CIRCLED IN RED, First Mission Home

Mong Njua Animal manger stall in late 1970's, with have the roof blown away, this was our first Mission home in Ban Na Pa Paek Thailand. We were the first Protestant Christian Missionaries to this remote Himalayan village, then had never heard the name of Jesus, by which we trekked for 2 days to get to, having near death experiences, struggling in our always upward climb into this communist, bandit riddle area of the famed

(circled in red) is a Mong Njua Animal manger stall.

An animal manger stall was our first Mission Home in Ban Na Pa Paek located in Northwest Thailand. In the late 1970’s, this used stall with half the roof blown away is where we stayed.

We were the first Protestant Christian Missionaries to this remote Himalayan village; they had never heard the name of Jesus. We had trekked for 2 days to get there, forced to sleep in the mud under a clump of bamboo trees. Our actual first night was on the jungle mountain’s floor, during the continual  monsoon rains’ downpour. Having avoided near death experiences, we were always struggling in our upward climb into this communist, bandit riddled area of the famed “Golden Triangle Heroin Production Region, of SouthEast Asia.”
Nestled on a very narrow strip of ground was a very rare high mountain small valley. This one of kind valley was hidden, tucked away between the borders of Thailand, and Burma ( Myanmar) and Laos regions.

This very village was the center, and home of the MongNjua Tribesman who grew opium.

My former wife and 7 month old baby girl Naomi, lived for a week in this broken down manger. We had a used one man Pup Tent sent to us and delivered miraculously by a villager from Mae Hongson, the city in the valley below.
We had exhausted our supply of meager foods and money, we had no church backing, and did not speak any foreign languages.

God is faithful.

We had no material things to entice people to come and listen. All we had was the “Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ” saying to these people as Peter and John said “Gold and Silver we have not…in the name of Jesus rise and walk.”

And in our case, proclaiming to the Mong to be free of the demonic evil demons who have convinced you you are it’s slaves, arise in the name of Jesus and be free!

We had nothing..just believing and thanking God for finally delivering to us what He had quickened to our hearts in the early 1970’s. To go and teach, and be His spokesman to the Mong Hill Tribesman. Go to this very village which was not on any map at that time.

God’s word came to us in Saint Charles Missouri, after deciding to be full time Protestant Christian Missionaries for God. From the late 1970’s to 2000 we had five missionary tours to this area, these tours were with the entire family for we had seven children: Naomi, Luke, Hannah, Rachel, James, Mary Elizabeth, and Lydia.

Being single, I’ve continued L.A.M. Christian Outreach, from 2005 to 2012 and had served in Reynosa Mexico.

My former wife divorced and left our 28 year marriage beginning 2002, and remarried. I remarried in April 2, 2013 to my present wife Selma. Selma and I continue L.A.M. “The Light Amidst the Mong” a Protestant Christian Outreach.


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