Understanding 1. Grace of the Three Truths, Then to Decide !


Understanding the meaning of Grace of the Three Spiritual Truths

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Becoming a Christian is through Grace, Faith, and Justification, with three spiritual truths that are understood and accepted.

1. Jesus’s Salvation Plan.

2. Repentance, and a life turned to God.

3. Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists truths, within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament ONLY, to obey and practiced daily.

If you don’t agree with all THREE you’re NOT a Christian, you’re only another religionists headed for HELL.

Understanding the Three Truths, Then to Decide, there are NO 50%, 75% or 99% in a Christian Decision.

The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament writings by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists does NOT teach of any: 12 step types of programs, or that a church is an oasis for certain continuing sin committing group’s, as they work through their particular sin issues, nor does it teach or relate in any form to some sort of progressive type of gaining one’s spiritual salvation, or that one is a sinner and a Christian at the same time spiritually, neither does the New Testament teach that if you don’t pay God ten percent of your income then your cursed by God. Nor does it teach, that God has selected some to go to Heaven and others to go to Hell. There are absolutely no divine current day church traditions that are divinely inspired, there is only one, the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testaments Writings. No other Bibles or religions.

Repentance, the turning to God by FAITH to the Christ Jesus Salvation Plan, can only be accomplished by a person who understands God’s Salvation Plan.

There are no “partial conversions” in becoming a Spiritually Born Again Christian.

If your commitment to Jesus as your Lord is not in a full turning to ONLY the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament Truths revealed only by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists, then you are not a Spiritually Born Again Christian.

Your just another religionists belonging to some sort of like-minded religious group, having your god being what you want him like.

Your enabled  to become a Christian by God the Father’s Grace.

Grace is His Power, Strength, Love, and Favor towards all people in the world.

Without God the Father’s Grace initiating our awareness, we could never, on our own, within our own mental, emotional, or spiritual state relate to our Heavenly Creators Desire for us reconciled through His Son, Jesus.

Jesus is fully equal with the Father, and the Holy Spirit, He is the God-man Jesus.

1. Grace is God’s Spiritual: Power, Strength, Love, and Favor condescending down to all people in all ages. Man can not by any means, earn or merit this Grace, that God gives in abundance, liberally, and freely to all the people of the world.

1a. Grace, God the Father’s  Godly spiritual power, enables one, regardless of what an individual is going through: physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. Whatever types of sins one is  in or practicing etc. Listed are sins in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

And, all sin is, if one does not do the following, and that is, to love God with one’s whole mind and heart, and to love one’s neighbor.”

This is most important, you can only understand God the Father and His Teachings and Commands, for one’s daily life, these are found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

There are no other bibles, church traditional teachings or books or the opinions of pastors or others, that are divinely inspired, only the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testament.

Christ’s judgements, that all will face,  are based not on what a man has said, but to the real spiritual truths found only within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament that one understands, and has decided either to obey or not to obey, beginning with to love the Lord thy God only, that is the God written of in the only correct and divine revelation to man from God, and that is in the Protestant Christian Old and New Testament only, all other gods and religions are false. Loving the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob with all of one’s mind, heart, and soul, and to love one’s neighbor.

God-Jesus can not be mocked on that Day. The Bible is quite clear about who’ll lie the most before our Lord and Savior, and that will be a group, who think now, that they are the true Christians, who do now that have done these great and wonderful things for God and Christ.

God Jesus will say, to these, on that notable and terrible Judgement Day, who are the spiritual deceptive, the hypocrites, that will have to leave from His presence. These Christian hypocrites, are destined to hell, for the Christ Jesus will say to them, that He never knew them.

God the Holy Spirit sees into all of our hearts, there are no secrets in God!

Judgement Day is coming!

Sin only lasts a season! repent! turn back!

Grace, this spiritual strength from God, coming to all people of the earth, through God the Holy Spirit, this loving favor is God the Father’s Godly Spiritual Power given in abundance to all people.

Enabling all people, ALL PEOPLE, not just one ethnic group, or some pre-determined groups. Enabling all people to come to their Creator, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. This spiritual divine Grace helps one to recognize and listen to their spiritual yearnings.

This, that is, their spiritual yearnings are desiring to understand, these pressing spiritual awareness’ of Gods need within one’s life and circumstances.

Of one trying to make spiritual sense of these beginning thoughts of one being reconciled to God the Father, through God the Son Jesus. Only by and through this Grace, can one even begin to understand this spiritual supernatural process of becoming a Christian, a New Creature in Christ,  Spiritually Born Again!

Protestant Christian Missionary Norman Oetker October 2013 Saint Charles Missouri US.

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