Global Language Learning Lesson 1

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L.A.M. (The Light Amidst the Mong/Hmong.)
Christian Outreach, 1978 Inc, not-for-profit.
September 2015, Saint Charles Missouri U.S.

The largest body of writings in existence today are written in the English language. The Protestant Christian Bible is fully explained.  Global Language Learning is sent forth to the global communities to help all, by enriching their knowledge of the ONE TRUE Religion, that is found ONLY within the Protestant Christian Bible New Testament.

Jesus stated to all his followers to “GO and Teach and Make Disciples!”…. “Baptizing them into the name of Father, and Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

Global Language Learning Lessons are my own creations and offered as SHAREWARE Free to the World.

Global Language Learning is for the Global Community.

Brief Overview of Symbols used below:

Disregard the X’s at the beginning of words. The X is added so the machine translator will not understand the word and leave it, and pass over  to the next word it can read. There are NO human written languages transcribed with an X at the beginning of every word.

The xwords are in English, enabling a person to see the English words and hear the sentence spoken in English.

A Person using one of the 60 Google Languages Translators known languages, one is able to read in their written dialect of what is spoken in English, and are able to read the English phrase.



Lesson 1. Greeting One Another

1. XXMY XXNAME XXIS XXNORMAN.   My name is Norman.


3. XXHOW XXARE XXYOU?   How are you?

4. XXI’M XXFINE, XXAND XXYOU?    I’m fine and you?

5. xxI’m xxfine.  I’m fine.

6. xxI’m xxhappy xxto xxmeet xxyou.   I’m happy to meet you.

7. xxMe xxtoo, xxthanks.   Me too, thanks.

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