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1. Bi la bial

2. Dental   

3. Dental

4. Alveolar

5. Pa la tal

6. Velar

Missionary Njua

<br /><br /> <h2 Mouth Positions</h2><br /> <p>

These are very basic sound productions and explanations.

Number 1 upper and lower lip coming to gether pa pa pa.

Number 2 upper front teeth touching top of lower lip fa fa fa.

Number 3 tongue tip touching back of front teeth, sound is a mix between the letters d and t, de te de.

Number 4 tongue tip is about a half of an inch back from upper front teeth touching roof of mouth da da da.

Number 5 interesting sound position, a must for a native spanish speaker to master, the tongue lays flat then lift, with tongue sides touching the sides of the middle sides of the upper teeth in a flatten position. ulul, ulul, ulul, l–ove, l–ove, l–ove.

Number 6 the veelar and glotalized sounds are very close, sound found in the English Q say quick, quick, quick. Slowly the tongue back is rising, going down into throat, a choking sound ugh,ugh,ugh.

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