Narrow Pathway, Many Said No


August, 2013 Saint Charles Missouri US.

We are Protestant Christian Missionaries Norman and Selma Oetker, I’m 67 years old, and Selma my wife is 66 years old. We were Married April 2, 2013, together we continue on as missionaries for our Lord and Savior, the Christ Jesus. We are currently serving in Missouri within the United States at this time.

As the founder and director of L.A.M.”The Light Amidst the Mong/Hmong.”

L.A.M. is a Christian Outreach to the World, incorporated in 1978 as a non for profit organization specifically stating to share the “Gospel Message of Salvation as given by Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists.” As found within the only true and correct interpretation from God to all of humanity, as found within our present Protestant Christian Bible.

All other religions, that do not embrace ONLY, the “Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Truths” as being the only revelation from God to men, in how man can be reconciled to God by the God-man Jesus’s Salvation Plan, are false and meaningless.

There are NO man made spiritual traditions equal to the Protestant Christian Old and New Testament, as for as being inspired from God.

L.A.M. has ministered to: Thailand, U.S., and recently, returning in September 2012, from six years in Reynosa Mexico, to Saint Charles Missouri US.


L.A.M. is a “non for profit organization” registered in the state of Missouri since 1978.

L.A.M.’s sole purpose is to share the gospel message from Christ, which is the only way of “Spiritual Salvation,”  for all of mankind.

ALL PEOPLE can be, reconciled with the only true God, as revealed in the only true Revelation given to the world from God, which has come from God’s Son, the God-man-Jesus writing’s, and of those from His Apostles and Evangelists, as found within the Protestant Christian Bible’s New Testament ONLY!

Jesus’s, “Spiritual Salvation Plan,” is the only religious correct doctrine from God to the world.

Jesus’s “Spiritual Salvation Plan,” is mankind’s only way of being reconciled with the one and only true God, as revealed within the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments.

God’s, “Spiritual Salvation Plan,” for all of the world, is revealed only within the “Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testament.”

All other, so-called spiritual salvation’s or reincarnations etc. or, spiritual religious practices, conducted by all other religions are spiritually meaningless.

Jesus’s Gospel Good News Salvation Plan, is the only true, spiritual Salvation heard before the only One and True God, as revealed within the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments.

I have stated this repeatedly since 1974, for that is when I became a follower of our Lord Jesus.

It was in 1974 when I became a Christian, when I, as well as thousands of others, accepted Jesus’s Plan of Spiritual Redemption.

Additionally, and simultaneously, at that time, my human spirit- as well as all others, who have been made aware, through God the Father’s Grace- became aware, of our intense love for Jesus, and Jesus Alone Salvation and Forgiveness from Sin, through the preaching of the Good News Gospel Message of Redemption.

All then, the Believers in Christ’s Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Plan of Salvation, were supernaturally and spiritually made new, being “Spiritually Born Again by the Holy Spirit of God.”

All that I understood as wrong, evil, or sinful, all of those things, that I had done either to myself or unto others, was totally forgiven by God, through my acceptance of Christ Jesus’ Salvation plan.

All Sin was forgiven, for those accepting Jesus as one’s personal Lord and Savor.

Taken away within that same moment was sin’s shame, guilt, and condemnation.

And was replaced instantly, with the presence of God’s Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness.

Then, as quickly as a twinkle of one’s eye, I, as well as ALL, were supernaturally changed by the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

Within that moment of acceptance I was supernaturally changed, to a “New Creature in Christ Jesus.”

I was “Spiritually Born Again!”

I was totally forgiven, my human consciousness, and my spirit were made New, by God the Father’s Grace, His Holy Spirit.

His Grace, which gave me knowledge and thereby, helped me in my decision to believe and follow, the Christ Jesus’s teachings; as well, as those of His Apostles and Evangelists through understanding and by faith in them.

Now I, as ALL, truly spiritually born again believers through faith in Jesus alone and His Redemption plan.

Therefore, I was fully justified before God thorough faith in His Son Jesus, in Jesus’ sacrificial death on the Cross.

Therefore, Jesus Atoned for man’s first Original Sin committed by Adam and Eve, and, of all subsequent sins committed thereafter, and of all future sins to be committed by man, until God’s Heavenly Kingdom shall descend upon the earth, as foretold in the Revelation from God the Father, given to Jesus, who then revealed it to the Apostle John, as written now within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Book of Revelation.

I, as all that are “Spiritually Born Again,” and I must state this clearly, my personal decision came only through, and by God’s help, through His Grace.

Grace is God’s Strength, Power, Love, and Favor towards all the people of the world.

At that time, I wasn’t aware of God’s Grace that was enabling me to understand my need for Redemption; additionally, Grace was enabling me to hear and to begin to realized fully, that I was separated from God by Adam and Eve’s Original Sin, which was committed by our first parents Adam and Eve within the Garden of Eden.

This Original Sin was why I, as well as all humans since Adam and Eve, are born in sin.

For it was in Adam and Eve’s fallen, disobedient sin-full state towards God, that all are descendants are born from and into.

From Adam and Eve’s once innocent, and eternally destined earthly lives, now changed by the consequences of their actions, from their innocents and life eternal, to now one of sin and death.

“Sin and Death,” is the Spiritual and Physical condition that all people are born into.

All, are the descendants of the once grand and glorious existence, of a spiritual and physical eternal destinies, to now, as the result of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, to that of sin’s degradation, spiritually, as well as a physical death.

For it was within this fallen sin-full state that Adam and Eve reproduced themselves.

All of the world’s inhabitants now came from this sinful Adam and Eve.

All people are born within this fallen spiritual and physical sinful state.


Adam and Eve’s first sin, has  been called “Original Sin.”

All people are born into “Original Sin.”

Note: A baby,a small child, and those mentally impaired, all who are incapable of reasoning and understanding and are therefore considered innocent. See below, as to why all of those without reasoning capabilities are going to heaven.

Jesus’s death on the cross was Jesus’ willing sacrifice for the sin’s of the entire world.

In other words, all of Adam and Eve’s sin’s, and of all of their posterity up until the time of Jesus’s birth were Atoned for, were forgiven by Jesus’s Sacrificial Death on the Cross.

All people, therefore, are justified before God the Father, by their understanding, and their acceptance, and their repentance (repentance is the turning from sin to the obeyance of the New Testament teaching’s of Christ the Apostles and Evangelists as recorded within the only true and correct words from God to all the people of the world which are only within the Protestant Christian Bible.) in order to have the cleansing redemption, that is, to have God the Father’s Grace carried to one’s understanding, of the forgiveness and acceptance of God’s eternal plan for their lives, as to how to become a “New Creature in Christ.”

Thereby receiving by Grace and Truth, a Spiritual Freedom, as a “New Creature in the Christ Jesus!”

To be Spiritually Born Again, by the Holy Spirit of God, through Jesus’s death on the Cross for the World.

That all people, through their individual belief and obedience to Jesus’s Atonement Gospel Good News message, that is the heart and meaning of the Gospel, Good News Message, that one can be reconciled to God the Father.

Additionally, Jesus’s Death and Atonement removed sin from all the people of the world during His life time, and most beneficial to us, was that the Christ Jesus died for all of the future sins of the world.

All of sin’s evil perversions, rebelliousness, and temptations has been, and is removed fully up to the time that God’s Heavenly City shall descend to the earth, as stated in the Protestant New Testament Book of Revelation.

Original Sin, this knowledge of good and evil. Sin along with it’s perversions and it’s anti God, and anti Jesus inceptions.

Sin’s rebellious spiritual reaction to man being justified by God the Father’s Grace, Power, Strength, Love and Favor, which is  an abhorrence by sins author, the devil, Lucifer,a fallen angelic being.

Sin’s refusal to submit to God’s Will and His justification for all people and their eternal salvation, has all humans within its control.

The Gospel Message of Salvation and by faith in and through Christ’s Redemption Plan, this alone can set one free from Original Sin’s control.

Adam and Eve’s free will choice, which was to disobey God, was a rebellious spiritual

sin, along with the actual physical act of eating from the tree that was forbidden by God.

For the act, was inspired from a fallen angelic spirit, who had been cast to the earth along with other rebellious angelic spirits, for their heavenly rebellions towards God.

Adam and Eve’s transgression, their act, (Original Sin) brought humanities sin-nature, to all people of the past, to the present and to the future.

This sinful, rebellious nature is that which all humans are born with.

Sin brought both spiritual and physical death to all of humanity.

However, we can easily read in Genesis 3:15 of God’s promise of the One to come, and that was the God-man, the Christ Jesus, who was to free man from sin’s spiritual and physical death.

At this point, I would like to give a spiritual example.

If a person was told to go and commit a crime to another, justice requires both persons are held accountable. That is, the one who actually commits the act, as well as the one giving the instructions to another to actually commit the crime, even though, the one giving the orders isn’t present during the actual crime.

In Adam and Eve’s situation, when Adam, the only man ever created by God, as well as Eve, who was created from Adam’s rib. When God first created them they were unable to know right from wrong, they were perfectly innocent, in spirit as well as body, for God created them to live eternally in this manner.

Thereupon, their sin of rebellion towards God, resulting for them both, a spiritual, as well as physical death, and of note most importantly, that it was in this fallen sinful state, that Adam and Eve had children.

These first children, as well as all following descendants, to our present age, and to all future descendants, until God descends from heaven to this planet. All are born with this sin and it’s cursed state, both spiritually and physically.

Justice requires that both offending parties be punished. In this case, the angelic being and it’s perpetrators Adam and Eve.

God told the spirit, that had spoke and tempted Eve, this spirit, that spoke through and animal.

God first condemned this animal, to slither on it’s belly from henceforth.

God then spoke to the evil rebellious spirit, that this spirit was to be eventually spiritually crushed.

The one, a Human, that was to crush this Spirit, would be bruised (hurt physically) in doing so.

And that this “SEED of the woman,” which means only one person, (SEED) not a generation of people or of a church fighting against and crushing evil.

NO! this one SEED, this one person was the Messiah, the Christ, Jesus!

And, that through this God-spirit, this pre-incarnate Jesus, and His spiritual willingness, to become a man, and to therefore suffer humanly, as all humans do.

This was done by one, in the God-man becoming a baby born of a human sinful virgin named Mary.

This born in sin woman named Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit of God.

This sinful woman had found favor with God.

Mary, this sinful woman, as all people are, had to go to the Jewish Temple once year, as all Jews did, to confess their sinful ways, as the Jewish High Priest annually offered an animal sacrifice to God, for the sin’s of ALL the Jewish people.

God choose her, similarly God has chosen those who He desires to empower with His Holy Spirit, such as: Samson, Elijah, Moses and the Apostles, these were all born in sin, these humans found favor with God, and God choose to use them for His purposes, even though that all were born in sin.

The sinful woman Mary, who was born in sin, as all people are, had to acknowledge her sinful state and the need for Jesus’ Atonement for sin, for her to be restored to God.

Mary had to understand and then to accept, along with her repentance, to the turning to the fulfillment of the Mosaic Law by Jesus’s Atonement for the World.

Jesus’s Atoning for sin, and the removal of Sin from all of the people of the world, thereby, when people upon hearing of Jesus’s Good News Gospel Message of Salvation, which is to all the nations of the World, that through understanding this Gospel of Salvation, and then of accepting, and of repenting, all people upon obedience to Jesus’s alone salvation message, can have spiritual reconciliation with God the Father through Jesus’s Atonement.

Jesus Atoned, and died, offering Himself as a living sacrifice for sin. After His death, on the third day, Jesus arose from the grave, and finally ascended to Heaven, where He is now, at the right hand of the Father. Interceding on the behalf of all of His followers to the Father, all that have been truly spiritually Born Again.

Mary, as well as all the followers of Jesus had to turn to the teaching’s of Jesus, the Apostles and Evangelists as they were being given verbally at that time and by the subsequent letters that were sent amidst the early christian church believers.

Mary, as well as all believers, had to turn from the daily practices of the Law of Moses.

For in Jesus the Law was FULFILLED!

Now, all who are to be reconciled to God the Father, are to come the way of the Cross of Calvary only, for now all are only justified by Grace and Truth which can only come through Jesus and His Atonement for Sin.

Jesus,who was both fully God and man, and by Him, this Jesus, being that perfect sinless sacrifice to God the Father, as an Atonement for Adam and Eve’s first Original Sin against God.

He, Jesus, being fully God, (for God is a Spirit) this Spirit God, became incarnate, being brought forth through a human woman, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit who was sent from this God Spirit.

The Incarnate Jesus, who was, and is, totally human, and totally God.

The God-man Jesus, was as the first created man Adam before he sinned against God, that is, Jesus was free and innocent, His human body, mind, spirit, and intellect was without the stain of sin.

Jesus was not conceived by a sinful man, but was conceived by the Holy Spirit of God.

Adam and Eve’s punishments for their rebellion to God, was Sin and death, both physically and spiritually, and all the details of their punishments are given in the first chapters of the Protestant Old Testament Book of Genesis.

My spiritual conversion had been accomplished, totally, by our Lord Jesus, on the Cross, as He was the sin-less, atoning sacrifice, to God the Father, for our first parents Adam and Eve’s sin. And thus fulfilling God’s first promise to man in Genesis 3:15.

Genesis 3:15 promise, fulfilled in Jesus’s Atonement, removed all of humanities sins, including mine.

God the Father’s forgiveness was and is carried to us by the Holy Spirit, God’s unconditional love presence was what I remembered the most, at the moments during my initial conversion.

Of God, and His unwavering acceptance of me, who was most pitiful, and so unworthy.


To be NOW a follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus, as was recorded within the Protestant Christian Bible’s New Testament.

Important for all to understand, in order for one to be “spiritually born again,” by the Holy Spirit of God, please, stop and think about what I just wrote, I’ll repeat, for one to be spiritually born again by God, through God’s Holy Spirit, one has to understand the Gospel message of how to become a Christian, included within these primary steps of understanding are the meanings of repentance and it’s proper applications.

The majority of Protestants do not understand the proper application of repentance and therefore, they are only members of a religious organization.

They have not been Spiritually Born again by the Holy Spirit of God.


Repentance is to turn from this world’s ideals, turning to the teaching’s of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists, as found only within our current Protestant Christian Bible New Testament ONLY.

Additionally,there are meaningless Gospel messages created by some Protestant Denominations, introduced through various theological plans. These theology doctrines created by men are of non-affect spiritually.

Particularly, those that that teach of a DIFFERING GOSPEL MESSAGE of Salvation for man.

Upon examining various Protestant Denomination’s methods of becoming a Christian, there lacks an emphasize that “REPENTANCE” is a key component, in man’s spiritual salvation.

Man’s repentance is essential, for understanding “God’s Spiritual Salvation Plan.”

Repentance by an individual, is a prerequisite to becoming a Christian, in order to be a follower of Christ, as the Christ Jesus explained in John 3:1-36.

Also, a majority of these scriptural interpretations of becoming a Christian by man, can be described simply as misguided, and therefore are baseless, and inappropriate.

Inapt, are men’s ideals about God to say the least, and yet, men’s theological based assumptions by which, and upon, religious fundamental doctrinal dogma’s are created and then ,viewed, as being the Will of God for man.

These doctrines, as well as all others, are spiritually illegitimate.

These false spiritual conclusions have no binding spiritual authority whatsoever, and could be listed under man’s wishful ideals, of how they would like their God to be like, which is utter nonsense.

An example or two, of these man-created-teaching’s state, that God has already predestined some people to go to Heaven, and that, God has destined others to go to Hell.

This is called a, “once saved, always saved doctrine.”

And is prevalent within the major Protestant Denominations Worldwide.

This “Once Saved, Always Saved Doctrine,”  is contrary to Christ’s basic teaching’s.

This doctrine is an anti-Christian belief. Yet, within many of the major Protestant Denominations, this man made doctrine is ardently believed in; furthermore, is taught as being the only true revelation from God to man.

The believers of these false doctrines, these anti Christian teaching’s and belief’s, refer to themselves as the “ELECT of God.”

The word “Elect,” to these various Protestant groups means, that they have been selected by God to go to Heaven when they died. And, that they, these of the “elect,” will be forgiven of any sins committed by them, when they are here on the earth. Stating further that they, these elect, will go to heaven no matter what sins they commit or die in, they are the elect of God and destined for Heaven.

This theology is commonly refer to as their eternal security.

A single theologian of the past century, created this mythical, “Once Saved, Always Saved Doctrine.

If one adheres, to this “once saved always saved doctrine,” then one has no need for Christ’s Atonement within their lives, no need to have or to put faith in Christ.

For these people of this cult believe, as all false cults do, that God has chosen them only to go to Heaven.

Therefore, without a doubt, this “once saved, always saved, doctrine,” is false, and is anti-Christian.

Those, who believe this false anti-Christ theology, they then, would have no need of personal salvation by Christ, for in their mind’s, they are the Elect, chosen by God, for an eternal destiny with God.

Repentance is turning to Christ, an admission that one is a sinner and is separated from God.

That Jesus indeed, died to take away the world’s Original Sin, the first Sin, this Original Sin.

That was committed and passed to all generation by and through Adam and Eve.

This false cult of the elect would have no need for Repentance which is the most willful turning, a yielding of one’s mind and will, from one’s personal goals and aspirations for their lives, to the dedicating of themselves, to the lifelong obedience, through and by the love that Christ gives to all that are His.

The elect would have no need of turning to and daily practicing of the commands of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists, as given within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament only.

Again the elect, these of this false anti Christ belief, do not believe in man’s one, and only spiritual salvation, that is found only in God’s plan, given through His Son Jesus.

Important for ALL to understand, that All other: religions, or religious ideals, doctrines, including the superstitious ancient beliefs of the Roman Catholics or those of the Jewish Talmuds or Mishna.

Including the false Messianic Church groups with their keeping in part or all of the Old Testament Laws are all meaningless, in regards to one’s spiritual salvation, these are false and anti Christ.

False also, are the adherents of some religious groups, designated under a Protestant Denominations, with some sort of religious dress code, or, of a archaic lifestyle, in public demonstration to others, that they have some sort of religious piety.

Worthless spiritually, are all of man’s created religious rituals and dogma’s such as to one’s youthful spiritual confirmation, or to pass on to one, through a baptism, or of any other religious adherence, that upon one completing such as their religious classes etc. then that person, upon completion will be a Christian.

All of these are fruitless exercises, and can do nothing in man’s attempts for their spiritual transformation to becoming a Christian.

Man can do nothing to generate his or her new spiritual life, that is, in becoming a Christian, becoming a New Creature in the Christ Jesus.


Other religions, and their practices are false and deceptive, rooted in superstitions and ancient rituals, which are of non affect.

This New Life in Christ, this new Spiritually Birth, can only be instigated by God the Father’s Grace, which is His power, strength, love and favor towards man.

The Born Again person, this new convert to Christ, this conversion first happens within the spiritual realm of man, not his physical.

I will delve into this spiritual realm in a latter article.

Suffice to say, Jesus is equal and inseparable with God the Father, and with God the Holy Spirit.

These three, that is the: Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are within this Godly Spiritual Substance.

This Godly Spiritual Substance, was further revealed and to be understood by God, through the personage of the God-man Jesus, and of the sending of the Holy Spirit, after Jesus’s Ascension unto Heaven who now is at the right hand of God.

This Godly Spiritual Substance became clear as Jesus commanded all of His followers to go forth and to baptize all new converts to Christianity by submersion in water, saying as they are to be baptized, in the “Name of the “Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

The first and second century Christians decided to explain, this spiritual phenomena, as the three persons of God, as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

They used the word “Trinity,” in explaining their understanding of the three person in this one spiritual substance that we call God.

The word “Trinity” isn’t found within the Protestant Christian Bible.

Jesus, who is this God-man, within this blessed Holy Trinity, who is now in His glorified human flesh, that had ascended to Heaven, after His Resurrection from His death and the grave, who now is at the right hand of God the Father.

Jesus’ Spiritual Salvation religious doctrine.

Which is only found correctly, and in it’s entirety, in our now Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, along with it’s history within the Old Testament only.

Christ’s doctrine, for a person’s spiritual rebirth to thereby enter into a new Christ’s centered life, into a new spiritual person, that is spiritually born in Jesus’ love.

Therefore, one can only be Spiritually Born Again by faith in Jesus alone.

This Spiritual New Birth is brought to one by God’s Grace, that is, by God’s favor upon man, through God’s strength and power.

This Spiritual Salvation miracle, within one’s life is understood, as a spiritual inward transformation power, given only by God the Father, through His grace, brought through the Holy Spirit to that individual.

The Holy Spirit’s power can literally change a man’s spiritual existence.

From sin’s darkness of condemnation and guilt, to the glorious, forgiving, loving Light of God.

From spiritual darkness, that is, one that is in sin against God, and that is done through all men being born in Original Sin.

For All, in this Original Sin, that was passed down to all generations of people, from our first parents Adam and Eve.

Christ sacrificial offering, of His sin-less life, for an atonement to God the Father, for this Original and first sin, thereby removing Original Sin, and thereby removing all subsequent sins committed, that were over all of humanity’s past, present, and future.

Today, 2013, all humans are forgiven by God through what Christ has already done, by His Atonement for mankind.

Christ’s Atonement, is the “Good News Gospel Message,” that all Believers are commanded to go forth and to share.

The truly spiritually born again believers, those who love the Lord Jesus above all else, they are those who are going forth to a world, that is un-knowing of this wonderful and grand free gift of eternal salvation, that has been obtained for all through the God-man Jesus.

The lukewarm supposed Christians, and the Religionists, the Church Pastors, Associates, Board Members, Elders and Deacons, these are counted with the unbelievers, and they shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Today, now all, who where to understand the Gospel Salvation message, and to then decide to repent.(Repentance is turning to Christ, an admission that one is a sinner and is separated from God, that Jesus indeed died for their sins. A turning, a yielding of one’s mind and will, from one’s personal goals and aspirations of this life, to dedicating themselves to lifelong obedience, through and by, the love that Christ gives to all that are His followers.)

Therefore, now today 2013, all who have been truly spiritually born again, by God’s Holy Spirit, these only then are the New Creatures in Christ, those are the Christians, who have submitted to the New Testament teaching’s of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists, and these truths that are ONLY found within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. NO other!

It’s by faith believing in this, that Christ’s death, removed sin’s curse, which was over ALL upon the earth.This understanding, along with repenting, and then to decide thoughtfully, that the belief in Christ, that He, is the only way of Spiritual Salvation, and in believing in this ALONE, one can and is reconciled with the creator of all, God.

God’s Salvation, for all of mankind is complete and finished through the Messiah, the Christ, our Lord and Savor, Jesus!

All people, that have NOT been spiritual born again, by the Father’s Grace, HAVE NOT received this Grace delivered by the Holy Spirit, which enables them to have faith in Christ, as revealed within the Protestant Christian New Testament.

They are in sin!

The devils lies, the temptations of the world, and false religions keep all who desire this, are considered the lost and deceived world.

The non Christian is unaware of this free gift of Redemption given to the world by Jesus.

ALL, who, by not yielding their minds and hearts, into total submission, for this new spiritual birth, and furthermore, to not serve our Lord Jesus.

Commit further sins, by rejecting the transforming of one’s inward spirit only by the One (God) who has created one’s spirit within man.

For God allowed, part of His very Godly spiritual substance to become part man, in the incarnate Jesus.

Jesus who is now the God man, born of a virgin, who’s conception was by the Holy Spirit of God.

Through the ancient Old Testament writing’s, that further explains and  are fulfilled within the New Testament writing’s by Christ, the Apostles, and the Evangelists.

We can understand now only in part.This Spiritual Substance, that we call God.

All Can Now, to a small degree, learn and understand through the writing’s of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists, that are found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Reading and understanding thereby, of How God had thus allowed, His very spiritual substance to become one with a human virgin named Mary, impregnating her by the Holy Spirit, therein having God’s spiritual substance within the baby Christ Jesus.

This Jesus’s only divine purpose was to show all of mankind, to be a witness, an example, and for all to understand, that as Adam and Eve lived before they sinned in the Garden of Eden with peace with God.

Now all that have accepted Jesus, that now understand the Gospel good news message,that have repented, and are committed to obey only the Protestant Christian Bible New Testaments Commands as given by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists.

Understanding that this same God-man Jesus, lived a life without sin, nether sinned in thought, word or deed.

This same Jesus knew His destined purpose, which was to be a perfect sinless offering to God the Father for mankind’s sin.

Jesus’s Salvation is for men to be able to be reconcile to God, through God’s only begotten Son Jesus.!

Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary July 2013 Saint Charles Missouri, US.


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