Video 4 of 40 Notes on Jesus’ Commands


Video 4 Notes

Humility, the key to unlocking and seeing into one’s own heart.

In the quietness of one’s conscious thoughts, while one awaits before God in prayer and meditation.

Humility, is professing to God the things that you have thoughts or needs about; yet, knowing within yourself that He is already fully aware of it.

Yet, thoughts, ours, alone, aren’t what God desires in our prayer and meditation times before Him.

We, the created of God, need to voice our needs, wants, and desires with a oneness of intent.

The heart, mind, and will speaking as one, in the quietness of the moment, focused toward God, forcefully excluding all else, in simple humility, of one speaking to it’s Creator.

His desires, our God, are for us to come and be one with Him.

Video four, Jesus speaks in part, of the religious hypocrisy in particular.

When a supposed Christian, is in the habit of telling half truths, and at times, outright lies, surely our Heavenly Creator is fully aware of such immoral behavior, along  with it’s subsequent actions.

Those: Missionaries, Evangelists, Pastors: Associates, Youth Leaders, Elders, Deacons, Church Board Members are those that Jesus is speaking about, they are those that flood our Christian Churches today, bombarding reasonable men and women with half Gospel truths, deceptions, and superstitions. For they have received their reward, and that is to be seen of men, and have therefore received nothing from God.

God is not in communion with those that practice habitual lies, deceptions, and half truths.

The things of God that we do for Him are seen of Him in secret. God wants our faith to be so, for God has said…

If our desires are to be seen of men as an examples of how we travel globally for the Gospel work, going on cruises, forever having other’s writing books, singing songs in concerts, forever advertises to have a greater public introduction, on Television, Radio, Internet, Videos, FaceBook, Twitter etc.

Jesus makes it quite clear that they have received their rewards which are nothing.

Yet, preacher after preacher wants to gain the same type of fame and fortune that is continually exuded by so many that say they are Christian leaders, but in truth are not.

Appearing before men- when one is fasting- to have a merry disposition is in itself difficult to do.

Yet, when one is in the habit of doing so, its very difficult for others to detect that one is in the midst of severe trial or hardship.

However,  when we begin to practice these types of inward sufferings and trials, whereby those who are closest to us are unable to suspect that which one is going through.

Then we can know, that even if we receive nothing here in regards to how the outcome may turn out, the point is if we keep God and His work and promises first in our lives, then we accomplish that which the Lord would have us to learn.

Trusting in secret, believing by faith, that no manner how things turn out either good or bad, that God has everything under control.

I would have to say that it is a tough thing to put the happy face on when all is going sideways within one’s life… yet, this what we are to do.

I ‘ve moaned and complained many times about situations within my own life, yet, the facts remains that I too, as well as you, the Christians, are to put on that happy faith in God face, and to trust God through it all. 🙂

Norman Oetker Protestant Christian Missionary October 2013 Saint Charles Missouri

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