Can You Be A Christian And NOT Obey the New Testament?


The answer is NO!

Protestant Christian Missionary

Protestant Christian Missionary Norman Oetker

The people of the world are religious. And, for most people religion is in the eye of the beholder.

What one would call religious another might laugh and scorn it.

Some pray to statues, animals, dead people’s bones, other in some deep dark mystical trance of an ancient ritual or practice.

There are those who believe they are from alien worlds. (Mormons)

Some created that they can never error. (Catholics)

Others have science and see things in their eyes as being scientifically explained. This is their belief system, a humanistic view, their form of religious beliefs.

 If you say you are a Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian or any other Protestant Denomination. Are you a Christian, the answer is NO!

What is the simplest test that validates one as a Christian?

Is the validation by one stating he/she is a Christian? No! 

Is the validation by one loving everyone? No! 

Is the validation by one helping the poor or immigrants? No! 

Is the validation by one belonging to the Religious Right? No! 

Is the validation by opposing abortion? No! 

Is the validation by one stating he/she has accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior? No! 

Is the validation by one going to a Bible Colledge? No! 

Is the validation by one believing that only God will judge who is good and bad? No! 

Is the validation by one being baptized, or of going to a church? No!

Is the validation by one determining to be a Christian? No! 

 So what could be ONE of the very basic that a person could demonstrate as wanting to be a Christian?

The Protestant Christian Bible New Testament. 

The very teachings and truths of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists are available today in English. These Truths have been available since the first and second centuries forward. We have these in English starting in 1500ad.

Bible VersionsThese TRUTHS are available in a multitude of languages today!

Christians, or if they say they are Protestant Religions; except a few, have decided to pick and choose as to who and what they will believe in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

People, 99 percent of those who considered themselves to be a Christian are only followers of their Protestant Denomination’s false religion’s doctrines. This statement includes those who cloak the truth of what they believe by stating they are non-denomination or independent.

About all of the Protestant Denominations with very, very few exceptions are presenting and promoting a false gospel message.

In other words, they are presenting another gospel message.

The Book of Revelations states there is a CURSE from God upon all that misinterpret and teach deliberately and continually, a false gospel by introducing another way of practice and or understanding of how that leads to one’s spiritual salvation.

The false gospel message perpetrated  is the deliberate omission of the basic truths, and teachings of Christian Practice within.  This basic Truths are explained simply and are detailed and are REVEALED in the New Testament. All common people are able to understand these basic simple New Testament Core Truths.

The Holy Spirit of God is here now on this planet. Bringing the Father’s Grace which gives power and strength to all to hear and decide regarding the Gospel Message of Salvation alone through the God-man Jesus, who was born of a virgin who conceived by the Holy Spirit of God.

Are ALL of these religious people now deceived, who are the current so-called Christian churches?

Absolutely NOT!

The CORE TRUTHS and principals within and throughout the writings of Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists are revelations by and are enabled by the Father’s Grace.

The Father’s Grace is His Power, Strength, Love, and Favor, that condescends down to all humans, in abundant measures.

The religious denominations of the world that refuse to obey these simple profound guidelines as found in the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament are rebels and under the curse of sin and death.

Do these so-called Christians of today know this?  Yes, however, they have NO FEAR of God.

And do as they please and think there is no repercussions.

Return to the Truths of the New Testament.

Matthew 10:33 KJV – 33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

September 25, 2015

Protestant Christian Missionary

Norman Oetker

Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

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