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October 2013 Saint Charles Missouri US.

Norman and Selma Oetker, Hmong Mong Protestant Christian Missionaries serving in Saint Charles Missouri US. October 2013

Norman and Selma Oetker, Hmong Mong Protestant Christian Missionaries serving in Saint Charles Missouri US. October 2013

Selma and I have tried to express our Beliefs about

“Man’s Ultimate Purpose!”

 One of the many examples for us was expressed by Jesus

when He wrapped a towel about Himself,

and began to wash the disciples feet, demonstrating to them, and to us,

of our need and attitude to ultimately be a servant of

God the Father, and our Lord, and to His Creation.

” All the People of the World.”

This is the example for all that say they are the followers of Jesus.

Those who have been Spiritually Born Again

by God the Father’s Grace

through, and by the Holy Spirit of God,

the Third Person of our Blessed Holy Trinity.

To be the servant unto God the Father and our Lord Jesus.

Going to all people: spouse, children, family, neighbor, state, country, the world.

Laying aside all that the world offers, and to pursue God’s purposes!

“Going into all the world sharing, preaching, teaching of how to obtain

Jesus’s Salvation Message which is given only within the

Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Only”

Selma and I have both experienced


the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Additionally, I would like to make mention of a current and common

practice of falsely teaching on the Old Testament’s Law of Tithing.

Which is paying God ten percent of your income,

and if you don’t pay God, then God will put a “CURSE” on your life.

This is a false and demonic doctrine.

A Christian should give as support to the church as his or her own conscience dictates.

The Christian has the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit of God,

that is coexisting with his or her own spirit, now joined supernaturally

making one a Christian a “New Creature in Christ.”

This Holy Presence, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit helps to form and shape

the human’ s mind, that has been Spiritually Born Again.

All Christian thoughts and actions on all subjects are according to the

Protestant Christian Bible New Testament ONLY !

The New Testament Writers are quite Clear !

All Christians, the followers of Jesus, are not under any obligation

to continue in the keeping of the  Old Testament Laws.

The Apostle Paul is quite clear on this particular subject.

The Apostle Paul states if you practice the Old Testament Laws,

in which Tithing is a cornerstone

then you are fallen from Grace.

Meaning you are no longer a Christian.

A person asked recently  what He had to do to become a Christian?

A False Protestant Pastor explained to him to ask Jesus into his heart, and that to become a Christian was by the Father’s Grace;  Justification was by Jesus through Him dying for all,

And repentance; this person stated he understood.

This person said that He had to in addition, promise to pay this pastor’s

God’s 10 percent of all his income, are he was cursed by God.

These fraudulent pastors always quote the Old Testament Book of Malachai

and then say that they did not make this rule but God did.

Of course this is a false demonic hidden secret.

This total fraudulent lie of the devil is a common tactic of those who want your money to pay for their lifestyles, and of course they’ll teach, that if you are obedient to their twisted teachings of God’s Salvation by Grace alone, you will  then be blessed with an abundance of material things.

This is simply the devil’s prosperity snare teaching.

I would like to quote in part from “Satan’s Kingdom” from the writing’s of

Mrs. Jessie Penn-Lewis, a contributing author to R.A.Torrey’s Book of the Fundamentals

“The adversary (Satan) keeps his subjects in a false peace. “The strong man fully armed guardeth his own court,” and “his goods are in peace” (Luke 11:21). Here the adversary (Satan) is pictured as in full control of the darkened sinner, keeping him in peace, (Safety in material things) and the sinner is guarded carefully by the terrible one who is “fully armed” to meet every attempt to deliver the captive from his bonds.

The poor soul resents his peace being disturbed, and cries, “Let me alone,” but the time comes when the “Stronger than he”- the Man of Calvary (Jesus, and the Good News Gospel Message)-lays hold of the captive soul, and he is delivered “out of the power of darkness, and translated-into the kingdom of the Son” (Colossians 1:13).

By Mrs. Jessie Penn-Lewis

Norman and Selma Oetker

Protestant Christian Missionaries

October 2013 Saint Charles Missouri US.


Today 2013, and ever since Jesus ascended to Heaven

and now is at the right hand of God the Father.


Are free from the curse of sin and death !

Jesus gave His sinless perfect self to God the Father for Adam and Eve’s first sin, which brought all subsequent sin into the world, all of their sins and the world’s sins where accounted and atoned for by the perfect man Jesus, who is God and man.

Jesus willingly went to the Cross, as a sin offering to cleanse all people of sin. The sins from the past, to the present, and future. Jesus, took upon himself God’s wrath against all the sins committed by all of humanity.

The punishment was placed upon Jesus’ earthly body, no other. Yet as God and man, Jesus continued as a man, and endured all, even to the point of the Father turning His face from Him as He hung from the cross.

All people now, this very instant are freed. Freed from Adam and Eve’s first sin called Original Sin. Their sin, that corrupted our first parent’s innocent and eternal earthly bodies, that all are born into. This curse of sin and it’s resulting guilt, condemnation, and death has been removed by Jesus’ Atonement.


The current world ‘s population, for the most part, is unaware that they have been freed from sin and death. Freed from guilt and shame. They have a new spiritual freedom, as they experience this great miracle of Salvation, given to the them by the greatest human to ever walk on this earth, Jesus.

This freedom, their new life spiritually and physically, which only by God the Father’s Grace can produce. Becoming reality when God’s requirement are understood by repented man, an understanding that repentance is a life now turned totally to God in daily practice and obedience.

If one should occasionally sin, they have an advocate, the Christ Jesus, whereupon of one’s confession to God the Father only! One can be forgiven and once again continue in the New Life that was supernaturally created by the Holy Spirit of God, as a new creature in Christ Jesus.

The Spiritually Born Again Christians are to go forth into this dark and hostile world, not with threats or hostility, not with half truths, lies, and deceptions, not with legalisms of ancients past traditions that only bring it’s adherents into bondage’s, fear, guilt, and shame.

Jesus’ Salvation, The Gospel Good News Message brings the greatest miracle ever given to man, and that is of how to become a Christian. To be a disciple of Jesus, to read the words spoken by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

A believer is then able to understand, to pray, and let the Holy Spirit do exactly as it says it will, and that is it will teach the Christian disciple of Jesus, and bring to the spiritually born again believer all things to their remembrance, of how to love God with all of one’s heart and mind, and to love your neighbor equally.

This is the Spiritually Born Again Believer, this is the Christian !

If you, who read this, you realize that you do not have this desire to share Jesus’ Salvation message with your spouse, children, family, to the neighbor, city, state, or world, then for sure you ARE NOT A SPIRITUALLY BORN AGIN CHRISTIAN !

If you consider yourself a Christian and think it’s not necessary for you to have the above mentioned desires, then you are only fooling yourself. If the church you attend doesn’t stress these core truths of being a Christian, then the church your attending is only fulfilling your own inward thoughts of how you want your god to be like.

You are a lost religionist, headed for hell.

Your disobedience is your refusal to submit your life to God through Christ Jesus and to His commands and teachings, as well as those of the Apostles and Evangelists.

You have only decided what you would like to believe, you pick and choose, and you associate with those who are like minded, the luke-warm counterfeit religionist, pretending to say and think that your group are the Christians.

The prerequisite, for allowing God the Father’s Grace to begin a transformational work within one’s life in becoming a Spiritually Born Again Christian, this first step is to love God the Father with all of one’s mind, heart, and soul.

If you don’t have that love nor the desire to gain that, then you are not wanting God in your life, your after some mild, milk-toast, shallow type of feel good, what’s it in for me type of religious experience.

You’re lost, and need to repent and accept God’s Salvation Plan!

The Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments ONLY are our all-sufficient rule for faith and practice for today.

The Scriptures both the Old and New Testaments, are verbally inspired of God and are the revelation of God to man, and is the infallible, authoritative rule of faith and conduct, for all spiritually born again believers today.

Religious church members, or a bible reading believing in God people, are NOT the spiritually born again Christians. As Jesus stated, one has to be spiritually born again to be a Christian.

From our Christian creeds: And to believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible.

And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all worlds; God of God, Light of Light, very God of very God; begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father, by whom all things were made.

This same Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, to be acknowledged in two natures as equally God and Man, unchangeable, indivisible, inseparable; the distinction of natures being by no means taken away by the union, but rather the property of each nature being preserved, and concurring in one Person and one Subsistence, not parted or divided into two persons, but one and the same Son Jesus, the only begotten God,the Lord Jesus is equal with the Father and Holy Spirit.

Jesus, for our salvation, came down from heaven, and was incarnate by the Holy Spirit of the virgin Mary, and was made man; and was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate; He suffered and was buried; and the third day He rose again, according to the Scriptures; and ascended into heaven, and sits on the right hand of the Father; and He shall come again, with glory, to judge the quick and the dead; whose kingdom shall have no end.

And believing in the Holy Ghost, the Lord and Giver of Life; who proceeds from the Father [and the Son]; who with the Father and the Son together is worshiped and glorified; who spoke by the prophets.

Believe in one holy assembly of Spiritually Born Again Believers which are the true Church. Acknowledging one baptism for the remission of sins; and looking forward to the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.

God created man and named him Adam, and then removed one of Adam’s rib and created Eve, the woman from it. God created Eve the first woman, the mother of all living, as a helpmate for Adam. These two first created humans became one as husband and wife.

As one reads in the first chapters of the Protestant Christian Bible Old Testament Book of Genesis, God had commanded Adam NOT to do one thing. Adam and Eve both disobeyed quite willfully, deciding to not listen, to not obey God’s one direction for their lives.

God had supplied all things for them, in a special garden named Eden, that He had prepared for them. Adam and Eve were created innocent, not knowing right from wrong, they had no knowledge of sin, they were created to live eternally on the earth.

Their eternal innocent state immediately changed by their willful commission of their first sin against God. This was the first rebellious act of man against his Creator. This action against God, their Creator, is called Sin, the first man’s sin against God, was called man’s Original Sin.

The results of their disobedience was twofold, for the wages of sin are death. Immediately they experienced spiritual and physical death. And by extension, to all that were to be born by them thereafter.

It was their now sinned condition, spiritual as well as physical, that Adam and Eve’s sin and it’s consequences, brought also the cancellation of direct fellowship with God, their Creator, in the Garden of Eden, for they were driven from it, as we can read in the book of Genesis.

Spiritual death’s immediate sentence had them destined to a spiritual place for the wicked, the unbelieving, for God’s own disobedient and rebellious created angels were put there by God, this eternal spiritual place of torment and fire is called Hell.

Lucifer the angel, who rebelled against God, lead other angelic beings in rebellion against God. Lucifer desired, and wanted, to place himself first, to receive from the heavenly host, the glory that was given only to God.

Therefore, Lucifer and the other rebellious angels where cast from that heavenly city to perdition and torment of Hell, located within the depths of the earth.

Adam and Eve were given the hope of Salvation, as one can read in Genesis 3:15 of one coming to crush and thereby totally defeating, and rendering all of the effects of sin’s curses, to be of non effect.

Both spiritually and physically, man and woman, once again through the Messiah Jesus can live eternally once again, as they were before their fall, not only that but physically as well, in their new heavenly resurrected bodies, that all will receive.

Jesus’ message, to the world before His Incarnation, was from the Father, and it was simply to believe that God the Father had a plan that will indeed redeem all of humanity back to Himself, through the coming Messiah Jesus. Jesus came and explain His message for man’s salvation, man’s first step was to REPENT! To turn one’s life totally to God and the commands and teachings that are found only in the correct and written in the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments.

Adam and Eve’s sin and death, came upon them when they succumbed, both mentally and physically, the former by entertaining the ideal of being like a god, the latter by the actual physical eating of the one fruit of the Garden of Eden, that they were told not to eat off. That first bite brought sin’s physical as well as spiritual death to their bodies. And was transmitted to all of their posterity, that is, to all of mankind thereafter.

Jesus, the Messiah redeems, has made atonement for man’s sins to God, in order that sin and death, no longer control mankind’s destiny. God the Father’s sanctifying power, His strength, and His favor, His love enables all to believe His promise given in Genesis 3:15 to Adam and Eve, that Jesus and His Atonement crushed and destroyed, the controlling power of sin that was over mankind.

This same freedom, through the same Father’s Grace from sin and death, now in 2013 can be obtained by faith in Christ, and His sacrificial death on the cross, in which Jesus atoned to God for all of mankind’s sins, by his sinless sacrifice on the cross.

Jesus, His Godly sinless life as a man, was of greater value, than all the curses of the millions of sins committed. and of the future sins to be committed. His greater value was that He was perfectly made, he had not spot or blemish, Jesus was as the first Adam was. Innocent. Jesus was of no sin, in thought word or deed. – Juxtapositionally Jesus humanity and His God-ness.

His humanity enables us to comprehend another human as for as His deeds and thoughts as we read about this sinless man, who endured all known temptations and yet, Jesus sin not. – His God-ness allowed the placing of all sins from the past, to the present, and of the future. These sins and there punishments were placed upon Him.

Jesus was the substitutionary sin-offering. And as God and man, His perfectness as a human, and as God enabled the full redemption process. Jesus was able to resist the evil of sin during His lifetime. God the Father’s wrath for the punishment of all sins being placed upon His human body and mind, and yet, this perfect man who sin not, continue to endure until it was complete.

His total perfect will and body, became one with His spiritualness and there was no more of sin’s wrath to be placed on this God-man Jesus, for He endured all of sin for all.

Jesus was the victor allowing himself to be more than a conquer over sins temptations, hurts, and pains, all of the punishments for all sins.

It was at the height of endurance, when all sin was placed upon Him, and yet, Jesus surrender not. He became one with His perfect willing submission of enduring all of humaities sins from the past, present and future.

Jesus became one with the Father, this was accomplished and when as the Son He endured as our loving Lord and Savior the suffereings of the cross.

This loving Messiah stood, as a man before the Father, as the perfect willing enduring sacrificial lamb, willing to continue until all of God’s wrath against each and every sin committed by man had been fully compensated under God’s justice.

It was then from the Cross that our Lord and Savior spoke the final words of redemption “its finished.” He then died, was bury, descending within the bowels of the earth, preaching to all the captives, to those of the past ages, who had the belief and faith in God the Father’s promise that God gave to Adam in the Garden in Gen 3:15.

That Jesus had indeed Crushed the serpent’s head, and was himself bruised in doing so, had set those who had waited in this spiritual place of faith, then they ascended with the Lord Jesus has he arose from the grave and 40 days later ascended to the right hand of God the Father. He has removed the curse of sin and death, by His sacrificial death on the cross. In sin’s removal, that is, man’s Original Sin, as a result, sin’s controlling power over mankind has been removed from all of humanity.

Mankind now lives under the lie from Satan, and his curse of sin and death. Sin and death have been defeated and totally destroyed by Christ, for all of humanity.

Through understanding of Jesus’s purpose, by faith in Christ, furthermore, faith in the understanding of God’s plan for man, and man’s salvation only by Christ, and that through the Father’s Grace only, the Holy Spirit creates within a repentant man, a new person in Christ.

The Prophet’s of God said, that God promised a redeemer.

The Prophet’s of God said, to man, to worship only God, man disobeyed. God flooded the world, all people where destroyed, except for one family, who worshiped Him only.

The Prophet’s of God said, that God began a nation to worship Him only, this nation Israel then disobeyed and was destroyed three times.

The Prophet’s of God said, God’s redeemer was to come, named Jesus.

The Prophet’s of God said, the people need to believe in Jesus, and the people of Israel did not, and where destroyed.

The Prophet’s of God said however, there would be a very small group who eventually repented and believed in Jesus as the Messiah, and as their personal Lord and Savior, they followed His teaching’s, as given by Him, and His Apostles, and Evangelists, as written in our only divine inspired and current Protestant Christian Old and New Testament Bible.

The Prophet’s of God said, that this small group named Christians, would be hunted and killed by all other peoples in the world, their main enemy being, the very nation that God had made to receive the Messiah, the nation of Israel.

The Prophet’s of God said, the nation of Israel will once again be a nation, as they are now in 2013, and again, they are given the opportunity to accept Christ, to accept Jesus as their Messiah.

The Prophecies of old proclaims to Israel toay 2013, to repent, and to accept Christ Jesus, if not, they will be destroyed yet again, a fourth time. (Jerusalem, and their temple destroyed.)

The Prophet’s of God said, all people who’ll refuse to accept Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and refusing God’s Holy Spirit’s baptism of being spiritually born again, will have their part in the eternal lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels, and for all of the unbelieving humans.

Protestant Christian Missionaries Norman and Selma Oetker

October 2013 Saint Charles Missouri US.

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