Pop’s Funeral

Missionary Njua

(November 2013, Saint Charles Missouri US. This email was written from the mission-field in Reynosa Mexico 2011. I was unable to go to my dad’s funeral in Missouri. I was in a wheel chair at the time unable to walk, an MRI had revealed all the ligaments in my left ankle had torn loose also a tear in my achilles tenon. Additionally, had been hospitalized with pneumonia in the US Mexican border town of McAllen TX. and there was diagnosed with an auto immune disease, later through a bone marrow biopsy to have MDS. It was a trying personal time. Lisa and Evelyn are my sisters.)

Hi Lisa, yes, I received an email from Evelyn earlier this morning.

I’m a little unsure, as to how to assimilate this news.(my dad’s funeral) In the last couple days here, I’ve had to deal with some very serious issues.

I was agitated at one small part of the ordeal yet, all in all it turned out well, or as well as could be expected.

 When in the confines of my house, with my books, there’s immense pleasure for me in reading such dramatic things about the Christian history especially those days of old.

To think that now is my generation, and yet the reality of life can come plundering in and one can see their life, based upon reactions to the realities that one can find one’s self.

Now that dad, Pop has passed, I’m sort floating I’m happy-sad.

Now, He’s gone and the thought’s that I have of my Dad are excellent.

I was in communication with Him, and he cared for me and the Christian things that I was doing here in Mexico.

The funeral part for me will be here in the quietness of this home.

The commemorate service will be with my thoughts of the last day’s with my Father who in the end was there for me.

I talked with Pop about loving Jesus and believing in Him in which he did.

It wasn’t always his view in the past.

To be able to hear him voice “those words!” was most important .

His passing linked me into the future for all that I believe, which leads to a launching of one yet further into God’s destiny and purpose for one’s life.

The Oetker’s will be there honoring “Pop.”

I’ll be here doing the same.

Thus in the end quietness and peace will reign with all.

Love Norman your brother.

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