, in both the

Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments.

Sin is easily recognized by man’s statements: “I’ll do what I want, I’ll believe what I want, I’ll act the way I want etc.

To the world, leave me alone, and to mine your own business!”

Within the so-called Christian denominational autonomous churches, this very rebellious sin, this LIE, is in fact the core foundation of all (with few exceptions).

These, Christian denominational autonomous false churches, hide their lie-sin-core-foundation from the outside world, by a covering of “good works.”

When one sees, a Christian denominations outside covering of good-works, for there are many to see most easily, such as: helping orphan children, medical aid, building houses for the poor, food and clothing distribution, every kind of 12 (twelve) step self help programs, that are available, and, or, currently popular, outreaches in community self help programs of all sorts etc.

These Lie-foundations are firmly entrenched in both, the supposed Christians organizations, and, in those organizations that aren’t noted as a religious groups.

How to easily detect a Lie-foundation, within your own thoughts and understandings, or of that within a church or group.

If you, church, or group, do not accept only, the written Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments, as the ONLY Divine, and inspired words from God, to all of humanity, then you are not a follower of Jesus, and are living willingly, or un-willingly, in the “Lie”.

Are you the type, who lives a good moral life centered around your family and friends?

Your law abiding, and upright generally, in your ways,

and with your neighbors, and fellowmen.

And,or, you the one, who attends church on a somewhat regular basics, and listens to the current speaker, and assumes, that what your hearing, is the actual message that the Bible is conveying.

If you believe and practice, any so-called Christian traditional, man written articles of faith and, or, doctrines of interpretations of what one believes the scriptures are saying, then you are not a Christian.

Your simply believing LIE’S-Sin.

You’ve heard the old cliché often, that when a person lies consistently, then they will forget what is the real truth, and continue to lie upon the lie that was first spoken.

August 2014 I have returned from almost 7 (seven) years of missionary service in Mexico, and I’m shock to visit churches here in the St. Louis, Saint Charles areas.

The Cross of Salvation, repentance and living a holy life according to what was spoken by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. The gospel message isn’t mentioned.

The church message of today is a self-help themed, based philosophy.

Repentance, and getting saved, of being spiritually born again is sorely lacking today!

Stand for Jesus! as expressed, within the only true and divine words from God to all of mankind, spoken by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary. August 2014

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