Peaceful Coexistence


selma 5 25 15Selma Oetker, August 9, 2016, Protestant Christian Missionary, Saint Charles Missouri U.S.



In the United States, it is very common to see bumper  stickers on cars.

In recent months, however, two bumper stickers have become more prevalent, and it is the message on these that I am addressing today.

Each of them is only one word.

One is the word “PEACE”, and the other is “COEXIST”.

What is unique about these bumper stickers is that each letter transformed is symbolic of a different religion, such as Muslim, Jew, Christian, etc.

The meaning behind these bumper stickers is that all people of all religions, essentially meaning all the people in the world, should just get along and tolerate one another, and then there would be peace!

There are religions in the world that do not want peace; in fact, there are those who will kill people if they do not convert to their religion.

So how realistic is it  to think everyone in the world could coexist peacefully?

Has that ever happened in all the centuries since man’s creation?

Bring it down to a personal level; how many FAMILIES coexist peacefully?Peace will not, and cannot, be achieved by toleration.

There first has to be inward peace within man,which is only by “One Source.”


In the Protestant Christian Bible Old Testament Book of Isaiah, 9:6,

Jesus is called “THE PRINCE OF PEACE.”

In John 14:27, in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament, you can read that Jesus gives His Peace to those who are spiritually born again.

To be spiritually born again (salvation) means to

a. recognize your need for a Savior, (by the grace of God),

b. and to repent, which is to turn your life to God,

c. which includes reading and obeying the teachings of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Missionary Selma

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